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  1. Basing - usually when I prime a model I want to get right into it and work on it - and when it is done, I want to move onto the next one. So many of my models are 80%- completed, but with no base.
  2. Yeah - we really like the asymmetrical force rules so we can do WWII with predators and terminators. :)
  3. I tend to march around after gorging myself on german food. I hope we can slip away to Schmidts. g'suffa!
  4. I really enjoy Force on Force myself. We use it for moderns and goofy pulp.
  5. OMG! Sauerkraut and pierogi every day! I forgot about that! Now I'm super psyched about Origins.
  6. I believe they will be at Origins this year. If they are, I should be there at the booth. Stop in and say hello!
  7. I showed the game to everyone on the web. I love that game actually. The more I think about it, the cooler I think it is - it's almost performance art.
  8. It was a blast working there and meeting everyone. :) I think Pax might be one of my favorite conventions to work at - but then I tend to be dog-like in that anything in front of me is my favorite thing.
  9. Classically trained painters don't paint on a white canvas either ;) There is usually a layer put down of an umber or a grey to take the sheen off of the canvas - but it brings up some interesting comparisons. Often painters will do a tonal underpainting with a pigment and thinner and build up from a dead painting and dark colors to light - which is a perfectly acceptable way to paint miniatures. Other miniature painters like to lay in with the lighter colors and shade down to get depth. That said, I personally like painting on black primer and working my way up. Vibrant colors sometimes take a little bit of doing - but it isn't hard. I like that the black tends to mute the colors down, and acts as my shadow and black lining. I suggest to try out both, and see what you like - but also don't limit it to black and white. Try using browns and greys too and see how it feels and what you like. There is no "Wrong" way or "optimal" way. There is an old saying that there are many paths up the mountain, but at the top, they all stare at the same moon. ;)
  10. I painted this guy up a while ago and entered him at Rcon. Figured I post a picture up of him. He lives in Bryan's Office (where I installed a small camera to watch bryan work)
  11. OH! I didn't remember seeing the Gnome Wars figures earlier. Cool!
  12. Yeah - he should put it back down. ;) I kid! That is fantastic! He should be proud. it is lightyears ahead of my first mini. I keep threatening to dig out my earliest work to show to people who say "oh, I can't paint. I'll never get like you" and say "look - yes you will. Here I was and you are already doing better" I hope he had fun and sticks with it!
  13. Those look good - I like the bases, I was thinking Dead Snow :)
  14. Can someone drop me a PM with their contact info?
  15. Heyas, hopefully I'm not breaking any rules here and need to be modbatted - We created a facebook page for the HMGS Hobby University, which is where we teach workshops, run modeling and painting events, post tutorials and the like. Reaper is actually one of our largest sponsors/supporters :) It would be brilliant if you guys could swing by and "like" the page on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/HMGSHobbyU Tell 'em Johnny Twobrushes send ya. ;)
  16. There is one in October and one in March - I can get you details. Also, we can put you to work and have your room comped and stuff if you join our band of merry idiots. We can always use new blood.
  17. reviews seem favorable at Frothers too, but you aren't allowed to go there. When did TMP and Frothers flip? TMPers are real negative nancies lately.
  18. Dargrin - Lancaster, PA isn't too far from you, is it?
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