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  1. I'm going to second what Shakhak says.


    I think you might enjoy the crusaders and Reven. Dwarves are also an interesting choice. All the models are beautiful (I really like the Reptus models - but there aren't enough out yet)




    (sorry, had to slip that in)

  2. Well... what is your prefered playing style?


    Do you like finesse, speed, pinking off people from far away, brute forcing them, magic or steel... etc?


    I'm a big fan of the undead myself, as of late.. mostly because I like the idea of shambling hoards of skeletons and whatnot. There are the forces of the Necropolis which can be seen as the "gothic" undead if you will, with vampires, skeletons, gargoyles etc... and then the Nefsokar which are the egyptian undead.


    I also like the Reven who are beastmen, but this has alot to do with aestetics and the fact taht sometimes it's just fun to beat someone down.

  3. Dargrin has inspired me to work on my cavs.


    I have an Ogre and a dictator I'm almost done with, plus a few personal cavs. I'll try to get pictures in the next few days, I'm really pleased with my Ogre. :)


    Hooray for Dargrin!

  4. Nice one!


    I wish I could find my first mini ever. Definately nowhere near as nice as that.


    Once you start mastering verious techniques, you'll be unstoppable. Now you'll understand why I must now break all your paintbrushes. (You know.. nip it in the bud)



  5. (I'm probably the last person in the world to say this) - but think down your paints. It will cut down on the visible brushstrokes and make the paintjob look less chunky.


    Your color scheme is really cool, and the freehanding is quite nice. What you might want to do, to maintain the scheme and get some more definition is after primering it, give it a think wash of ink to get into the recesses and between the plates and stuff. From here you can carefully line in with white (You'll want to use a few coats of thinned down white, it's a tricky color to use, it either looks chunky or chalky). If you want to get really nutty, use a light grey first, and then just highlight with white.



    I think if you were to take a thin brush and some thinned down black ink, and go around the edges between the white and the red, this will bring out some nice definition between the areas for you and really make it pop. You can also line around the canopy, and if you are feeing adventerous, maybe use a brown ink and go between the plates on the red portions.


    Also, don't neglect the base, it's a very important part of the model to unify it.. a poorly done base can make a good model look bad.


    Lots of constructive (I hope) criticism on what is wrong and what can be better....


    The color scheme rocks! I absolutely love it., it's really striking and looks like it means business. It also looks like there is a bit of a highlight around the hard edges of the model, and this is good.. red can be really tricky to highlight.. you don't want to add white to the mix, or else you get pink. :) The insignias and numbers look good on it too.. and in the front view, the highlights on the nose look good. As was said, you might want to give the canopy a little highlighting, or add a few white streaks to make it look like glass.


    I'm looking forward to seeing this finished, and seeing your first section :)

  6. I think with a little work, the Black Legionary models might make decent stand-ins as they aren't dead looking, but retain an egyptian flavor. There is one with an axe in one hand hand that would be a really simple conversion. (not the one with the two handed axe overhead)


    Not a warlord model.. but still reaper, and would be an easier conversion, I think... but I'm also not sure where these will stand in for official rules.










    Drifting back on target is only a minor setback for the dead.. we have all of eternity ahead of us. Relentless we'll plod on..... ;)

  7. I saw a few episodes of Smallville while visiting my favorite comic book store owner. Not my bag, but definately a good show.


    I watch old reruns of F-troop and Combat right now. I've PVR'ed every episode of Futurama, so I can watch them at my leisure. Sometimes I watch Harvey Birdman, ATHF and Sealab 2021.


    Other than that, I'll catch something on TLC, Hist or Disc when I do sit down and watch TV. I'll also PVR X-play and sometimes watch that. *shrug*


    Ever since I got a PVR, I don't watch a ton of stuff anymore. I can tape what I want and watch it when I want... but mostly I'm doing something else.

  8. X-Prize. That's for the 1st privately funded and built space craft correct?


    I can't remember the details, does it have to have re-entry and re-use capabilities?

    Yeah, it's a 10mil prize for whomever can launch a vehicle sub-orbitally with a cargo of 3 people. The important thing is it needs to be done twice in 2 weeks - to demonstrate a reusabilty factor as current launches drop and waste a considerable amount of resources.


    Space Ship One shure am sexy.

