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  1. That's great news, @OneBoot!! Big hugs to you and Lucy, @Crowley. I know how dearly you love those puppers. Thanks for the update on Bryan, too. I hope he feels better soon!
  2. Wooo! Since I have arms again, I can paint again! I know it can be more difficult to get better blends on larger surfaces, but some semblance of brush control seems more important to get back first. That seems easier to do with larger areas first. And I've been dying to work on this piece for years, so it all works out! These bookends were a gift from a friend a couple years ago. He was moving across the country and entrusted his more fragile Lord of the Rings pieces to me. I loved it. It's a Weta Workshop/Sideshow Collectible titled, "No Admittance." Bookends in their well-loved, gifted state and after a *very* good dusting last week! Primed a couple days ago! The weather has been kinda meh for priming so this is the best it's gonna get haha. I put some color on this morning! Reaper paints, of course. I grabbed The Hobbit audiobook from my library's app, so I'm very excited to cozy up with a good book and get to painting this winter! (Current time excluding prep: 1.5 hours) Bah. I'm gonna have to edit this later so Gandalf stays on the right side throughout my photos! Edit: You know, I think he looks better on the left. Then you can see both faces properly when turned.
  3. I don't think you need to worry about that, the vibrant colours are part of the wonderful look of your creations. Yes!! I love seeing all of the wild and amazing color combinations in your work.
  4. Those are SO CUTE!! I've missed art too, @Cranky Dog! I've been burning through some older projects as my hands allow it. Make some space for new art :D @Auberon, that's brilliant!! I wonder if I could design and sculpt some....? My husband does have a 3D printer....
  5. Thanks y'all After forgetting my PT twice, I moved everything to the bedroom. That way if I forget, I can't justify that it's too far to get up for it haha! My elbows are completely fine now after the surgery, I'm just getting my hand strength up now! We also finished up my art room this week, so after I'm done unpacking I can paint again!
  6. Thank you so much everyone!! You know, @ManvsMini jokes about that candy, but clicking at my computer for an hour makes my forearms feel like I've been playing tennis haha!! I'm really happy with my doctor too -- I'm only sad that he's a specialist for hands and arms! I will definitely do my best to keep up with the exercises. They make my hands really sore so I've been doing them right before bed. Oh my goodness, @CashWiley, I hope you're able to find a solution!! I'm glad you can still play. *waves at griffin and space dragon* Ahhhh!!! Congratulations @Crowley
  7. Yes! It's so frustrating. I'm sorry y'all are going through similar struggles. We tried to get my back looked at in 2017, but after clearing out our savings with 3 different doctors and getting 4 different answers (??), we gave up.
  8. I apologize for not being on the forums (or doing art) so much lately! Between "2020," a new house, and my arm problems, I lost a lot of drive. Kinda hard to keep up the discipline of practicing and/or enjoying art when you physically can't do it.... We finally saved up enough to get my right arm looked at in late September. I've only mentioned it a few times, but I've had problems in both hands for several years. I already couldn't do too much each day, but back in March my right elbow began to be in severe daily pain too. I couldn't do anything at all for seven months. My doctor listened (!), called for a test that we were able to do right away, and confirmed that I had pinched nerves in both arms. He said it likely happened when I was a kid and that's why I've had all those other misdiagnosed issues for so many years! Within 10 days, he performed the surgery on both elbows. I couldn't do anything for another month except pout on the couch LOL but I am finally cleared for all activities again! My hand strength is half of what it should be and it will take some time, but I have a list of exercises to fix that. He also set me up with another doctor who will look at my back problems in a couple weeks. Maybe I'll be able to start running around again too! I miss nature! I promised the doctor I would take it slow. But! I'm so excited to be back here with everyone for art and friend time! So how are you all holding up?? I've missed well over 400 pages in the Randomness thread!
  9. I'm happy she arrived safely! I did not take any finished photos -- I just took out my photo box for my exchange mini the other day.
  10. Ohhhh @Pochi this is beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!! A happy little druid with friends!! Happy dancer! Tiny friends!
  11. Ohhh these are looking awesome!! Justin and I have been trying to make it to the post office all yesterday and today to drop off my swap and pick one up. But every time he puts on his shoes, he gets a work call (he's on call this week). He's gotten 4 calls just this morning! We're going to try one more time but I think this might just have to wait until Monday when his shift ends. I mean, I guess we could just try to go without putting his shoes on...?
  12. I think we've all had a pretty tough year. I was part of a cross stitch swap and it took us all a while too. I'm almost done with my mini swap, but I've also been struggling to get any art whatsoever done this year. We still took part in something cool together here!
  13. Only the photo is in the spoiler box! I know the focus is on Reaper, but this really seemed to fit the requests! So I'll just have to send some extra Reaper goodies.
  14. I made some tiny bees and turned them into buttons with putty. Putty is just so... comforting to use, haha. I do have some stuff I need to make in zbrush, but it's been at least 3 months since I've touched it (and 4 since I started learning it ), so I've gotta reread all my notes first! I was really excited that he was able to successfully do that because there are just some things I'm happier doing in putty!
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