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  1. Morihalda

    Recent Works

    I'm glad other folks popped in to help you feel better about digital sculpting. And of course I love your druid. <3 The complaints are very much like those against digital painting. I've not done either types of digital art, but I've seen you bust your butt learning to sculpt digitally - and that's after all your learning for an art background! It takes work! I've shied away from digital sculpting because I don't have that background. I'm still learning what looks right. I'm also a very tactile person. I want to play with clay and give people hugs all day haha! I was also discouraged by the price points of mini-quality printers and/or buying my prints off of someone. But when my husband picked up that 3D printer and I remembered that things bigger than 32 mm existed, I got real interested real quick! So I might learn that in a couple years. :)
  2. Morihalda

    Mori Learns Sculpting Part 2!

    No no, I love your 20 questions! I'm always up for sculpting critique. <3 Okaaaay, we know I could sculpt that tiny, now that I've done it once already. But this will be my first time sculpting feathers; I don't want to go too wild. I think your suggestion to sculpt to the composition is an excellent one. I'm happy with their general poses, though I've been tweaking Kiara a bit as I am underpinning. I haven't made the armature for Tierney yet since I haven't settled on his size. -- .. Aaaaahhh. See, this is one of the many reasons I appreciate you. I just make stuff. - I haven't. - Kind of...? I want them attacking in the same direction, but I wouldn't be opposed to them leaping away to different offscreen targets if it looked better. - She's going to be my sculpting entry for ReaperCon so I can bug all the sculptors :D but she'll ultimately be my gaming piece. - I was hoping that I could run a wire through Tierney's very fluffy and feathery tail to the ground as support, but if it looks better with him farther off the ground, I could build off and out from her arm or something. -- Green stuff is so weeeeird. I like that it doesn't crumble on me though. My polymer clays all crumble. I've gotten a bit farther with underpinning - she has some vaguely shaped legs and hips now - but I made her hips too big again haha. Always with the pelvis and hips. I like sculpting them and I get carried away. She'll be leaning forward a bit more too, but I keep messing with those wires and I don't want to touch them anymore. We're moving next weekend so progress will be slow!
  3. If that's cool with them too and you're available on Wednesday, that would be amazing! The boxes finally came in Saturday evening. I ordered one pack of one and got a pack of ten. Need any? Haha.
  4. Morihalda

    Dark Crystal Age of Resistance First Trailer

    I'm a little sad that's it yet another remake/copy/prequel/sequel since that's all we seem to see lately. But I'm mostly saying HECK YES DARK CRYSTAL. This looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm super excited for it. I'm also pretty amused that after watching the show, some folks will realize my questioning, "hmmm" sound has been a bad habit from copying Chamberlain's little whimpers all along.
  5. Morihalda


    I have one green leafy set (I painted the text white for better visibility) and one opalite set. Nice and simple! But uh. We got a little excited during the Kraken dice kickstarter a couple years ago and those are supposed to be in soon. I think we bought like 10 sets. I'll be back with photos when those come in. We couldn't do the Heartbeat set because we had put so much in Kraken already, but I belatedly realized that I had essentially purchased an ace set from Kraken. I'm pretty happy with that!
  6. Morihalda

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Packing is taking up a lot of time! It doesn't help that sometimes my knees or hips decide they want to be on fire. I've been feeling blegh about it all but my love took us out on a date last night. That helped a ton! We move in 2 weeks!!! AHH
  7. Morihalda

    Dance of Death

    I love it! This is one of my favorites from the set, too.
  8. So it's been a week, and the replacement box still isn't here. I'm going to try to walk to the post office for one. We're also packing this week, so I think I'll just smoosh everything in and send it on without any trading so it's not delayed any further.
  9. Morihalda

    Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

    I love this already! Those are gorgeous birds.
  10. Stephanie Law's Mini Pal-ette from her Kickstarter. I used to use a cheap tile from Home Depot, but I love that I can actually do glazes and washes now with this! The wells are small but deep, so it's perfect for my limited art space and they dry slower than wide, shallow wells. Hugs to the little one, @Pineapple!! -- Everything has some paint on it. I know the direction of my light source, so it's time to make some sense out of that. Roooar! More contrast!
  11. This morning's progress. Don't be fooled by my single light source giving nice shadows. Guess who remembered that this python has a pale belly immediately after painting the entire underside black? This girl....
  12. I am at my in-laws' house today to let their contractors install the last window. I still wanted to participate with something easy to pack. I chose Narthrax, my Boelon's python. He'll be a black dragon so I brought black, two shades of grey, and white. Yes, I do plan on iridescent scales. :wub:
  13. Morihalda

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    WHY husband, WHY. He randomly just... started playing Diggy Diggy Hole on full blast. Now that's stuck in my head....
  14. Morihalda

    77503: Temple dragon x3

    I love them!! Realistic inspiration is my favorite way to paint them, nature gives us so many cool ideas. I like that you also did more and more with each base to match the dragons.