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  1. Yeah... biometrics are pretty cool.


    They can also tell if you've just sliced the thumb off the CEO and are trying to get to his files.


    You can get other biometric devices already on the market.

    That's why you take the whole hand.

    Hehe... no, taking the whole hand isn't the answer either.. you have to take a whole living CEO under duress.


    I'd be less paranoid about biometric information than all the other ways you can be tracked. For starters, it's a choice.. as an admin you can chose to use it or not. It's there to make your life easier or more secure.. if you want to use passwords.. fine.. no big deal. Everytime you log in can be tracked and broadcast. Wherever you go can be tracked and broadcast. Whatever you look at, how long you look at it and where you came from *is* tracked.


    When you go to the grocery store, and chose to use your shoppers card, the patterns of what you buy can/are tracked. Pay for it via credit card or debit card? Tracked. Drive/walk/bobsled to and from the store, take a look at various lamp-posts, store fixtures etc... you're being videoed.


    Cellphones? Insecure communications... cordless phone? Even a bored amature can listen in to what you have to say.


    And that just scratched the surface of what you have to be paranoid about.

  2. I'm thinking of ordering some, actually... like I said.. at these prices I wouldn't sweat it much... it not too terrible to pay for brushes.


    They have the miniature series also (the Series 7m), which is what I'd really look for I think. (after a dying man swore on his last breath these are the best for painting minis - well maybe not that extreme, but he was rather adiment about it)


    Dick blick.




    these are the Series 7ms

  3. Dick Blick is fun to say.


    I like toe W&N brushes, they are quite nice, but I try to go with synthetics. I just hate to think of these guys as going around without a tail!





    Nah, more realistically I'm really hard (read - abusive) to my brushes and it would bum me out considerably to ruin a $14 brush after 6 mos. These prices are just a little more than I pay for a Loew Cornell synthetic (I usually use the white nylon - but at $3-4 for a brush, I don't cry when they bend after a few months)

  4. I did my Hanover Fistes model a while back, and have been searching for a decent Captain Sternn. I did mine in wreckage, so it's during/post rampage. You can see him here.


    I thinka true 25mm model would work much better for Sternn - and I've been looking for pulp or naval admiral characters for a while and haven't found anything that quite fits, but when I do, I'll post up a link. I think I am going to scratch build his little robot/drone companion as well.


    You can still find the Captain Sternn comics around, by Bernie Wrightson.. definately good stuff and worth picking up if you see it.


    Great minds ;)

  5. Today my Warlord Necropolis starter set arrived!


    What it comes with is 1 Judas Bloodspire (14016), 1 Malek Blackmarrow necromancer (14040), 12 skeletal warriors (3x 14075) and one "Dark Fairy" familiar (014041d) For nearly 750 points of "what do we care if you kill us, we are deal already" goodness.


    So I guess my first tasks will be to take pictures of everyting in one great big heap of unfinished metal, clean up the mold lines, base and prime them.


    I also think I am going to attempt to convert the skeletons to have coffin lid shields, so we'll see how that goes...


    Pictures to follow as I work on them... should they continue to be posted to this thread?

  6. It is indeed frustrating.. I'm experiencing the same thing, to be honest.


    They want a signature and they deliver between 2 and 5 (or they say they do, the time of delivery on the packages was about 1:30 both times). The USP depot near me is only open untill 6p, so I can't get there in time - and I just moved so I don't really know my neighbors well enough to be comfortable leaving a package with them.


    Fortunately, I found I can have an occasional personal package delivered to my work address, so that might be a possibility for you.


    I wouldn't mind the option of having to sign a slip and have them leave the package - but that wasn't an option available.


    Anyways, I *think* I've got package delivery sorted out at my end, I can either have it shipped to me at work, to my fiancee's place at work or worse case scenario a friend of mine who is retired.

  7. I'm such a *Duh!* I totally wasn't thinking AFVs were soft targets....:poke:


    As such, they would actually make a great screen to bring down CAVs and make some harder to hit targets.


    I think that AFVs would definately have a role in a mechanized infantry force then.. lots of hard to swat pests.

  8. What is the role of AFVs in CAV? Generally the roles of an AFV are to trasnport troops quickly into battle and hotspots, lay down supression fire and cover the troops they just dropped off and to engage tanks and other fighting vehicles.


    Armored cars are more for recon & Communications, then there are assault guns and anti-tank platforms. (as welll as anti-air)


    Since AFVs don't carry infantry (I don't think) - they aren't really IFVs...


    How do you guys use 'em? I'd love to have a ton of them, but I'm not sure what role they'd best serve that can't be fit with an APC or Tank (Or aircraft or CAV, I suppose)


    I'd really like to piece together a mechanized infantry force which is supported with tanks. Are there any AFVs that can be fitted with killer TL electronics to be used in conjunction with indirect fire?

  9. I love AvP2 on lan.  I'm one mean marine :)

    heheh i love to pounce marines with my runner ::D:

    They probably don't shoot back. I do ;)


    I like to play a runner when I'm a bug, personally. I'll trade the strength and ability to soak up damage for just a quick strike from above.


    Although my all time favorite is a face hugger :)

  10. Thanks for the great comments. It was fun painting something that didn't have to look like actual fur. I'm currently working on a "Hanover Fist" conversion from the orginal Heavy Metal Movie. I went with Reaper's Clay Golem. Hopefully I can post some pics when he's done. Thanks again for the comments. It helps motivate me to paint and post more minis. Besides it's not fun lurking all the time.... :rolleyes:


    WTWest :devil:

    Oh! I've done that with mine (actually, you don't need to really convert much to get a convincing Hanover)


    I'm looking for a decent true 25mm foppish admiral character to use as a Captain Sternn.


    Hooray for an army of Hanover Fistes!

  11. I just bought two platoon packs and clipped them together, and I have the foam inserts. I'm thinking about getting extra foam and just using those to store minis in on shelves long term, with a label. Then when I need them I'll toss 'em in my platoon packs and carry them to where I am going.


    I dunno yet.. I also have a ton of 10, 15 and 28mm WWII stuff that needs a home, as well as my legions of teddy bear space marines - so it might get costly.

  12. Yeah, I'm not tickled about alot of the changes made.


    I still have the theatrical release on video, so that is good.


    I'm seriously bummed about the whole SW ordeal, especially since the special editions. :(

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