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  1. I agree! Lol. I wanna see it! Sounds good! I will do my best to obtain a small box ASAP (with only one vehicle and weird hours this week, it might be best for me to order online) and begin the smooshing.
  2. This box is beautifully organized but very full! I thought I could take a few things out and make a mini box at ReaperCon, but honestly, there's enough stuff in here that we could make 2 boxes. Split in half and make a ReaperCon box? Split in half and make a ReaperCon box for newbies with the intention of cleaning it out? Smoosh as much as I can in there, gently hand the extras to people during ReaperCon? What are everyone's thoughts?
  3. It turns out we'll be visiting his parents that weekend, but I'll do my best to get some painting in Thursday and Friday! The timing worked out well for this: I'm packing the closet this week and the next week is my art desk. So I'll get a good bit of time in before I pack. :D
  4. Morihalda

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    Yep, they leave space on the badge for us to put our names. Some folks also wear additional clothing or items to identification. I wear antlers (not visible on my profile picture at the moment). Mine is Deer Friend. Let's be friends on the forums! I only had a few ribbons last year since we were only able to go last minute, but I'll be sure to order more this year.
  5. WOOSH. Rat13 box is here!
  6. Rat13 box is on its way to me from Talespinner.
  7. It was so nice to catch up and see all the goodies people have acquired! <3 I won't have any sculpts to put in this time since this last year has been a roller coaster, but I have been sculpting again! I'm excited to see fun things we'll be able to paint!
  8. Morihalda

    May the Paint be with You (May Hobby Goals)

    What? Where did April go?? And May is halfway done! What! This is excellent because we're moving in a month to a not-scary apartment! This is less excellent because I'm packing a little bit every week now so there's much less time for things. Uhhh May. - Get some good critique time in from Talespinner - Make Kiara's armature again again again (I think this will be the 4th?) and get started on Tierney's armature, my little griffon. - Ma'al is going on hold because if I want to have anything for ReaperCon with this busy summer coming up, I need to work on something considerably smaller, like Narthrax. Something about working on reasonable goals.... So I'd like to get Narthrax base coated and ready.
  9. Morihalda

    I`m back

    Hiya, nice to meet you! I just learned about minis a couple years ago, so we've never met before. I love these minis, especially Astrid's hair color.
  10. Morihalda

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    How am I supposed to berate her for not doing her job? She's too cute!! Night sight on this camera phone is incredible.
  11. Morihalda

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I have the most unhelpful cats. I woke up from a deep sleep about an hour ago to a small crash - both cats had pounced from the windowsill through the cheap blinds, likely chasing a bug. I watched them diligently follow the trail which ended at the foot of our bed (we sleep on the floor) and they just! Abruptly! Left! Excuse me, cats! Your job isn't done yet! I've spent the last hour dozing off and waking up every time I hear a faint scritchy noise or Seyda's whisker brushes my face. "AHH it's returned, it knows I want it dead and it's on my face oh seriously child could you sit any closer to me"
  12. Morihalda

    Help request for making putty seamless

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll get it after a few tries. I'm glad the info helped - I'm just here to pass around info I learn from bugging the good sculptors. The metal ones feel a little weird at first, but I liked them a lot more after a while.
  13. Morihalda

    Help request for making putty seamless

    Seam scraping in detail in next quoted post. ^ The image here is gone, so I'm linking his final post on the dolphins so you can see how nice and smooth they are. I suspect that might be what you are searching for, but it's going to be a challenge smoothing out funky areas without some planning ahead of time. I like what you are doing! I think you're on the right track with gap filling first and then texture. Since I am a super slow sculptor, I tend to do my details in layers. We'll take fur as an example since you've got a rather fluffy sculpt there. Here is a good kid: After I've sculpted the whole body, I'd add the fur. I would start by the paws and work my way up each leg. If you look closely, you can see how the layers of fur rest on top of the layer below it. So once I've finished the legs, those weird seams would be covered because I'd be pulling putty down over the seam with the next layer of fur. This might be a little too close to help much, but you can see here how the person is lifting up some fur and you can see more below. The parts where some fur starts is covered up by the fur above it.
  14. I'd love to paint for a bit again! Hmm... End of May. I've put Ma'al on hold since we're packing and whatnot, but Narthrax, my skintone practices, and hopefully my next couple of minis will need some paint by then!
  15. Morihalda

    4 bones 4 speed paints

    I love seeing your speedpaints! What color is the hair on the figure in the middle photo, far right? The cool, minty color. I love it.