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  1. I'm actually really glad you guys get to play together! :D
  2. Right now I'm torn between: Trench Wars (WWI Gaming) and the .45 Adventures series of games.
  3. Recall I have a history BA (I'm also working towards an MA too...), so yes, I understand it was based on a comic, and yes I understand the "intent" was to make it as an exaggeration from the storyteller's perspective. But neither is that the movie I would have wanted, but also I don't buy the "exaggeration" in a historical context. Especially when we're talking about SPARTANS... Damon. ... And that the comic is based on the movie "The 300 Spartans" ... Exactly! The point of which was to get the others all fired up and committed to the war.
  4. I don't think it was many missed the point, but rather it delivered a movie many did not want to see. It's like making LotR into a Conan parody. SST is a seminal libertarian work by a seminal libertarian author (OK maybe not as libertarian as The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, but still...). Its like me an my relationship to 300. Lots of people say it was teh kewlest. I think it suxxors. It was not a movie made for me (I'd have rather seen Spartans in hoplite panoply than the ninja warriors fighting orcs and war rhinos we got). I got the point, I just thought the point was stupid. Damon. You know that 300 is based on a comic book that was written after Frank Miller saw the movie 300 Spartans, right? And it is told from a character's point of view - so it shows literally the exaggeration that the story teller would give. The story works for exactly what it is. Verhoeven also admitted he didn't read the book SST - rather hated it to be honest and wasn't working on making an adaptation, really. I loved the book - but I didn't expect to see it on the big screen as such. It would make for a rather awful movie, I'd think.
  5. I love Peter Jackson's early works. Bad Taste, Dead Alive (Braindead) and Meet the Feebles are all required viewing - I feel - if you have the stomach for them :) They are deliciously bad, disturbing, awful and funny at the same time. SST was really good too - it was a brilliant potshot at the hollywood blockbuster (I think many missed the point) The best is when Dizzy is impaled and spitting up blood and says "At least I got to have you, Johnny Rico" - and then dies. Aparently the Wachowski brothers missed the point in the 3'rd installment of The Matrix with the whole 10 minute Trinity impaled coughing up blood scene. "At least I got to have you, neo!" *Sputter sputter die* The second and 3'rd matrix movies were really bad too. The first one was brilliant and rather deep, and the Wachowski brothers figured they hit on something and everything the penned was gold, caught Lucas disease and turned out 2 stinkers.
  6. I'm sort of with Sgt on this one as well. It could be amazing... but it could suck just as bad as a lucas endeavor.
  7. Mansquito and Shark Attack 3 are CLASSICS!!!! Although Shark Attack 3 has the best Chat-Up line ever.
  8. The difference with fantasy is it is set in another realm where dragons are just a fact of life, like lions or sharks are in this world. Indiana Jones is supposed to be set in this world. I'd be equally as upset if a giant dragon popped out and breathed fire at indy as I am with magical flying fridges and magnetic zombie aliens.
  9. There is a small difference between the ark in raiders as well as the holy grail in the previous indy movies. The action in those was outlandish and improbable - but not entirely impossible. And the power of the artifacts was the one "Gimme" in the movie. I mean - if you are looking for an artifact of extraordinary power - then the artifact should probably have extraordinary powers, yes? So this is where the bit of fantasy comes in - but it is an acceptable level of "Weirdness" that is allowed Even Sci-Fi has the one Gimme - for example, you can have a hard sci-fi story, but it might have a what-if such as "What if time travel was possible", "What if faster than light travel was possible", "what if extra-terrestrial intelligence existed.. etc" Each of the indie movies (or the good ones) - had a "What if this relic really existed and had the powers as described in the bible..." It wasn't a whole case of "What sort of improbable/impossible things can we jam pack into a movie?" What if a magical fridge could survive an atomic explosion at ground zero. All we found at the ruins of all of our test sites, as well has hiroshima and nagasaki were fridges, but everything else was vaporized and the blast was so strong it permenantly marked shadows on the wall where people stood. What if someone could manage to survive that trip? What if someone could sruvive numerous falls off a waterfalls in an amphibious vehicle. What if there was a magical magnetic skull that was only sometimes magnetic as the plot needs it? And magnetism could be blocked by a magical blanket? It it could magically open a room, but is the only way to open that room - so don't ask how the conquistadores got it out in the first place since there should be no way to enter it. What if gopher jokes didn't get old and not funny after 3. What if coiffed monkeys had enough mental capacity to only attack russians. What if we had a russian villain who couldn't keep her accent straight? What if there was an interdimensional zombie alien race of archeologists who collected artifacts, only to destroy their collection on lift-off... etc. I'm totally willing to suspend my disbelief, and I adore pulp. The Shadow and the Rocketeer were loads of fun (although not that great) In the shadow a whole building disappears because of hypnotic suggestion. The Mummy movies were fantastic as well - the first 2 were brilliant, the latest wasn't as good, but still loads of fun. It wasn't all bad, it had bits of Indy shine through - such as the fight in the malt shop and the subsequent chase through the college campus - as well as the fight amonst the kung-fu south americans. But mostly it was a big pile of suck - and I love crappy movies (I adored Doomsday and Shoot 'em Up). I saw the new trailer for the new Star Trek movie which isn't being made.... did anyone else think "Red Barchetta"?
  10. Hey man, don't discount the sheer solid, lead-lined weight of those old fridges. As a kid, I lived in the mountains with hippies and the woods were littered with old appliances like that. I'm not sure the scene in that movie is too far off from what one of those things can take. Indy was in greater danger from never getting out, since those are the famous fridges that latch and can't be opened from the inside. Makes me cringe to think of how we escaped getting locked in as kids. Aside from the fact the seals are rubber, lead has a low melting point and basic physics dictates that someone being tossed that far and bounced around would be chunky salsa on the inside of the fridge? Lead might protect from radiation, but it isn't much defense in a blast.
  11. I'm with the creators of South Park on that one.
  12. I've burned out the part of my brain that remembered Episodes 1-3 as well as the special editions. I have the original trilogy on VHS and nor (thank goodness) on DVD as my VCR tried to eat my VHS tapes once. As far as I am concerned - that is the only star wars to have been released, along with a few novels. Also, there are only 3 indiana jones movies.
  13. Why do you still contemplate the gaping plot holes in the now flimsy marketing machine called "Star Wars"? Step in line, buy the toys and don't make a scene. ;)
  14. First - I want an old woman in a wheelchair with an MP-40 Then JR Bob Dobbs :D (with a removable head - or a figure with alternates heads and a Bob Dobbs head - so I can't stick it on other models) Maybe a Bob Dobbs Marine, Bob Dobbs Psycho Killer, Bob Dobbs Secret Agent.... Chainsaw Sally -
  15. This one time, Nanite and I were fighting and he totally beat me up with his secret Iron Fist technique - but then he totally taught it to me and we are Shaolin BFFs

  16. I can't tell from the picture, but is El Diablo a luchador?
  17. Being hugged by Bryan is like being hugged by a flight of angels. Who then give you milkshakes.

  18. That picture of Kel always makes me think of Kids in the Hall
  19. I have that track, actually :) Hitler will dance with anyone, BTW http://fuhrercat.ytmnd.com/ http://heutistmeinhitler.ytmnd.com/
  20. That makes me happy in ways only a picture of Bea Arthur wrestling dinosaurs can - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v255/drl..._/bea_small.jpg
  21. I want a Not Pam Grier figure a la Coffy to go with Horace. For a neat link check out http://www.impawards.com/1973/posters/coffy.jpg (70's movie poster - *mildly* risque)
  22. Glad to see you back! I'd love to see pics of your lightbox :)
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