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  1. I'd be leary of a guy who uses Frontpage as well. While it is an OK tool - it doesn't (last I checked) make W3 compliant web pages, and isn't cross browser friendly instead inserting codes specifically for IE - so anyone using another browser may not see your page as you'd like them to see it. Also Frontpage was discontinued in 2003, and while Office 2007 still sort of uses some frontpage technologies for Sharepoint Designer - this guy would be using ancient (by computer terms) - technology. With a little bit of motivation - you can easily download a template that uses a CSS (Cascading style sheet) - and simply plug in the content you want. Here is a site to get you started - http://www.freecsstemplates.org/ Simply pick one you want, snag it, copy it to your server and monkey about. The help on that site is really good and can get you started with what you need - and would really only require minimal HTML knowledge. Most of the templates have some really good help files that also explain the modules that are built in (like a calendar etc..) It will give you a sense of empowerment, save you money and you don't need to deal with some jerk who is going to take you for a ride. If you run into any trouble, you can always pop in here and ask questions. :) And, you'll get a neat resume building bullet point. ;)
  2. Have you read Angels of Darkness? It is a pretty good look at the Fallen and the Lutherites (they are so subtle, aren't they?) and how the Dark Angels paranoia and shame drives them. A must read if you have even a passing interest in the chapter.
  3. Yes, herein lies the crux of the issue. Lionel Johnson (the poet) was gay. Dark Angel is a poem of him grappling with his lust and how it is in conflict with his religious faith. The Dark Angels primarch is named Lion El'Johnson (for those unfamiliar) - which makes their "Secret" rather amusing if you are familiar with the poet.
  4. Go out and read Lionel Johnson's poem "Dark Angel" - and learn a bit about the author, and you can learn their true secret. :D :lol:
  5. Me too. Well, except mine are going to be part of my Chaos army as a Fallen squad... Damon. DUDE! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! BLAH BLAH BLAH SHOUTING LOUD NOISES!!!!!! ;)
  6. You can use the codex rules for the Dark Angels. I'm working on DA chapter right now (because I love the colors and the robes) It doesn't bother me much :) Although you can't go wrong with CAV :)
  7. Seriously - I got the attention span of a goldfish.
  8. I've always been fond of the copplestone/EM4 scavengers.
  9. Bugs - plus the regiment boxed set is a steal
  10. It is not supposed to be a Necropolis symbol, or any faction symbol at all..... it's just a moon decoration. Yeah, I took it as such as well. The necropolis symbol is a sideways crescent and is drippy - this just looked like a moon.
  11. No, I definately agree with that, but when you figure on the 1000s of chapters out there - and you want to build a "salamanders" army, but not really the salamanders (say you hate green) - you can. But fluffy wise, having ultramarines with slamander characters and gear does feel wrong, especially when you have so many different ultramarine characters. I'm building up my own chapter of marines who are essentially librarians (not the psychic kind) and archivists who primary missions are to infiltrate imperial worlds which have fallen to bring back relics, records and other items of imperial interest. Basically I wanted to paint them graveyard earth and bone color - and came up with a quick background. Ravenguard or white scars seems like they might be a good fit, because you'd want a hit and fade theme to represent them getting in, grabbing what they want and getting out - but also being intractable might work - so Salamanders would be good. I dunno. :) Basically - yes, I agree with you.. :)
  12. Tac squads become really good too. The neat thing is that any of the special characters apply to any "Codex" army... so instead of having "Vulkan" in your army you have "Joe Weaponmaker" - you get the same benefits. The production values of the new codex are good to - it is really beefy with lots of enat rules, fluff and pictures. I'd like to see the plastic landraider redeemers and crusaders - the metal crusader bits were an absolute nightmare to put together.
  13. Now you have to be careful not to stand too close to someone in a line.
  14. Ultramarines. I hate actual smurfs.
  15. I bought (yet another) Tac squad last night. I'm not sure if I am going to convert them into bears, or paint them as 1'st company Smurfs.
  16. I think you should stop posting and start a new account :)
  17. The emperor weeps tonight. :) Actually, the marine spearhead seemed a bit spendy compared to othr deals. I've seen battle companies for 25% off
  18. Say "HI" to the war store people and tell them the HMGS painting staff misses them :)
  19. SKULLZ!!! hehe the Red Scorpions are making a comeback through Forgeworld.
  20. Not-Fallout Figures especially since Fallout-3 is due real soon. some Not-Vault Dwellers, Not Wastelanders, Not Robots and Not Supermutants.
  21. Keep the spirit of Hexxenhammer alive! I seriously miss him.
  22. WANT! I've always been a fan of building into the side of a hill... seems like it would help be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. My biggest concern would be structural integrety and maintaining a watertight seal. ' Edit: Hmmm - they seem to attract hippies.
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