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  1. Tuesday, March 2: It’s National Read Across America Day! Did you read much as a kid? Do you read much now?
  2. I was absolutely thinking of your snazzy suits when I made this question haha. I'm gonna save up some money this summer and slowly start building up a proper wardrobe through purchasing or sewing! I'm still wearing tshirts from 13 years ago >_> there are usually just other things that come first.
  3. Oh, that's 'cause I made it up. My month started on Monday, so I took it from "Sunday Best" clothes.
  4. It's already March! It's already Monday!! It's about to be a heckin' long week. 3 appointments, 3 classes, birthday means family stress, and the virtual con this weekend. Whew! This will be the first time since joining you lovely folks that I won't be volunteering for a convention but uh. I think I have enough going on this week.
  5. Monday, March 1: Mori dons her Robes of Quisitorial...ness! What are your "Monday Best" clothes? If you work from home now, have they changed at all?
  6. The rules as they currently stand (in addition to all regular forum rules): 1. Every day, or so (unless I am out or ill or some thing) I will post a question. 1.5. Should I be unable to post a question for the day (or send a recently asked one!) a crack team of deputy quisitors, former quisitors, and random forum members are all chomping at the bit to step in and post one... 2. In theory there is a 24 hour span to answer that question before the next question is posted. 2.5. (Rule 2 is the most frequently ignored rule.) 3. Questions are going to be posted sometime before 1 AM Reaper time (US Central). 4. Everyone is encouraged to suggest future questions to be posted via PM to me... 5. You do not have to answer every question to play... 6. If a question is TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question.. ..or post that you decline to answer (clues regarding why can be fun...unless TMI). 7. Weekend questions may take the form of two or three day quests, starting on Friday or Saturday. The first question shall be posted after a brief pause to prevent the merging of posts.
  7. This is from a couple of years ago regarding art, but I've found that it applies to so much. "Sometimes there are slumps, but when you really look back, there was something else that had a claim on your energy for awhile." I've struggled so much in recent years with things that claimed my energy, some beyond my control and others I didn't let go. Forgiving myself and my physical limitations is one of the most difficult things I'm working on, but I'm getting there. And I'll be with my art and a healthier brain when I do. Thanks, Wiebe.
  8. My husband. Big, big, hugs and he just smells comfortable and warm. I can feel my shoulders dropping from ear height thinking about a nice hug haha. Rain, ocean, and lumber aisles (That can be a forest or a store ) are strong favorites too! Unfortunately, those are all impossible options for candles. Goodness, do some "natural" scents smell terrible in candle form.
  9. Being nice to myself. Home screen: A photo of my sister and myself wearing matching shirts. I miss her and love her with my whole heart, and I pray for my siblings often. Lock screen: Clover in my backyard, testing my camera phone. There are too many places I'd love to visit. If nature has been preserved and the people are nice, I want to go there. <3 Ireland and Scotland are high on that list, of course. Beech forests in Germany! Anywhere with incredible food. Alaska was incredibly beautiful; I'd love to stay there but my body wouldn't be able to handle that level of cold. A popular destination point for cruise lines in Central America. There was trash everywhere and I watched the water change from beautiful shades of blue to murky gray. I did not leave the ship and cried instead. Any large, busy cities like NYC or Vegas would be far too overwhelming for me. I don't even drive in my own city. It would have to have something truly incredible to get me to go somewhere busy like that.
  10. Ah yes, lack of sleep had me off by a day haha, thanks! Last night was very cold, tonight will be "just" cold, and tomorrow will be well above freezing. We're still going to wait until Monday to get groceries for safety from the big crowds (and because there just aren't any groceries). My rheumatologist and physical therapy appointments were understandably cancelled for this week, but it's gonna take forever to get a spot again. Thankfully, our vaccines weren't cancelled for the third time, so we got our first shot today. But we made it through and count ourselves lucky - while we were the longest without power, a few of our friends have extensive water damage to repair now. We'll be dropping off some extra cooked food next week to help ease the load a bit. We're gonna give ourselves time to relax tonight, try to recover from the last few weeks of bad stuff, and make sure the power stays before we start printing again. Then it's back to life! ... Yay...? Yay!
  11. Thank you. A warm, good nap does wonders. Hugs hugs hugs, Red. It's been tough, and I'm so sorry. Oh man, Destiny was a ton of fun! I miss playing the second one, too.
  12. We have power, water, and cell service again. Been out for days. Hope it stays for the second hit this weekend. I kept our freezer food safe by putting bags of snow in there. I'm so exhausted, there have been too many bad weeks in a row without any recovery time. Rumbeard Trading Co has sent out messages to every open order letting them know we'll be a couple days late on orders. So tired. I need warm sleep.
  13. Nah, just been consistently low so I don't bring it up except to point out why I so badly look forward to small, good moments. It was too cold for the lion dancers today. I did see my best friend there though! So I was very grateful my love got me out of bed today.
  14. Aye, our vaccines were canceled for the second time this week, the second time because of this weather! A lot of Texans are just too confident in this unfamiliar cold. It didn't make sense to put our lives at risk on the road to go get something that would lessen our risk from something else! So we'll go next week, and this weekend we'll be cozy next to our firepit instead, monching on chili. Our local dragon lion dance team is also going to be dancing in one of shopping centers nearby and we can watch from our cars in the parking lot! I'm hoping it will be a great weekend and we're working really hard to make it that way, because this week was rough.
  15. Yes. I drew a personal one to track my feelings (leaves), evening prayer (roots), and art (fruit, the beech nuts). February started so poorly that I haven't drawn the branch yet, even though there were some okay moments in there. I need to get to that this weekend. I can't seem to get uploads to work. My tree calendar. I have an all-on-one-page calendar on the fridge with a cardinal and Justin uses his goofy Cisco one at his desk. But I just glance at those, Google Calendar is my current survival tool for a busy day. Cisco's "Snort" Themed Calendar. Many silly piggies! We live in a new housing area, so everything is out of the way. We occasionally pick up from our two favorite mom & pop places (Tex-Mex and Japanese). And probably more Popeye's chicken sandwiches than is healthy, but they are so crispy and good..... It's our only fast food! *takes notes on who would join my survivalist team* I know some basic things and I love camping, but it's been years since I've used a bow or gun -- or even looked in my go bag.... When I grew up, therapy taught me that I wasn't rebellious, my parents were just jerks.
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