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  1. I'm happy she arrived safely! I did not take any finished photos -- I just took out my photo box for my exchange mini the other day.
  2. Ohhhh @Pochi this is beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!! A happy little druid with friends!! Happy dancer! Tiny friends!
  3. Ohhh these are looking awesome!! Justin and I have been trying to make it to the post office all yesterday and today to drop off my swap and pick one up. But every time he puts on his shoes, he gets a work call (he's on call this week). He's gotten 4 calls just this morning! We're going to try one more time but I think this might just have to wait until Monday when his shift ends. I mean, I guess we could just try to go without putting his shoes on...?
  4. I think we've all had a pretty tough year. I was part of a cross stitch swap and it took us all a while too. I'm almost done with my mini swap, but I've also been struggling to get any art whatsoever done this year. We still took part in something cool together here!
  5. Only the photo is in the spoiler box! I know the focus is on Reaper, but this really seemed to fit the requests! So I'll just have to send some extra Reaper goodies.
  6. I made some tiny bees and turned them into buttons with putty. Putty is just so... comforting to use, haha. I do have some stuff I need to make in zbrush, but it's been at least 3 months since I've touched it (and 4 since I started learning it ), so I've gotta reread all my notes first! I was really excited that he was able to successfully do that because there are just some things I'm happier doing in putty!
  7. I worked on my swap for a bit and tomorrow I'll get started on some sculpting :)
  8. This weekend is my love's birthday weekend! So while he's off doing his own thing in the morning (he loves his mornings), I'll be in my art room! :D I unpacked my paint and sculpting tools yesterday to prepare!
  9. What!!! Not a single hadrosaurid!! The parasaurolophus is my favorite. I know they were pretty much just a normal herd animal of that time period, but they were so cuuute. Look at that goofy :3 face! (Some of them also had up to 1000 teeth all grown together. Kinda creepy.) I also love fierce, feathery raptors! I had a mating pair I named Luthien and Beren in a game called ARK and they created the most beautiful kid I'd ever seen. ARK doesn't have a lot of officially correct stuff, but we're always learning more about dinos! For example, dilos didn't actually have frills or spit poison, but they do in ARK. And they weren't this tiny cute, either! Yes, I love my colorful dinos. And now that I'm reliving my dino childhood, random facts are coming back into my brain haha. The therizinosaurs had *terrifying* front claws, y'all. Over 3 feet long. Oh. When I was little, I also sang along to this tape so much that my parents threw it away because they couldn't handle it anymore. It took me years to find any information about it! I just had the tune in my head.... I called it "the yellow one tape!" The songs are so bad.... hahaha.
  10. That's cool! I'm used to the temperature fluctuations, but this stays consistently and grossly lukewarm. I thought it might be because it's consistently over 95F now, but if I fiddle with the handles, I can get very cold water. Each sink is different. The second bathroom has amazingly cold water - but only if you turn the cold handle about 45 degrees first, and then the hot handle about 45 degrees second. I love when I see you standing next to your art! Partly for your awesome work in the gallery, and partly for your awesome clothes!
  11. At home or nearby, a tank top and shorts. Going out, a plain dress and my docs. I have plenty of clothes ideas and patterns that I'd love to make, but fabric is expensive. I like flowy pieces with minimal lines. And leather jackets. So I've pretty much worn the same shirts and dresses I bought 10 years ago. No big plans for this weekend. Sleep. Figure out why I don't get consistently cold water at the new house. Hopefully start on my mini swap! Unpack the Vive so I can get back to boxing if I'm not too tired. Sleeeeeep.
  12. I think social media had a good purpose for keeping in touch with extended family and friends, but that's definitely not what it seems to be nowadays. You can find me as Morihalda Silversage on most sites and games, but it's really just to hold the name. :) I'm not active much. The easiest way to chat with me is direct message on discord -- it's on my phone! Morihalda#8050 I'm in many discord groups but I keep most muted so I can check on my own time. I love discord, I've been using it for years, but the larger servers are overwhelming.... I do love to chat with friends. I just prefer smaller group interactions. :)
  13. *hugs* I know it was supposed to be my month and I ended up moving instead. It's a busy month!! I love using natural color schemes!! I use them for most of my work, even if the subject of the photo doesn't match what I'm painting. :) Random example - my pirate Maricela/Maeryn is loosely based off of blueberries. A teeny, teeny, teeny, tiny piece of me is relieved about ReaperCon. I've been mentally struggling about all sorts of stuff, including not having "enough" progress in my sculpting. This year has been wild but I could have put in more time if I tried harder. I don't want to let my friends down. But I miss talking to everyone more than any guilt about progress.
  14. I've unpacked the mini, paint, and a couple paintbrushes. Today I green-stuffed everything together and put it onto a base. I extended the terrain a bit with leftover putty. Tomorrow I will prime! Y'all! I'm so excited to be painting and sculpting again!!! I've missed this so much, why does life love to make us so busy?!
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