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  1. It's been awhile since I've tried anything, so I'm not sure. I do agree on the gin, though. It seemed like I should like it with all its natural flavors! But instead it just tasted like I tried to drink a fancy lady's fake pine candle.
  2. I'm not a practicing Catholic anymore but I remember a lot of it and can appreciate folks praying before dinner and enjoying the various feast days. :) We did not do anything special but I am sure my parents were busy all day yesterday haha!
  3. Yayyy Boot and Haldir's kids!!! I love the flowers, Thoramel!
  4. I'm excited to see all the fun photos from everyone and all of the goodies!! :D
  5. I love it!! And I loved reading your story. You've been busy! :D
  6. It really did though!!! Let me know if you need any help :)
  7. Oh no I don't get it D: These threads are much slower than I remember....
  8. Aaaaauuggghhhhhhhh. Thankfully I am not heading into brain weasel territory, but after a few weeks of not being able to use my wrists, then a couple weeks of everything okay, and then now two more weeks of not using my right elbow by the doctor.... I'm so dang bored. And I'm pretty sure I've gained weight in bored eating in the last 3 days....
  9. I go by ingredients. For example, the brand name sour cream we get has a single ingredient: cultured cream. The generic brand here is: CULTURED PASTEURIZED MILK, CREAM, SKIM MILK, CORN STARCH, GELATIN, SODIUM PHOSPHATE, GUAR GUM, CARRAGEENAN, CALCIUM SULFATE, CAROB BEAN GUM, VITAMIN A PALMITATE. So we get the brand name on that. However, their "cheese powder" in the mac and cheese boxes tastes way better than name brand.... And we've definitely been having more of that recently haha.
  10. Aww, you guys, that was meant to be funny! I appreciate that y'all care though. We carefully navigated the grocery store after "dinner" and bought things that he can cook without too much prep time - marinated meats, pre cut veggies, and snacks like grapes. :)
  11. Well, I have yet another body part not working again. I'm getting better at mentally handling it though! Just bored. :) Buuuut. I am the main cook. My husband can cook but he doesn't plan ahead. So today's dinner ended up being a few bites of a tuna sandwich, a handful of cocktail shrimp, 4 pieces of snack size candy, and a piece of dried mango. This is not going to work.
  12. Hi all :D I did test my basing ideas in a different thread after my last post here, but it looks like I never linked it back here! https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84898-mori-tries-making-fancy-bases/ -- I've had various issues over the last couple years that really get in the way of my productivity and I've just about had it. So. Where it would once send me into a bad spiral, I'm just gonna march on through it. A few weeks ago I couldn't use either of my wrists and I WAS SO BORED. And now I have doctor's orders to keep my right elbow straight for two weeks to prevent more nerve damage. I don't want to be more bored or sad! So! I can't paint little things with one hand but I sure can paint big ones! Ma'al is now a giant adventure of loosely applied color and color theory fun! I did the green head in about an hour on the hangouts today (starting on the light wash of green I did last time I painted him). Thank goodness I had done the eyes before I stopped working on him before - those took an hour by themselves.... This head is inspired by iguanas, so I had fun adding splashes of yellow and teal, with some darker blues and purples in the shadows and horns.
  13. This was such a good thread to read. Honestly, we started this out with a weird bit of survivor's guilt. My love does remote IT for banks and hospitals so his job wasn't going anywhere. I already stayed at home so we're used to living on a single paycheck. We started ordering contactless pickup once a week from our favorite local food places to help them pay rent if they were open, when we typically eat out once or twice a *month.* But we wanted to be able to help where we could. We're not super social to begin with, so the biggest change for us is that we haven't gone camping, fishing, or bike riding in almost 3 months. That's the only part that's been driving us crazy and we felt a little guilty about that. But we're doing our part and staying indoors as much as possible. Oh. And my husband only knows how to have fun. The first few weeks of him working from home, I got 0 chores done because he kept distracting me! We thought it would be the other way around!
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