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  1. Ok. I'm not taking my diorama because I don't think I'll finish it on time - and rather than go nuts trying to rush and get it done, I'm going to paint some CAVs and some WWII guys so I can play with friends.



    But I still wanna meet everyone, and maybe grab a pint (of whatever your poison is.. i prefer cherry pepsi - but I've been known to drink beer)


    I'm getting kinda psyched.


    I'm pretty shy too, to be honest.

  2. I look forward to seeing your dioramas too, as well as meeting you chaps (and chappetts?)


    I don't think the one I want to bring will be finished (but I'll post pictures if I can't take it)


    The others I am entering elsewhere this weekend, so I won't bring those either.


    I'll prolly have a 'TMP" badge that has my name on it (which is the same as it is here)

  3. I'm a little slow right now and often find myself blankly looking at the tables going "uuuhhhhh".... but I'm getting the hang of it. I can probably whip up 2.5k worth of stuff. :)


    MmMm I hear the models calling to me from the other room. "Paint us!"

  4. Hey,


    I'll probably slog some CAV stuff and a few ~2k rosters to GenCon with me. Anyone want to game with a noob so I can test some lists out and pick up mechanics?


    I'm seriously digging the game, and want to play more. :)

  5. I've noticed the big slowdown with CAV is the time people spend staring blankly at their datacards going "uuuuuh...", either before they roll their dice, after the've rolled their shots but forgotton to roll target lock, after they've rolled their armor but forgotton to declare which die went at which shot, etc.

    Hey, I do that!

  6. I'm not in a huge hurry to pick it up. I loved the original doom and love FPS, but just haven't been jonsing to play games as much as I used to.


    The two games that scared and creeped me out were Aliens vs. Predator (2 is by far the best, but 1 rocked too) and the System Shock Games.

  7. I'll definately pop by to play some CAV as I'm a totaly neophyte. :) I do have a force (with lots of tanks and squishies!!!) and by the time Orgins rolls around, I should have it painted up. (I'm already done with 1 Cav, 4 tanks and 2 stands of infantry and it's been less than a week)

  8. Yes, I'll do this sometimes too.


    If you bend the little tab on the bottom that goes into the slotta base into a little "C" or "S" shape (you only need a slight bend), it will push on either side of the slot, and will remain upright. From here you can fill the gaps in with filler.


    The suggestion of greenstuff works well too. :)



  9. Are you opposed to going with other figures?


    There is Bertrand the Brigand and his band of "merry men" that would fit the role quite nicely. From there, just fill in as you need.


    I've been working on some Robin Hood figures for a while.... what I'd really like to do is put together a warband of Robin and his men based on the old BBC series "Robin Hood" (the one with the soundtrack by Clannad)


    Maybe I should put together Sir Guy of Gisben and some of the Sherrif's men.

  10. Hehe.. I live right across from a University and on nice days there is usually a gathering of lads (mostly or indian descent, or pakistani I'm not quite sure which but one gets offended if you call them the other) who play in the parking lot.


    I'll stop and watch for a while, but I don't understand the language. Cool thing about the US is there are lots of transplanted cultures, I'm sure there are enough cricket fans for us to get a team together and make an embarassment of ourselfs in the world theater. ;)


    I'd like to learn how to play, honestly.

  11. ahhh, thats a cute little teddy bear in the corner there.


    Its a good sign; without it you would look rather mean (don't get me wrong, you still look pretty imposing, not the type of person I'ld enjoy meeting in a dark ally. that sort of thing).

    I'm a super big mush, really. .. but don't let that out too much. Sometimes I like people being too uncomfortable to approach me.



  12. Here is a picture of me (and Q in the background)





    Oh! And I think I have met Herr Oberfroschmeister and at least seen Kellyn at Millenium. I think Herr Oberfroschmeister cheerifully said "hello" (to which I probably snarled) and we briefly discussed paints and painting.


    I'm a bit shy/antisocial with strangers - so next time I seez yaz I'll share a sunny "Hello"

  13. I'm sure once I get a better grasp on the rules, it will become clear - like I said, I just looked over them for the first time breifly today.


    They way I understand unit orginization right now is that I would put units in a specific role into a section. Soooooo....


    I would put infantry, and their transport together (be it a drop ship, AFV etc). Also, if the infantry is acting as a support unit for an armored unit, I imagine I'd put that together. I would then break them down into fighting units.


    So I would have say the first infantry as a section and that might conist of say 2 infantry, two AFVs and a tank for heavy support, and then the second infantry as another section with the same make up, and then like the first grenadiers which would be a CAV hunting unit etc... (Not that sections have these designations, but I'm using them as an example.


    My mindset is currently coming from some various WWII rules ets, (both N scale and 28mm) where there is a certain order of battle to units from the squad to platoon to company level, and I guess I see sections as either a platoon or a "company".

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