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  1. It is a shame Tales from the Floating Vegabond is out of print. If you can find it, it's a gem :)
  2. I like them quite a bit - but they are a bit big and I don't know if they would mix well with what I have already. Not that it would stop me from getting them ;)
  3. THE GAMA-HAMMA’ ORIGINS GAME FAIR MINIATURE PAINTING CONTEST RULES The contest will be held in the Miniatures Painting Area at the Paint’n’Take inside the Exhibitors Hall. The following rules will be used. If you have any questions please ask the Painting Staff. Please note and understand that the following rules are not perfect – every attempt has been made to take as many game system units and figures into consideration, it is simply impossible to accommodate everyone and every system specifically. Entries: * Painting Contest entries will only be accepted from the person who actually painted the figure * Prior Year Winning Entries are not eligible for entry – a photographic record is keep to document past winners * Purchased “accessories” such as standards, painted pre-fabricated or “Custom” bases, etc. must be declared when entry is submitted. Such items will not be taken into consideration in the judging process, i.e. you don’t get “credit” for those items since you did not paint/create them yourself. Not declaring items not crafted by entry painter will disqualify entry. * Entries will be accepted in the MPA from area opening on Thursday morning until 1 PM Saturday, and be on display until judging takes place at 3 PM Sat. Awards will be announces at approximately 4:30 pm. * All entries should be picked up from the display area promptly after the contest ending time Sat. 5-6 PM and not later than normal close business for the exhibitor’s hall on Sunday at 4 PM. Origins is not responsible for entries that are not claimed. * All competitors are responsible for the transport of their models to and from the competition and for storing their own transport and packing materials * Each piece may only be entered in one level; all pieces from a given painter will be entered at the same level * Each painter may enter one piece per category/subcategory for a total of 12 pieces; i.e. 1 Historical Single Figure, 1 SCI-FI Single Figure, 1 Fantasy Single Figure, etc. Please note: Entry is at the competitor's own risk; while Origin’s volunteer staff endeavors to take great care with every entry, Origin’s does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to models. Entry into the competition gives Origin’s the right to photograph and publish details of the models as Origin’s sees fit. The Judges will award Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in each Level, Category/subcategory to each entry that merits reward. One “Best in Show” winner will be chosen from the Gold Medal winners to receive the “GAMA-HAMMA’ ORIGINS Award. Remember the purpose of the painting competition is to showcase the efforts of our attendees who paint miniatures and to have fun; you may not agree with the outcome, but please bear in mind that all judges' decisions are final and they will not enter into any discussion regarding those decisions. There are four Levels to the competition: YOUTH (ages <12), APPRENTICE, JOURNEYMAN and MASTER Each level is divided into the following categories/subcategories: HISTORICAL/Individual Figure, Unit, Vehicle and Diorama SCI-FI/Individual Figure, Unit, Vehicle and Diorama FANTASY/Individual Figure, Unit, Vehicle and Diorama A description of each is provided so that there is a clear definition of the levels & categories/subcategories LEVEL: Level refers to the relative degree of achievement a painter has reached. The level at which a piece is entered is subject to unanimous judge approval; if the judges jointly feel that the painted figure is entered in the wrong level, the entrant will be notified and the piece will be moved to the appropriate level based on the combined recommendation of the judges – the judges' ruling is final. If you are unsure of what level your work should be entered in, please ask the Painting Staff – they will be happy to help you. Youth –. For painters 12 years old and younger - this is fairly self explanatory. We encourage all youngsters to submit their painted figures. Apprentice – for painters who are older than 12 and new/relatively new to miniature painting who have little or no contest experience. Journeyman –for painters who have placed previously in Origins or any other painting contest or who have several years of experience painting Master – This level is for painters who have previously won Best of Show in the Origin’s Painting Contests or Best of Show in any other Major Painting Contest or anyone who paints professionally for money or trade for any manufacturer or organization. Category: The specifically defined division in our system for classification. If you are not sure, please ask. Historical – This category includes non-fiction based figures representing soldiers, people or situations that existed in the past. i.e. American Civil War Soldiers, Napoleon, etc. Science Fiction – This category includes fictional figures based on speculative scientific discoveries or developments, environmental changes, space travel, or life on other planets typically related to the future. i.e. Aliens, space warriors, etc. Fantasy – This category includes figures based on fiction characterized by highly fanciful or supernatural elements. i.e. Elves, Dragons, etc. Single Figure: A single figure is just that, it could be a figure from a unit for any game system; it could be a hero or a trooper, but must be one single figure, based alone Unit: Defined as any entry consisting of two or more figures for any game system that represents an actual unit or stand for the rules system the figure is played in. It may be mounted singly or together on a stand. In the case where a single figure represents a unit for a game system, that figure can only be entered in the single figure category. A unit can be described as the basic component for the game; it usually ranges from a squad to a platoon or company, depending on the game system. Due to display constraints the maximum number of figures per unit entered will be 12 (pick the “best 12” representative of the unit). Vehicle: