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  1. I've already broken your brushes and crippled your fingers last night, so you can never again defile a miniture again. ;)


    I don't think the pictures really do the model justice. It looks nice here, and even nicer in person. :)


    Now who would win a fight between him and your Gazebo?

  2. Oh cool! What days? I'm getting kinda psyched. (and nervous, because I can be rather shy F2F at times)


    I've also run into a few individuals who have left a rather bad taste in my mouth through their arrogance or rudeness... so there is a tinge of hesitancy because of that too. I hope I don't come off as arrogant or rude when meeting people, and if I do, I hope they at least tell me

  3. Safe journey!!


    I like to swim with the dolphins and sharks off the coast of North Carolina (we usuall go end of september beginning of october)


    Generally they all leave you alone unless you are wearing a bathing suit made out of sirloins. (I don't recommend any clothing made from meat, BTW)


    Bring back lots of pictures to share with the forums!

  4. One of my models made it to the showcase section. It's the first time I've ever seen my work in print so I was really super excited. :) I was having a bad day too, that day.


    Can I be cool and sit at your painting table now? ;)

  5. I'm the same way now.. I love pretty much anything with less than 8 legs (More than 8 legs is OK if it lives under water)


    Anything else and I have a shakey understanding.


    Growing up, I just never really liked cats much - kinda weird... untill I met "Charlie", the neighbor's cat who was just bound and determined to be my friend and break me of my prejudice. ;)


    Kinda sounds like a disney movie

  6. I refuse to accept the fact that there are any girl gamers. In my mind they are just nice smelling bumpy gamers. ;)


    I'm going to get murdered by my sweetie now. :)


    Actually, there is a really cool surge in girl gamers - particularly in the videogame world - but it crosses genres.

  7. Yeah, I got wicked cat allergies too.


    Good news is that when I was much much younger and living at home, my sister brought a cat home. I was pretty sick for a few months, but soon my body acclimated and it wasn't a problem.


    Plus now there are really decent OTC antihistimines that help.


    Maybe my sweetie and I will get one. :)

    I think she wants an all black cat... I'm fond of grey tabbys and tuxedo cats.


    And to think I used to be a devout cat hater.

  8. k...


    1)...the yellows and reds...seem off...think the software over compensated...like it took out the yellows...making the reds look pink instead of red orange...the last hight light in red should be red orange(blood red)...This also made the NMM gold look a bit flat...as there is very little yellow.

    2)heh...the teeth are painted on-I agree they are a bit to white...I'll work on them...

    3)yeah...not totally happy with the eyes...was getting a bit tired when I was trying to white highlight the pupils... :wow:

    Yeah, that is the frustrating part, I think... getting the color right in the picture.


    She's a brilliant paintjob though. :)

  9. Gabe hit it all- By all means, wash it - because the releasing agent really plays havoc with primer and paint.


    You might need to fill bubbles in, so have some filler handy (a good casting shouldn't have bubbles, but they sometimes happen)


    Priming is also must...



    but all in all, I really like working on resin. I have some japanese houses I'm painting up, and they are quite fun.

  10. Why the risers? Is it so you can see what color the paint is?


    I just put a drop of paint on the top of the lid, and I can tell from above what color I'm looking at.

    Yeah.. either will work really...


    It's also an accessibility thing, since the paint is mounted on a wall, I want to be able to just reach behind a bottle for a second bottle (since they'll fit two deep, neatly) without having to worry about knocking a bunch of stuff to the desk.... 'cause I'm a big klutz.


    I usually dab a bit on the cap too, for the same reason ;)

  11. I don't think it's that bad, either.


    I do like the redness of the model and the glossyness of the armor... give it a kinda slick and bloody look.


    Pretty dark, overalll (as in brooding and malicious and not YO! ADJUST YER CONTRAST! dark)



  12. I was always fond of King Lear, personally as one of my favorites. His tragedies are just so good.


    Titus gets top billing in my book though, as his best ever B-grade play. It has everything... Blood, blood and more blood. Murder, rape, live burial, cannibalism, madness, oh, and did I say blood?


    People complain about contemporary american cinema being too bloody... Paul Verhoven has nothing on this one.



    Sadly, I don't think we'll make DragonCon though. :( Bad time of year for me to get away from work because it's crunch time.

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