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  1. Hugs and love for the fluffy babies. I know it's stressful right now but I'm sure they'll get better! <3
  2. Oh man, I got all excited about the emojis haha! Discord has spoiled me.
  3. I. Loved this!!! I've missed your stories, Doc.
  4. Oh! Oh that's me! I look like my avatar! My hair is long again now, but this was taken by @Loimat the last ReaperCon in the Before Times. I am a Texas Master Naturalist. It basically means I love nature a lot and wholeheartedly learn and volunteer whenever I can. It's only hobby level for me because my body won't let me go full time, haha. Like planting trees (this is a link to a post in the randomness thread)! I'm also a Druid on the High Council of.... Cross Stitching. It's called "Pixel Stitch RPG!" It's a community that loves
  5. Oh! I meant to show y'all this! We had some awful wildfires several years ago in Bastrop, one of our favorite places to camp. Back in 2017, my husband, his parents, and I helped replant hundreds of trees. Last weekend, we used GPS, luck, and an incredible catch by my love and we were able to find our baby trees!! He spotted the same burned tree that was in our first photo. These two photos were taken by awesome dad-in-law. 2017 2021 And a better indication of size. Big baby trees!!!
  6. With one hand, pointy side forward, cupped against my palm. Unless they're eggs from my grandmother's chickens, then all bets are off. Use anything nearby. Those shells are TOUGH!
  7. Oh, good point! I do check here every couple days. I'm also Morihalda#8050 on Discord, which is on my phone with notifications on for PMs. I'll likely see Discord faster.
  8. Hello, my lovely friends! This is rather personal but I would appreciate the help. I am starting a new medication today for a few of my physical issues. A potential side effect can take my anxiety and depression to more extreme levels. I'm not asking for y'all to spend your own energy, but if you happen to notice anything too off (not interacting, more bland or negative responses), please please please reach out to me so I can notice that side effect happening. My love will be keeping an eye on me of course, but I felt that reaching out to a group of folks I
  9. Happy late birthday wishes!! I was just thinking of you the other day. At the last Reapercon, I gave you some cash for a drink run, and then you were suddenly surrounded by people throwing money at you!
  10. Ahhhhhh he looks so good!! Yes, this super cool guy is in our shop and the sculptor is Artisan Guild!
  11. I did get more camping in though! We've been camping or fishing every other weekend since early March. They're kind of hard to see in the photo, but we cohabited a campsite with these two little guys! Bun spent most of the evenings happily monching away at shrubbery while Mockingbird sang all of their pretty songs. Mockingbird must have had a nest in a nearby tree because I saw an absolutely tiny one with them on Saturday! I decided that Morihalda would absolutely visit an inn named, "The Bun and Birb" after these two! I imagine it would be a tiny, cozy cottage bu
  12. I'm sorry. I feel that so, so hard. I wanted so much more for 2020 and 2021, with my art and taking care of nature. So far it's just been rather harsh lessons one after another in patience and acceptance of my new, severely reduced limits. But there's stuff to do!!! I know it's frustrating and you're venting. *Hugs*
  13. *hugs* that's a tough day, Kangaroorex. I hope you're feeling better, Red!! And I'm glad your house is all back in one piece again, my fuzzy friend.
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