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  1. We are currently evaluating it for deployment where I work. There are quite a few applications that we use that it breaks, so untill there is a fix or a work-around, I think we are going to wait a little while.


    Some of the security holes they claim to fix, also aren't really fixed - and just give a false sense of security while your machine is being compromised (read pwn3d).



    I'd wait a little while.


    You can switch your browser from Internet Explorer to something else (I use Mozilla Firefox, which is GREAT with all the plugins and customizations available - plus it's speedy and isn't as prone to compromise and exploitation like IE)

  2. Noone IMs me either.. 'cept Frosch... and I just poke fun at him when he does.


    Maybe I'm anti-social. ;)


    I'm pretty pleased with the models that have come out. If I could "Improve" on anything, I'd like to see some more historically influenced models. I'd like to seem some knights with the german style gothic armor, or some landsknechts. Or troops based on ancient greeks and romans.


    I second more ninjas... and pirates to fight the ninjas.

  3. Yeah, I didn't receive a response to my submission - and when I opened it up this month, there I was.


    Looks a little fuzzy cause I was a "duh" and sent it in at 72dpi rather than 300. I won't make the mistake again :)


    It definately is a cool feeling, however.

  4. See.. i'm such a huge nerd that I assume the caskets are going to be decent for miniatures. I often find myself at the dollar store or whatnot looking for cool terrain bits, or stuff I can convert for gaming. I got these Tiki statues at the dollar store, and I turned them into statues.



  5. The Bachelor - They sure do! Renegade has a great line of WWI figures. They are pretty affordable.. only problem is they are on the biggish side (about 30mm) so they might not match figures from another line. There are also tons of War of 1812 models (just do a web-search for War of 1812 wargame)


    Reaper Matt - MmMMmMm colonials. :) I'd like to get some FoW german forces... or american, not quite sure which. Thought it might be fun to model up my grandfather's unit.... the british Desert Rats set has me interested too.... not sure where to go.

    CAV is a blast! I had a ton of fun playing so far, and this is from a guy who up until now didn't like mech -type vehicles. I figured... "Ok, lets check the rules out, I want to play a 10mm sci-fi game that has grunts and tanks and reaper has some nice figures" - but I wanted more of a skirmish level - and I'm hooked.


    If Warlord is just as cool, then I think I've found my fantasy skirmish set of rules to play around with. :)

  6. I think there is a problem with trying to mix realism and simulation with games. At one end of the scale, it stops being fun as a game and etners the real of number crunching simulation. At the other end, it sacrifices realism for the fun factor. It's tricky to find that balance inbetween - but I can sympathize with what you are saying.


    I think it's dumb that in the future a dude can have a big tank bristling with weapons and can only seem to move and fire one of them - so the tank just becomes a big pillbox with treads.


    On the otherhand, I would think ordinance in the future could easily blow half a table clean of life with a single shot, and that isn't very much fun in a game.


    Overwatch is a good thing, I think and works well on a skirmish level game. Not so good on a bigger scale because it starts to bog the mechanics of the game down.


    Automaic weapons = good. I thinK Starguard has some fairly decent rules for automatic fire... they can get particularly devistating though... Yes this is realistic...no, sometimes it's just not fun to see your side evaporate after a single turn.. but I don't think they are that harsh.


    Is the M60 still in use? I thought it was replaced with the 249 in squads and the 240b on vehicles. Point taken though...just a minor nitpicky thing. :)



    My wish list....


    I love the AICOMM grunt green, but the way he is holding his rifle and sighting down it seems kinda... off. Perhaps it's for scultping and casting purposes - and I'm totally willing to give creative licensing here. A quick google image search for "Rifle standing position" will show what I mean... but like I said, it's a super minor quibble and in the grand scheme of things doesn't matter (especially with such a greatr looking model)


    I'd like to see the Sci-Fi line develop like the fantasy line, with perhaps general sci-fi characters that can be used for a specific reaper game, or any other game or RPG you might be playing. It seems like most of the Reaper Dark Heaven figures are being bought up my RPG players for their games.


    More gunts, please. :)

    And Soon!


    I think there is a great variety in the Dark Heaven line, and hope the same could be done with Sci-FI. I'm not sure what the market will bear however - but I'm curious how many people use their Void or GW models for other games and rule-sets.

  7. It was the Xyston models that made me want to go greek. (heh) They are beautiful.


    What 10mm WWII stuff do you do? I've been painting up some Minifigs tanks and grunts (it's partially what got me into CAV.. I got a few CAV tanks, then Frosch ran me through a game and I was hooked) The CAVS just seem like a natural extension to tanks for me, and I was never really into big mechs. The Minifigs tanks are OK, not amazing. Great for gaming, however, not so amazing for dioramas and stuff - but definately not bad. The Flames or War models look decent.


    I like the 28mm WWII stuff because I like to play a 1:1 skirmish level game with about 10-30 models on a side - maybe some armor.


    It's always seemed like there some bad-blood between fantasy/sci fi players and historical gamers and I never really understood it (although some historical gamers I know are quite stuck in their ways)

  8. Kinda pricey at 45 or 55 pounds for a 1 year subscription yeah?


    That's approx $110 US if I'm remembering my conversions....or am I off key...


    Is there something I'm missing on this subscription?

    Oh weird... it seems to have gone up, or am I imagining things?


    Yeah, it's about $100.50

  9. I think when I subscribed it was about $50 or 60 US. A little on the expensive side, but worth it in my opinion for a new start-up that does offer pretty decent coverage of the hobby.


    I've been very satisfied with it, the articles are decent, the pictures are good. My only complaint is the lack of historical coverage (perhaps a small article each issue or something). It seems to be pretty much all fnatasy and sci-fi driven. There was a decent article on Flames of War though, and some 28mm WWII stuff.

  10. I'm just curious... who here plays historical miniatures games (or just paints and collects historical minis).


    If so, what eras and why?


    I personally love sci-fi, historicals and fantasy (probably in that order)


    As far as historicals go, I've really been getting into WWII in the 10, 20 and 28mm scales. I also have started in on some 30mm Civil War Figures (want to paint up a union skirmishing force for giggles). I also will start with 15mm American War of Independance (red-coats).


    I have a huge interest in ancients too, and have some 15mm and 28mm romans, and think I'll slowly be working on some 15mm greeks - most likely spartans. Then they can all fight my 15mm skeletons. ;)


    I also play Napoleonics and English Civil War with the lads, but I don't have any models.... yet. (15mm nappies and 28mm ECW)

  11. I will crush you with my cybernetic painting enhancements!!!! (as soon as I figure out the smart-link between my brush and the wet-ware) :)


    I'd like to possibly make a reaper-con.. we'll see.

    GenCon was kinda a fluke, my GF was asked to go by a company, so I am tagging along. Otherwise I'm a bit of a homebody

  12. I have a few models I finished up, but they aren't anything spectacular. I'll just bring 'em along to share. I did some stuff for GD toronto too, but I won't bring that. I wanted to bring a diorama that I am working on, but I decided that rather than drive myself nuts trying to finish it in time, I'll paint some CAV up so I can play and finish my diorama at leisure and (hopefully) do it right.


    I can be a bit sensitive I guess towards people's attitudes and demeanor. I try to be humble most of the time (and probably fail :rolleyes: ). Perhaps I hate it in others because it exists in myself. Who know....


    I've never played Warlord, but I'm hoping to remedy that fact this weekend. (And hopefully get some CAV in too) Maybe we can get a game in... I don't really have anything planned as I am kinda a +1 on this trip.

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