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  1. I was quite pleased with the detailing in them - I don't particularly like the plastic used in most PPMs (although to be fair, lately I love repainting hero and horroclix) I think the details are just as sharp as the metals, and I don't have to worry as much about bits like swords and spears snapping easily. My only personal "complaint" is they come in white, and I like painting on black, so I'll end up hitting them with black gesso anyways. Not really much of a downside for me. ;)
  2. I took these with me to Cold Wars and they went over pretty well. It is cool to have models just ready to go for P&T. I also tested them out in the speed painting, but didn't get to use the skellies for my class like I would have liked to - since I was scheduled to paint 15mm. From playing with them - it seems like the initial coat of paint doesn't stick great right away, but once it is on they are great. I think perhaps prep work of just soaking them in soapy water and letting them dry may be in order, but really - compared to pulling flash off, washing and priming - this is so easy. :) Feedback was really positive - people thought they were cool. We found paint dries a little bit glossy on them, but that is easily fixed in sealing. We airbrushed a purple worm in an airbrush demo class - and it took paint brilliantly. I also love the flexibility of them. I was banging on the skellie with the spear - you know, simulating a hamfisted socially awkward war gamer - and it kept bouncing back to where it should be. I'm really quite impressed by these - these are cool. Plus you guys actually did the "metal is getting spendy - we are going with a cheaper alternative" - went with plastic and not only didn't raise prices - you dropped them. I can't say enough good things about these! Now - suggestions 1) A horse - Unpainted, plastic horses would be a godsend to P&T, and hobby classes since EVERYONE wants horse classes. Just a simple horse - no tack or anything. Might be nice for gamers too since they can kit it out the way they want. 2) Noone does giant ants. Steve Jackson did some in metal a while back and in concept they were cool, but in practice they were terrible. Cheap plastic giant ants might be cool, they are good for most genres of gaming as well. I know you can get toy ants at the store, but they are either EXCEPTIONALLY huge, or the little awful plastic ones. An ant the size of a cavalry mount would be really fun.
  3. Having read this and being familiar with 40k (I'm a bit of a fan) - and the typical 40k gamers.... I think she's pretty accurate with her article. There is a definite misunderstanding of nazism and general fascism - but that is one of the appeals for many gamers, I think and they sort of bring it on themselves. I think gamers sometimes hate having a mirror held up to them. I know not all gamers are this way, but a non-trivial number are and stereotypes do have a basis for their existence.
  4. Can we all hug now and realize that what the world needs now, is another folk singer - like I need a hole in my head? No wait, that isn't right..... I think there should be a RCon Fat Elvis in a Space Suit. PS - Does that skeleton have cake?
  5. That would be absolutely brilliant. I think Metropolis is in the public domain by now, as well.
  6. SO... the rcon model isn't a mouseling?
  7. Hahah! I loved this part - "...but his liturgy also includes a few fanfics of the survival-horror novel World War Z. A few shorts even mixed the two topics." Fantastic!! :D
  8. Oakleaf - first let me say welcome to the forums, you'll find that this group is really a wonderful accepting bunch of people. However, I am puzzled by the fact that you sign onto a miniatures related forum, and rather than post an introduction on who you are and what brought you to the hobby - your first post is a semi-confrontational post about your personal predilections. Perhaps I'm a bit more cynical than my colleagues, but this strikes me as trollish behavior. I hope I am mistaken in this case, but you've only popped up and identified yourself as part of a certain subculture, with no inkling to your nature as a person - and this makes me question your motives - just as anyone who might sign up here and say "WHY DO PEOPLE HATE ME BECAUSE I'M GAY" or "WHY DO PEOPLE HATE ME BECAUSE I READ TWILIGHT!?!?!". Noone here really cares, except that this is how you chose to define yourself as an entity. In doing so, in a venue where noone knows you from Adam, you appear and flaunt a lifestyle choice that is considered outside the mainstream - what are your expectations, and what is your motivation for doing so? Are you fishing for sympathy, or looking to stir the pot?
  9. is going to get you.

  10. YES! YES YES YES! I'd love to see a whole line of us caricatures. Cosplayers in bad costumes. Trekkies with dunlops exposed. dudes with boffer gear. Old grizzled wargamers with kepi and pipe. (well any grognards) etc..
  11. Ever read the MTG novels? It makes my teeth hurt just thinking about 'em. Really cool universe, really BADLY written.
  12. Renegade has some nice warring chinese - http://www.renegademiniatures.com/qin.htm John Jenkins Designs had some really good chinese too, but I don't know if he sells them anymore. Bummer, since the line was stunning. http://littlewars.blogspot.com/2006/01/joh...ing-states.html
  13. Heyas - I'm doing a polar bear swim this sunday to raise money for special olympics and thought I'd pass along the link for donations in case you guys were interested in supporting me. http://polarplunge.kintera.org/wny/saintrigger Any help would be appreciated. I'll try to get pictures (but I'm flying solo, so I don't know who will hold the camera...) :D Thanks! -John
  14. I've been finding myself buying more and more 15mm stuff. Mostly because it is what is fun for me right now. :) That is just me though
  15. It's a good book, and a really fun game though :) Their WWI book is even better
  16. What level of operations? I'm kinda fond of Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers from Iron Ivan Games for more of a skirmish level game. And how in depth? Are you looking for beer and pretzels or simulation?
  17. I'm fully of the beleif that once one of the other major players releases an OGL minis game system that translates well to WFB and 40k and catches on, GW is going to see a major hit to their pocket book. I disagree with this strongly - and here is why People *LIKE* the GW models. Hell I love 'em and I hate the games. Also, people like being able to walk into a store and play with someone. CUrrently every plays the GW games. I've played some amazing fantasy and sci-fi rule sets - but trying to get someone to gear up for a new game is tough, especially when they've invested in a game system already and can walk into just about any game store and can get a pickup game of warhammer or 40k. I personally use my 40k figures with a set of rules called Trench Wars and it works great - but I still buy guardsmen and tanks to suppliment my armies. GW's paints and the like are also pretty ubiquitous - and the pots suck, so people keep comming back because they get used to certain colors and need to replace them. I am a huge fan of the foundation paints and washes, however. That was some great marketing - especially for army painters - who I think you need to cater to to get larger number of sales. One can produce a stunning vampress model - but how many will a person buy? One, maybe two to paint up and look nice. If you are catering to army players - they'll need like 30-40 skeletal warriors, or knights to fill our their ranks. You've got an initial cost per model - so if you have a model that players would require more of, you pay off that initial setup cost of quicker and it becomes profitable faster... so lets say it takes 100 sales to pay off the cost of a mold, and you have an audience of 50 players.... your vampire might sell 50-75 models, and you are at a loss where as you knights might sell 300-400 which makes it profitable. I mean, it is much more complex than that - and I totally distracted my train of thought - but I don't see any small press games comming in and knocking GW from their spot anytime soon. Now - perhaps there is a scenario of death by 1000 papercuts, where if lots of companies can lure enough gaming $$s away from their base, you can cause them to topple. Um... what were we talking about again?
  18. Like we didn't know it was comming but um..... Space Hulk :)
  19. I like using the Trench Wars WWI rules with my hordes of imperial guard and marines - since you need a ton of figures on the table and 40k is more or less WWI in space anyways.
  20. Yeah - Ed Grimley was a fictional character played by martin short.
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