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  1. Here is a picture of me (and Q in the background) Oh! And I think I have met Herr Oberfroschmeister and at least seen Kellyn at Millenium. I think Herr Oberfroschmeister cheerifully said "hello" (to which I probably snarled) and we briefly discussed paints and painting. I'm a bit shy/antisocial with strangers - so next time I seez yaz I'll share a sunny "Hello"
  2. I say HEIL WHITE, GREY, BLACK, BROWN & RED PRIMER! Anybody got yellow, green, blue or purple primer? Are you running for politics? ;)
  3. I'm sure once I get a better grasp on the rules, it will become clear - like I said, I just looked over them for the first time breifly today. They way I understand unit orginization right now is that I would put units in a specific role into a section. Soooooo.... I would put infantry, and their transport together (be it a drop ship, AFV etc). Also, if the infantry is acting as a support unit for an armored unit, I imagine I'd put that together. I would then break them down into fighting units. So I would have say the first infantry as a section and that might conist of say 2 infantry, two AFVs and a tank for heavy support, and then the second infantry as another section with the same make up, and then like the first grenadiers which would be a CAV hunting unit etc... (Not that sections have these designations, but I'm using them as an example. My mindset is currently coming from some various WWII rules ets, (both N scale and 28mm) where there is a certain order of battle to units from the squad to platoon to company level, and I guess I see sections as either a platoon or a "company".
  4. I was just tryling to illustrate a point (and perhaps my unfamiliarity with the rules). I didn't know if it was best to design a section around a troop type (all my tanks in one section, all my infantry in another), or around a general function. I'm rather excited about the game, really.
  5. Hey, I *just* sat down with the rules and the CAV-RC and have a few questions. I would like to work out a force that is primarily tanks and infantry (cause really, I love crunchies)... anways, I understand that a unit is 4 models (ie 4 tanks or 4 stands of treadgrease), but is there a logical way to break up sections? Is there some form organic group that sections are broken down into? Ie "Command section", "Mobile Infantry", "Recon", "Tank hunters"?
  6. Do not "lick" your brush after using W&N flow improver, as it tastes most nasty.
  7. Those wings are brilliant :) My color chocies are poor, but I'd like to see a contrasting color for the rest of the model I think. ;) take that as you will.
  8. OK! I'll do it just for you. :) I'll post pictures as soon as I'm finished (but it might be a little bit because I'm working on some bear riders and a PzKpfw IV (MmMmm tanks - but that should only take me a day or so, since I'm painting it for gaming)
  9. I usually start with a deep red on a black surface - when you thin down the red over the black, the black helps act as a shaded layer, so you can work up to the deep red, and then start using other reds as a highlight... but that is the way I do things. I'm also a big fan of a gorey red (vallejo) up to a blood red, although sometimes to make things really pop I'll use a vermillion which is an orangey red. My buddy has had some really great success in getting a rich red by using a purple undercoat, and then mixing purple and red, then using a red and then an orangey highlight. This might work for you as well. Or try mixing some of the red you use with black to start as your basecoat and highlight up from there.
  10. My buddy was a tanker and they used to refer to infantry as "Crunchies" and marines as "Burps". I like that last one, best.
  11. Well, issue 9 had some WWII stuff in it and a few adds for the WestWind WWII vehicles. They had a D-day airborne scenerio. I was pretty excited and was hoping they were going to add historicals to their coverage. I love confrontation and void, but I think their covereage on these items is getting a little bit heavy. I did really like the force building tips for confrontation though. I like the inclusions of rule sets also. I'd love to see at lease one hsitorical article a month in there - be it ancients, various country's civil wars, WWs etc.
  12. It requires flash to do it, but you can make them too! Norman Tapestry web-toy thingie-ma-bobber
  13. I don't think trap doors were used on gallows untill the 1800s (The log drop method) which was supposed to be more humane by snapping the condemned's neck right away and prevent slow strangulation - Sometimes it took over 10 minutes to die this way, plus the body would often spasm and jerk (among other things) so they wanted it to be quicker and more painless. I think in medieval times the idea was to cause as much suffering as possible before death (hence punishments like drawing and quartering) Pre 1600, people were either hoised up by animals, or placed on a chair or ladder which was kicked out from under them. It's fantasy so why not just make a really baroque looking gallows?
  14. I was kinda bummed about the lack of historicals this issue. I think they can dedicate a little bit to fantasy, horror, sci fi and historicals quite easily each issue. Dragons scare me... or at least the models do. I'm just really uncomfortable painting them right now.. not sure why, I don't mind doing big things like tanks and stuff. I have this poor GW dragon that has been sitting on my self for ages that I've been too intimidated to touch. The poor thing was knocked off my miniatures shelves by my fiancee and snapped off at the ankles.. (not so bad) but when she was picking it up again - she dropped it and it shattered... it's fixed and in one piece, but is still unprimed. I've taken to calling my fiancee "St. George" and actually made a little norman tapestry comic to commemorate the incident (I'll post it at the end) *SO* as a fan of dragons - do you have any advice and getting down and painting one up? I'm normally a member of the Cult of Black Primer - but I can use both easily.
  15. Sweet greens. I can't wait!!!!
  16. I *heart* my dremel, but I seldom use it for minis unless I'm doing some massive work on grinding something down and don't feel like using a file. I use it for just about everything else though... intereting tidbit.. if you use one of the sanding drums, it fits perfectly inside the hold in a CD. Do you see where this is going? You can spin the CD up to about 400Mph or so on the outer edge of the disk and launch it from your dremel. (I'd advise not doing this in the house, and wearing protective eyewear - which you should wear when using powertools anyways). It's definately a cool thing. Especially when they shatter (When they do break, because the disc is spinning the shards with blow outward along the edge the disc is spinning, so don't stand in front or behind it - be to the side) What do you use yours for, mini-wise?
  17. I *love* the General Drake model. :)
  18. SaintRigger

    Sci-fi range?

    I heard rumors of a possible sci-fi range. Will it be done like the Dark Heaven and Warlord lines? That would be pretty sweet! I was never really huge on fantasy, as it seemed rather cliched and it seemed like for a time, all the miniatures available were just variations on the same theme - but the reaper line has really captured my imagination (although there are still the same staples) Having a line of 28mm sci-fi figures would be killer. Anyways, I'll keep searchign through back posts, but any info would be appreciated.
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