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  1. I'm not quitting, by any means. I have plenty of stuff on hand to fuel my needs for quite a while. I just might not be starting that new Space Wolves army in the fall.


    And in the interests of fairness, I spoke with the FLGS owner at Lunch, and he says GW are moving away from the price banding scheme toward a cost-plus pricing structure. He used the example that the Valkyrie is $58 instead of $60. So maybe we won't see all the $35 boxes hit $41.25.


    Of course, when I said $41.25, he asked what unit that was for, and I pointed him to the forthcoming greatswords. He was absolutely incredulous that they could cost so much, and is vehement that it must be an error. So your grain-of-salt needs may vary.



    Yup - according to the website - 10 models for 41.50. The latest WD has them pictured in a 15 man unit. Foundry landsknechts and dopplesoldners are a much cheaper alternative now. ;)

  2. I'm rather excited about the new tank kits too. Since I've gotten over my fear of my airbrush, I've been painting armor like a fiend.


    One thing I discovered is that a) GW paints thin with rubbing alcohol and b) I had to thin them so much the paint was more like a transparent dye. If only I didn't need all my rhinos and LR in snot green....


    Next time I'm using actual modelling paints. THOSE I understand in an airbrush...




    I've been using the GW paint thinned with the airbrush medium I have. I'm going to try windex some time soon. I did overthin one color, it was unfortunate - I do like the ability to slowly build up color.


    I'd like to try a 90mm figure some time with the brush

  3. I adore the lads from WF - but honestly, their models have been really poor. Even their celts are pretty rough and on the small side. The detail isn't very crisp (their feet look like they are melting into the ground) etc. I'd not put much faith in their greatcoat infantry.


    I do like the Pig Iron figures quite a bit though, and being able to order just heads and backpacks is fantastic for converting your guard.


    I just put together and painted a Valkyrie last week, and honestly - this is an amazing kit. Every sci-fi force needs them as dropships. I see myself building quite a few more. They also have door guns and gunners, sliding door and a rear hatch that drops, and it wasn't a nightmare to put together (just remember to use white glue on the canopy bits or else it will fog up from the CA fumes)


    I'm rather excited about the new tank kits too. Since I've gotten over my fear of my airbrush, I've been painting armor like a fiend.

  4. Thomas looks like he's got a cinder block on the end of a stick!



    'nough said! How can you argue with Conan?!?


    If a weapon is oversize, then it is probably magical and not difficult to wield, so unless you are playing an historically accurate game, which fantasy miniatures are not designed for, what is the big deal?


    As Quato said to Quade, "Open your mind. Open your mind." ::D:


    That also reinforces the "Because it is awesome" truism as well....

  5. Tom Meier (Thunderbolt Mountain) is another one who makes realistic sized weapons (and proportions on his models - he is one of the few that can pull it off really well without it looking weird)


    For me, I like the oversized weapons, hafts the size of phone poles and hands the size of their head. :)



    PS. I am being serious about the oversized stuff...

  6. Down 20 - still going to the gym at least 3 times a week after work and at least 1 time on the weekend and swimming around a mile every day at lunch.


    My A1C is a 6.4 and dropping, my bad cholesterol is back in really good ranges and I'm trying to get my HDL up from the 40's to the 60's.

  7. The reason weapons are oversized in the fantasy world is the same reason EVERYTHING explodes like small nuclear detonation in the action film world....


    "because it is awesome"


    Just repeat this mantra in your head and you'll be fine. :)

  8. They look great, but I question the logic of an electric gun on a metal boat. Interior lined with rubber, I guess. ::D:


    It projects the lightning... onto other metal boats. Therefore it is a good thing.


    Unless you have a malfunction- which is catastrophic - but such is the way with experimental prototype weapons.

  9. No doubt. I have a .45 and a shovel. I doubt they'll be missed...


    Wild Bill :blues:


    A chipper shredder and a pig farm works better...or so I've heard. :devil:


    Don't return the chipper clean - make sure you run wood through it first.


    Also, shave the hair and remove the teeth. :)


    I'm just sayin'.

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