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  1. I've got some of the SST prototype models and they are really nice. I also got some of the Judge Dredd models too - which actually fill in not too badly with the older citadel dredd stuff. The Foundry dredd stuff is just way to pricey.


    I've always liked Bob Naismith's sci-fi work though (and some of the Deadlands figures too).


    Anyways... his SSTs are *great* especially if you are a fan of the Roughnecks animated series.. which isn't all that bad - despite being aimed at the 'tweens demographic market.

  2. I get about an hour a night if I'm lucky, sometimes more if the responsibility of a homeowner allow for it.


    On the weekends, I can sometimes get maybe 4 hours.



    I'd love to be able to put 8 hours a day in painting.. that would be wicked sweet. :)

  3. I guess he thinks he's an 'Arteest' rather than an 'Artist', you know the people who can't look at something without taking it down, because to express a liking in it would defile their taste.


    Or he's an idiot.


    Nice mini.

    Between the "fart noises make me giggle" and "He thinks he's an "Arteest"... I'm giggling like a little girl :)

  4. Yep. The CAV presence in Rochester is the result of 2-3 years of me busting my tail to make CAV players in Rochester.


    I'm not overly excited about AICOM, and the greens so far have failed to wow me. Eh, I like the RAGE system, and they'll do a good job of it. Thus says their track record, if you ignore Dark Heaven Apocalypse. :P

    I so can't wait...


    if they can make a sci-fi skirmish that is as much fun as warlord.... why.. i'll just squeel like a little girl!





    I do like the greens thusfar

  5. I hope it's not malignant.. but if it is, cancer isn't the big killer it used to be. Still scary, and chemo is no picnic, though. My future father in law just came back from it, as well as my future brother in law's wife. Rough times, but they go through it and are doing well.


    I'm probably due, myself... it runs in the family, wiped out my dad's entire side - and early. (well, hasn't jumped him yet, so there is hope)


    Anyways.. *hugs* Whatever the outcome, with love and support she'll get through it.

  6. Wow.. what a jerk.


    And he went to school for art? Having taken a digital media classes, one of the things they teach you in criticism and critique periods is how to be constructive and how not to be a jerk.


    I think he was just having a bum day and needed to take it out on someone to try to feel better or something. I dunno.


    Rather than look to rationalize everyting, I'll just pass along some good feelings and agree with spartan. "His loss"

  7. The Ogre also has little skully kill markings on the one arm. :) I'll keep adding them after demo games - untill it looks like a model from a competing company. SKULLZ FOR THE MARKETING TEAM!


    I think I might resize these and pop them over to Mil-Net later (if it's quiet here on the eastern front at work)


    I'm digging the CAV love too. It's good to see more and more of them step forward.

  8. Yeah, that is my problem too. All the FLGS carry Reaper stuff, but none carry CAV because it just never picked up around here... so I'm working on getting a small army of nicely painted vehicles, hitting the stores and making people want to play. I'm surrpised to find out that there are indeed a few players in the area who just don't know who each other are.


    "CAV? Oh yeah! I got the rulebook for that and a few mechs... but noone plays"


    Well the do now, babies! ;)

  9. I was always fond of the "Pucker factor" (Look that one up, I don't want to explain it)


    Supression is that "What do we do now, sir!" moment from Saving Private Ryan, caused by a myriad of reasons. Or those blury moments after you just had your picture taken with a really bright flash.


    You can make up whatever reason causes it. I like cracking your head on the canopy.. :)

  10. I have to second what ladystorm says.


    Some people, however, do find it "verboten" to play games with unpainted minis... but mostly they are just really uptight. ;)


    The important thing in my mind is that you are interested in playing. I don't like it when people use proxy models for games though... and let me clarify this. "This elf with a bow represents a crusader witha bow because my crusader models haven't come in yet" is ok. "This coke can is a tank, and these salt packets are machine gun crews" kinda irritates me.


    It's also definately not bad form if each week you come with in unfinished or unpainted models, but have made progress in them. Ie, you buy a new CAV section and each week you have a new one painted up. I think that is a good thing - because to be honest, sometimes we can't make the time to paint - or some of us paint slower than others. (And everyone paints slower than jesterspeed.... wow!)


    It would be bad form to show up with unpainted models if you were running a demo, I think - however...

  11. How much is that single foam insert???

    Army Transport Cases in Reaper Online Store.


    cher ^_^

    Yes indeed.. :) This is "A good thing"


    Anyways, they come in different depths.. I *think* I used a 2" tray, but it might a 3" tray. you can get thicker and stand them up on end too, and pull out the little foam pieces to fit them.


    That is what I like about the trays is that they come in different thickness (Ie.. the 1" deep are perfect for micro-armor, individual infantry, 15mm troop bases etc), the thicker ones are better for chunkier infantry, bigger tanks. There is a 4" tray that will comfortably fit a landraider.


    Plus, they are keen for storage and if you get a transport pack, you can just put the trays you need into the pack.


    Definately a good way to go.

  12. Ok.. I've been yappin' about it for a few days, I finally got around to taking some pictures of them. I've completed my first 4 BL Demo CAVS (3 of 6 Dictators and 1 Ogre - guess what I'm playing...)


    They took me about 2 nights to finish (about 2 hours a night or so between work and dinner) - so they are super quick and easy to paint up, if you wnt to ape any of them.

    I'm particularly pleased with the Ogre... you just wanna shoot him. :)










    There are a ton more pictures at my Gallery. Here. Under the linky thing.

  13. Most CAV I glue completely together, attach to the hex base - add basing materials and then primer and paint.


    Some of the bigger ones, or "Curvy" ones, I'll do a top and bottom half... like most recently the Ogre I put together, I painted in a top and bottom and then stuck the two together.

  14. Yuppers... it's completely up to how you like to kit our your vehicles and crew.


    I can boost 3 Despot tanks for nearly 2000 points (over if I get really nutty with upgrades) - which is one incomplete section. Generally going stock, 2000 points should buy you two or 3 sections, depending on what you use. (More if you use an APC and 3 infantry stands as a section, Less if you are just using CAVs)


    What you might want to do is download a copy of CAV-RC available from http://www.cav-rc.com/ and play around with it.


    You can play around with all the units, figure out upgrades (or downgrades if you want to make a hoard of cheap expendible 'irritating' sections.. ie.. sure they might be armed with pea-shooters, but when there are over 100 of them, once is going to hit you in the softspots)


    If you have any questions about the program, or what works and what doesn't.. just drop a note here.

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