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  1. I was under a kilometer on a guess and only got 6000 pts. :/ Some of my guesses were on the wrong continent, BTW. ;)
  2. No, Paint and Take should still be there.
  3. I'll take snorry and gassy you over weesparkey anyday. ;D I had a TON of fun riding shotgun with you to gencon and origins.
  4. Haha.... Fresh air at Origins. Are you a n00b sir? Perhaps you should visit a convention some time. ;)
  5. Best Beverage in the world. I'm bummed about not going to Origins too, and living on a steady diet of sausage, pirogue and sauerkraut. :)
  6. If the shipping container gets swept overboard - at least the bones can be used for research in tracking ocean currents and stuff.
  7. It is weird - I don't mind waiting, personally. The kickstarter blew up to WAY bigger than they ever expected it to. They said there would be production delays. Fine, it is par for the course. Kickstarter is a micro-investment source where projects can get funding to be worked on. Sometimes project scope changes - it isn't like you are going down to the store and buying a bunch of bananas which are in stock. It's more akin to "Hey, we want to open a banana plantation because bananas are good. Help us build the plantation and we'll make sure once the first shipments are in, you'll get some at a good price as a thank you - otherwise you can wait until they are in the store" - and then getting hit with everyone saying "Hey, I like bananas! I want some too - better get a bigger plantation" and then getting upset because it takes longer to acquire the land, plant the grasses, harvest and ship the bananas - especially with no new plantation workers...
  8. Hey - can you drop me a PM? I don't know if I'll be able to throw one together in time and feel it is worth while for the participants - but maybe we can hammer something out?
  9. I'm going to be at the Bombshell Babes booth (as a Bombshell Babes booth babe?) most of the time. I'm super excited to see you guys!
  10. And I will volunteer to teach said classes in the future. :)
  11. Can we hold hands? I couldn't imagine it any other way!!!
  12. That's too bad. Is there any reason why that can be shared? I'm not sure, I just know they will not have a booth at GenCon this year. I think it is most likely the same reason as last year not wanting to do the quick turn around from Pax Prime.
  13. I'm going to follow martin around all day. :)
  14. Stormforge - No, they won't have a booth at GenCon this year.
  15. I don't know who is running the Art College/ Miniature Events for Origins this year.
  16. I'll be teaching at the P&T table, so if you want to learn anything or have any hobby questions or just want to shoot the breeze and be weird and interesting - stop by and find me.
  17. I'll be at MHE again this year. I'm a *HUGE* Rush fan too. ;) Sue- is there a posting someplace for the GenCon painting contest? I'm going to go look right now for it - but if I get distracted by something shiny....
  18. Cool! It's a real good time, and fantastic people. I love just sitting and teaching and chatting. :)
  19. I love working with the Reaper crew at the shows - mostly because of the people I get to work with and meeting the folks at the show. Savanttheory - will you be part of the MHE crew at GenCon this year? If so, we'll be working together. :D
  20. I've got a soft spot for Plastic Dudesmen and Larry Leadhead. The thing about Larry is that unless you are a grognard, it isn't funny. If you are, it hits too close to home. ;)
  21. Poseidon willing, I'll be there too at the Reaper Booth. :D I'm looking forward to it, I really enjoy working at Origins. (although the Pax people are my favorite... shhhhh.... ;) )
  22. I also get frustrated with models that don't match scale wise - so there might be a cool spaceman or something and I put it against the rest of my collection and it is UberHeroicScale. That sort of makes me blue.... first world problems, eh?
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