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  1. Friends! Life has absolutely kicked my broccoli recently, but I saw this video recommendation and was immediately reminded of y'all hahaha! Gotta get that chill krill! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXWckTAw3JY
  2. Thank you, friends!! I had a surprise birthday party, thankfully only a small group of folks! It was pirate themed, so we had fish tacos, rum cake, and gold coins to replace board game currency. Oh! And temporary tattoos! Awesome ones went to those who won games. Terrible ones went to the losers. 😄
  3. Yup, that her & her husband's business venture (very popular booth over ReaperCon Weekend. Yes! Thanks, y'all! Anything from that weekend is already shipped out, so you should see it soon (or have it now, even better)! We've been working super hard to get everything out for Christmas.
  4. Elf Child from Cast n Play, "Hawkers of Th-something" was the theme Hawkers of Thamarya! We've sold a few of those sets, and I loved the herbalist so much that we printed her at almost 300% size. I took her to ReaperCon. Y'all found some amazing stuff in the box! I was really happy to see that a lot of my LotR stuff had found good homes. I only took a few things: - A very bad hand. My husband immediately grabbed it and said, "my brother would love how dumb this is." - A cute, tiny canvas! - A banshee who I'm going to paint as a very nice lady having a fun flight with her bat friends. - A silly aquatic fin. - And finally, Petey the Pizza Dungeon mascot!
  5. The Mori box is home! Y'all stuffed it full all over again! 😆
  6. Whoa!! I didn't know that! I had rare* misprints! Gabby is sculpted by our awesome @Rainbow Sculptor and printed by us, Rumbeard Trading Co! *So many of us are in Bones Kickstarters, not really so rare.
  7. 22 September 2021 Morihalda box is on the way to Chris Palmer!
  8. Okay. I'm going to try one more time tomorrow morning, and if it doesn't work, our group paint figure is going out with the eyebrows that she has. And let me tell you, these eyebrows are something else.
  9. Yay!!! My orders already went out today, so I should be able to have it in the mail tomorrow! We couldn't afford Bones V, so my box will not be starting with any of that, I'm sorry!
  10. Thanks, y'all. <3 I really did have a ton of fun at ReaperCon, like always! Definitely had some extra drinks on Saturday though, but I've worked hard for years to get to that point, so I was fine with it haha! One of the photos is actually my phone background now; it's been really helpful getting me past these last few weeks. I may be super tired and struggling right now, but it's a great reminder that it's not forever, and y'all are still here! My love's HR stuff finally went through today, so we're hoping to have it all cleared up in a couple weeks.
  11. Convention prep and the con kinda took over, and we expected that. We were not expecting to have to switch insurances and be without my meds for a few weeks. I've just been sleeping and/or in pain, so I'm kinda at negative amounts of spoons and unable to focus. It's incredibly frustrating going back to how I was a couple years ago before testing all of these meds and finally finding one that worked for me. Hopefully we get the insurance info soon and I can get back to the shop, gaming, and art. I see a few of us are struggling, but I'm hoping we make it through. <3
  12. There was no way I was going to bed like that. The fire pit is one of my favorite spots! And now that I think about the forumite crowd at that table, it's highly likely that more adult jokes were just going over my head haha....
  13. Ahh, yes. LOL. That would have been me having free drinks and not keeping count, so I was having a very good time. Edit: I love that if you zoom in, you can see the brush I was painting with still held by the skeleton hand!!! I think this one of my favorite ever photos of myself, and those are pretty rare. I was so happy! I love this thread, I'll have to go through it later and post a few of my own!!
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