  9. My all time favorite action hero is Buddy from "Six-String Samurai".


    Followed by One from "City of Lost Children"

    E. Johnson from "Cherry 2000" (Lester is up there with my favotire baddie)

    Obviously as has been said - Mad Max (although technically he's an anti-hero)

    Snake Plisken :)

    Han Solo :)


    Thats just a few.. I'm a junkie, so I have a fairly lengthy list.

  10. My pleasure. I love the blood of heroes. Best low-budget film I've ever seen.

    Indeed... definately one of my favorites.


    "Lord Vile, I've broken Juggers in half, smashed their bones, left the ground behind me wet with brains. There's nothing I wouldn't do to win. But I never hurt anyone for any reason other than sticking a dog's skull on a stake."

  11. Is Thunderbolt Mountain making fairies again? I wasn't sure, but they were along the lnes I was thinking.


    I think so.. if not you can still get the old ones.


    Kenzer has the "Fairy Meat" like of figures.. with a little work you can make them either really nice, or really mean and nasty looking. :)


    I need to pick up some of the reaper fairies myself. There is the one by garrity that I really like. (I'm really happy we had a chance to meet her, she is so very sweet - and she really reminds me of my fiancee's mom - it's eerie how they are similar)

  12. Couldn't the General Drake mini be modified to make a decent Stern?

    Yes and no.


    He doesn't have the right sqared off jaw, uniform isn't quite right...

    but most importantly, the scale is wrong. Drake is pretty tall, and would be about as tall as the clay golem.


    Need something more like this:



    There might be some decent true 25, or smaller 28 superhero type figures that would work nicely.

  13. Walking and swimming rock.


    Swimming is also a great cadio excercise and will help lung capacity. It is definately low impact, so you don't have to worry about destroying joints. Even with a bum shoulder, or whatnot there are strokes you can use that will minimize impact on it.

    Getting your heart rate up will help continue to burn calories after you get out of the water as well.


    Krav Maga. :) Try it, it's fun, it's an israli martial art. I dunno if you have any studios around you, but if you are fortunate enough to have a good one - check it out. It's pretty intense as you learn to fight and defend yourself while tired or under duress, it's usually tought through muscle memory (as are most martial arts) so you go through lots of repetitive excercises and um.... it's just fun.


    The important thing is just start small and work your way into it. Any herculean endevor is fairly easy when broken up into small managable tasks.


    Now I will resume being a hypocrite and get myself a pint. :)

  14. Okay, TV Week is reporting on their web site that Ken Jennings seemingly unstoppable Jeopardy winning has ended at 75 wins and around 2 and 1/2 million dollars in winnings.

    Jeopardy refused to comment.

    Here's a link to the Yahoo News story.

    Thanks for the spoiler, jerky! Now I have no need to watch Jeopardy anymore.

    Guess I better get to painting my warlord faction. ::P:

  15. One more idea...


    Buy a regiment box of GW Skeletons for WHFB. Thats around 30 skulls for 30 bucks I think though, but think of all the other cool skeleton parts you get with them! Dem bones, dem bones......

    Actually, I think there might be more than 30 in there.. I won a tomb kings army and I mostly used tomb kings heads, but the sprues come with both skulls, so I have a small collection going (which never lasts long as I like to put skills on everything)


    It might just be the tomb kings skellies that comes with both sets of heads (the basic skeleton sprue and the tom kings head pieces)

  16. Then they'd be stumped by an Aussie invention.

    Mechanical heart, about the same size as a new one, and with a life expectancy as long as the patients.


    The only downsize, no pulse! Freaky.


    Oh and what happens when people start putting in viruses to steal biometric data.


    I wish MS would make their system tight enough that security wasn't an issue.

    Oh yeah! I read about that. It just constantly circulates blood. Actually, it might have been on NPR that I heard about it.

  17. Call me a little "paranoid" but, doesn't it bother anyone that they can have your finger prints on record @ M$? Of course they say they wouldn't do something like that but, uh, would you trust them? Obviously that information has to be stored somewhere for it to work on websites and the like... OK, i'm going back to the relative safety of my head now :wacko:

    Nonono.. heh.. it's not kept on a big mainframe under a mountain someplace.


    When you set the hardware up on your computer, it's usually flashed into the reader and kept on the client machine. Thats how it knows who sits down at a machine to work, so secretaries don't have to call the helpdesk every 7 days because they forgot their password and they system was shutdown and logged off over the weekend.


    It also just keeps record of who you are and enters it when you go to a website that requires secure data (kinda like a browser that remembers passwords)


    Look at my other post about things to be paranoid about.

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