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  1. I appreciate you being an amazing friend to that person. It's so impossibly hard to feel like you're worth that kind of friendship when you're struggling like that. You were right all the way though, friend. 15 years and I'm still working on childhood struggles. Some days are harder than others. Some days, you know what, I made a little progress and that's okay. Other days can be tough and send me into a quick spiral before I even see it coming. Today was a quickly spiraling day and it took a lot of work to turn it around. But without my love nearby, sometimes
  2. Right?? I should have been way more vocal about my birthday a couple months ago. Ahh well. There's always my 30th next year.
  3. It's more accurate than you think!! Mr and Mrs Rumbeard destress time is actually going to the dog park Saturday mornings and watching all of the adorable puppers while we eat lunch together. I should be 100% freaking out about all of the side effects of these 2 new meds but. I had a couple drinks instead.
  4. *hugs to both of you* I feel that. We ended up having to cancel those new meds very quickly last month because the side effects got me pretty good. I just got home from my rheumatologist appointment. We're trying two new ones this week.... I'm anxious.
  5. I'm also in the weird dream camp today! We were at ReaperCon and folks were asking us why we got such a little booth in the corner. I explained that the horses couldn't stand the mosquitos. The mosquitos were the size of a person's head. Why did I have horses at the con and why were they the only ones worried about the mosquitos?! (There was quite a bit more, but since I woke up still tired, the dreams fade quickly)
  6. Ahhhhh!!! I loved his work in GW2!! I used to watch his streams too!
  7. This isn't one of my best photos, but it's definitely my favorite that I've ever taken. One day I will get a real camera! I spent all weekend doing the City Nature Challenge, photographing and cataloging everything I could find! My old lady body would like to kill me now, but. Worth iiiiit. And! Rumbeard Trading Co now officially has a booth at ReaperCon! Very good weekend, but I did so much that I expect I'll be sleeping for most of the week to recover. I was super excited to tell y'all about the booth and the egret first though, haha. Off to another nap!
  8. Oof. Growing up in an unstable household, far too many to count. Maybe... 13 times? 3rd grade alone was 3 schools. Then 2 more times during "16 year old child that had to be an adult." I didn't think about it much until about my 3rd move as an adult (I moved every year after the apartment lease was up for better prices elsewhere), and my poor love was so tired. He'd never had to move before. We're very happy with our house now though! I don't plan on moving until the universe and I can agree on a specific set of terms: we get high-speed internet, Mr. Rumbeard doesn't ha
  9. I start early thinking of questions, looking online for inspiration, thinking of things happen during the day and see if they turn into questions themselves! The hardest parts for me are that I'm not a morning person (so I post before bed) and that I'm not at my PC every single day now (so I have to set reminders for that month).
  10. I return, full from dessert! Raspberry chocolate crepe with stracciatella gelato and pocky. My love got our classic favorite from there, New York cheesecake with blueberries, but I wanted chocolate!
  11. We had a key lime pie once that had a raspberry reduction on top that was absolutely incredible. I'll keep this in mind for when I try to figure it out myself! Bananas Foster is probably my husband's favorite dessert. We had a real one at a Fancy Restaurant! Sometimes we have vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon, brown sugar, and bananas for just a little bit of that taste. Saaaaaame. We're celebrating catching up on the shop, so we're actually out to go get another one of our favorite desserts! I'll be back with photos! (And a recipe
  12. Yes!! I love board games. My favorites are dungeon crawlers and resource gathering ones. I strongly prefer cooperative, so my poor love is slowly losing his edge from not playing anything competitive in years. Oops.
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