Any single vehicle, maximum base size 6” x 6” - More than one vehicle can be entered into the Unit category if it represents a unit in a game system Diorama: A diorama is defined as any collection of figures on a single base that is not considered a unit or stand; this is also subject to the judges’ approval as many gamers make dioramas out of their command stands. A diorama can be a static or an action scene, but will have a detailed base and features that make it stand out from a typical gaming piece Any category/subcategory with less than three entries will not be included in the judging or may be combined with another category as the judges see fit. Ideally each category/subcategory should be further divided into Small (<15mm), Medium (20mm-<54mm) and Large (>54mm); the number of entries may preclude this. Judges: * There will be a minimum of three (3) judges, no less * Entries will be judged “blind” - painter’s names will not be available to the judges * The Painting staff will select the judges based upon known integrity and knowledge of both painting and gaming * The judges will have a thorough familiarity with the contest rules and judging criteria * Judges, Painting Staff and Art College Instructors are not allowed to enter the painting contest. Criteria: The Judges will be looking for models that are well painted and well presented. Each entry will be judged in three areas – preparation, painting and finish work/detail. Preparation: Frequently overlooked by many painters and often the tie-breaking factor in a competition; includes all pre-paint work that could be visible in or on the finished product such as flashing lines and conversion/joint work Painting: Judges are looking for smooth coverage, clean lines, even transitions in shading, areas are properly highlighted and shaded, miniature is completely painted, etc. This covers all styles of painting encompassing inking, washing, dry brushing, wet blending, etc.; since there are so many techniques available for the painter, the judges will do their best to be open minded about the techniques used, but in the end, it is all about aesthetics and is the judges’ call Finish Work/Detail: Will entail all of the extra work done to the figures and base/s; includes freehand designs, basing detail and those added extra touches the painter included that really set an entry apart from the others. Prizes = Dark Sword Boxed sets, Reaper Master Series Paints, Iron Wind Metals Dragons, Reaper 54mm figures, and MORE!
  4. Is there still flesh on this horse?
  5. You should waaaaaaay overcook one and call it the "Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru"
  6. But I bought 3 of them and I'm going to coat 2 in platinum and one in plutonium! WOO! Eat that, gold winners!
  7. Yes and yes! Sanael just moved up a few points in the Awesome Standings List.
  8. No no no! Hehe.. I'm not saying it is the digital sculpt itself that is the problem. I'm a big fan of digital sculpting. I'm saying it is the sculptor (who is doing the digital sculpt for WF) that is the problem. They aren't making the cuts deep enough etc - so while the models look really nice rendered, they don't come out well in actual plastic. They need to exaggerate the details a bit. I don't think we are disagreeing at all, really. They just need to take that into consideration and I think their models will get better. I also think weapons and spears need to be exaggerated a bit as well as the realistic proportions tend to be rather fragile on the table. I've already broken a few bayonettes off my victrix brits, and they are a pain to repair.
  9. I honestly think it is the digital sculpts - because I have the plastics from Warlord Games which are brilliant (nice deep cuts and smooth details etc..) As well as Victrix and the perry plastics. My biggest complaint there is that the companies are going for more realistic proportions on the weapons which means rifles, spears and bayonets are thin and somewhat brittle and snap pretty easily - where the GW weapons tend to be a bit thick and bulky but really stand up to the abuse of the gaming table.
  10. Nice job! I really enjoy your work! It is a shame I didn't get a chance to say hi at GD. I was mostly standing around RC tanks or playing cowboys and Indians. ;)
  11. Welcome back! Jenna will be happy to see you back, as I believe she's been missing you as well. :)
  12. It's a bummer when the feet just sort of melt into the base though, like the figure is wading through cheese. ;) At 10mm I'd be afraid your figures all look like they are fording a stream.
  13. I think there are a few options existing for those options - but I do like the idea of the korean war chinese, and you would need TONS of them. I wish WF could get t together as far as sharpness of detail, fitting together of models and scaling, I'd be all over them
  14. Dean, I've driven by your store a good 4-5 times in the last 3 months, but it has never been open when we went buy (usually in the AM, or later on a sunday) We always look though :)
  15. I double posted I got so excited about BBQ
  16. I'm not a huge fan of fantasy, typically and got into repeaer because of CAV - but I don't get that aspect from the DHL line at all. I mean, there are the typical fantasy staples - but there is so much more. It has actually gotten me more into fantasy - it is like saying "Gosh, I don't like humanity because red hair kinda puts me off" What about the blondes, and the brunettes and all the bald people? Why do you hate Dragonsnack?
  17. Best thing I did was send Rich some links. ;) I hope we get to meet the Cleavers one day. "You every try a pink golfball, Wally?"
  18. I've been fond of this, it has removable tabletops that you can just pull out and slot in, so you can go nuts making tables, but use one frame for your tables. :) http://www.drunkdwarves.com/?p=200 http://www.drunkdwarves.com/?p=278
  19. Quite right! Pike and shot is a blast! You may also like ECW (not as colorful as renaissance, however) The Old Glory renaissance figures aren't bad either - a long way from their usual misshapen hunks of unidentifiable lead. Nice job with the pikes :)
  20. I've been buying a ton of Warlord games celts, and the Victrix and Perry napoleonics.
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