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  1. OMG - you should paint it up like a cooper mini or a VM or something :) Joe - Seriously. *SERIOUSLY* I love your analytical mind, and always look forward to your posts.
  2. We have a secret code. Lots of F-bombs were dropped. ;) No - I kid. :D Or do I?
  3. I thought my repsonse was appropriate enough, and kid-friendly too1 Damon. It was, and it was EXACTLY what I was thinking. :D
  4. That is a lot more diplomatic than what I had in mind. :)
  5. We collectively decided we want Carl from Slingblade. "Reckon you better turn right....mmmmmhmmmm" I hafta say, I've never been a big fan of Knight Rider.
  6. Rather like that marine feller there.
  7. I love what Blur puts out - the Dawn of War cinematics are fantastic as is Rockfish. http://www.atom.com/funny_videos/rockfish/
  8. They are really cute, aren't they? If they were either 1) 7-8 feel talish or 2) 7-8" tallish in scale - they'd be prefect for Chingers from Bill The Galactic Hero.
  9. Be sure you stop by the painting events and say "hello!" then!! Also, you should get into a gnome wars game with us and/or play .45 Adventures. HAve you been to Fall-In yet? it is my favorite convention, it is very relaxed and laid back compared to Historicon. It is also very close to O'Rourkes which has really really good food (Join us for dinner one evening)
  10. LIES! I'd have been all over meeting reaper people. I'm emotionally mortally wounded now.
  11. I've got a bunch of extra 'nid parts that are just sitting around if you are looking for anything. I was building a "Godzilla" list - and the 'fexes come with lots of extra gubbins.
  12. You are a jerk for 2 reasons now. 1) You didn't come over and say hi to Jenna and I 2) You didn't sell me cougars for cheap at historicon.
  13. Because of the quasi-religious overtones along with thier Crusades and Inquisitions, I generally say they are Catholic Space Nazis. I do believe the original SPACEHULK rulebook even mentions the Imperium kills everyone on a planet that has had any genestealer contact. I see them as Chatholic Warrior Monks meet the Roman Legions.... IN SPAAAAAAACE :) Yeah. :D The are good in that they strive to serve the will of the emperor and protect humanity from everything out there. The bad comes in, in the fact they take extreme measures to do so and have an absolutely "Closed minded" zero-tollerance approach to any sort of potential contamination. Sure, an alien artifact may seem beneficial to the Imperium - but it is still an alien artifact and must be destroyed, lest it potentially corrupt humanity. It is that fascist approach that earns them the "Nazi" stamp - although fascism != national socialism. If anything, they are more like the Italians in WWII (Especially with a desire to return to the days of the Empire of Rome - and not the Holy Roman Empire, because those were the germans again) The imperial guard get labled as nazis because of some of their snazzy uniforms. You do have to admit the german army had style - they had uniforms by Hugo Boss and drove vehicles made by Porche, Mercedes and BMW. :) Commisars as a political influence are a russian notion, however.
  14. I think I might start swimming at lunch, seeing as we have a pool where I work :)
  15. I think SpineSpur would really work as an RPG over a miniatures game, personally. I do love the background :)
  16. Not too long ago this particular individual would call my FLGS once a day and ask "YO! YOU GOT THE Wii !?!" To which they'd always answer "No, we don't carry game systems or games" So one day, during a D&D session when he called, they all took turns passing him around.. "Do we have the Wii? Let me transfer you to electronics." "Wii? Hold on this is sporting goods, I'll transfer you to electronics" And they made the way around the table until someone said "No, we don't have any in stock" :D
  17. HAHAH! would been funnier if he shaved all the purity seals off his marines :)
  18. The new Dark Elf Cold Ones are just *BEGGING* to have cowboys put on them. Or nazis. I'm trying to find some german cavalry soldiers.
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