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  1. I hope everyone has been doing alright <3 Why does life have to be so busy? I wanna hang out and paint!
  2. I'm already a human druid! Though a wood elf would be fun. If I wanted to be different than who I am, I could join our clan of dwarf sailors. Hmm.... Probably as a rogue or ranger.
  3. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    No trial, though my heart hurts for personal reasons when they are mentioned. I'm so sorry, Andy. That's cruel. <3 The Anchor ones are closer - in that when I looked them up, I suddenly remembered that the little stone bricks came in a wide, shallow box. They were definitely stone, not plastic or wood, they were cold. But they were smaller than the big set picture you posted.
  4. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Nah, these were tiny and were made of stone. Thanks for investigating though :) 10/10 CAN CONFIRM I sculpted a bust for my first scratch-built ReaperCon entry and I loved making her. But it was awful because I saw a million things wrong and didn't know how to fix that. And now here I am in figure drawing and doing head constructional drawings (this is why y'all haven't seen me in a few weeks). I wouldn't be surprised if 10 years from now most of my sculpts are busts.
  5. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Hmm. I kinda blocked out most of my childhood. But! I do remember at school one day, late 90s, the teacher had set out some building blocks for a project. I would love if I could figure out what they were - I've never gotten a name! They were very small bricks. Smooth, cool to the touch, pale colored. Tons of them in a big pile! I want to say they were part of a set where you recreate the model provided but I just made my own stuff with them. Sound familiar to any of y'all?
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    I love them!! The coral crown one is my favorite.
  7. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    When I played Pokemon Go for a bit I used the AR. It was kinda cool but I eventually turned it off. My husband and I have a VR set up. He uses it for fishing when there's not enough time after work to drive out and I use it for boxing because real boxing would badly injure me. We both play Skyrim on it. There's also a 3-D drawing program called Tilt Brush that I play for the sheer joy of creating. No other eyes, no expectations. Just myself and the brush. :) Oh! If any of you have played Slime Rancher (I highly encourage it, that game dispels my depression every time I boot it up), definitely find a friend with a VR system and play with the mini VR Slime Rancher!! Soooo cuuuuuuute. Weekend Quest.... Hmmm.... That will likely be my homework unless I finish it early and get to do other things. I've never used pastels and real sepia pencils before :D
  8. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Amusingly, I just posted that all in another thread - I chopped it all off several months ago into a little pixie cut. It was previously entirely purple and reached halfway down my back for a couple years. I loved it so much, but I felt awful washing that dye down the drain. It's currently right above my shoulders and it's SO close to long enough to pull out of my eyes again. I used to donate my hair every few years, and it was always fun growing it back out - I have wavy hair so it's different every day.
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    Alrighty! Tons of pictures, incoming! :D These are my October contributions. There are 13 attachments which I've spoilered by "type." Many times, my daily sketches unintentionally become personal entries where I draw or write something that made me smile that day. The first week or so of October was like this; I wasn't expecting to post anywhere. I was also on vacation with my love and his family, so there was plenty of natural inspiration everywhere. I came home.... and then SCHOOL. I'm taking two art classes! Finally!!!! We chat online once a week to discuss the video lecture and homework. Figure Drawing (pages and pages of structure and written notes like this): I get to use charcoal and even had to go SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING :D And Character Design: My first week, I made an old mountain man. I never thought I'd have to draw the same person over and over again! And then again a million more times after watching my figure drawing homework!
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    @TGP, Thank you so much for pointing me to this thread! I've been so busy with good and bad issues this year that it's been hard to keep up with everyone. I'll take some quick photos of the stuff I've been working on this month and report back. :) I love all the cool, funny, silly, and serious stuff y'all have come up with for all these prompts! Yes! I rarely follow the prompts, but I love anything that encourages more art. Anyone can draw, and draw for the fun of it. :) I love them too! They are so much fun. @Talae, my heart is so full of joy whenever I see you or other parents mention letting your kids do art.
  11. Morihalda

    Happy Birthday Chaoswolf

    Happy birthday!!
  12. Yeah.... we're super unhappy with ours. I'm honestly considering reselling them super cheap just to get some of our money back. It was also very frustrating to receive emails for a year about new releases (they're released around 100 sets since the KS ended) that you could get immediately and were likely better quality than the awful dice we got. :<
  13. Page 45?! So fast again! Congrats @Pegazus and @redambrosia!! And feel better soon, @Froggy the Great!
  14. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    We didn't really do that with my parents. But when my husband and I were first dating, he was very patient when he would see me all excited over the cool school supplies aisle. There were a few years where I would buy a new mechanical pencil or notebook or eraser and I was excited every time haha!
  15. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    I am very, very much a night person. I struggled for years trying to make mornings work but it just causes more stress on everyone involved. After ReaperCon, I slept a ton for a couple days and just accepted the schedule that came naturally. I wake up late morning, get my chores and exercise done. I spend the afternoon learning and enjoy the evening with my husband. When he goes to bed, I have a couple more hours learning more art or making personal art. I am just not made for mornings. The best sleep I ever had was when I worked nights! But I never saw my friends. :|
  16. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    I'm not superstitious, but I love reading about people's interactions and intentionally spooking myself their superstitious stuff! It can also be fun to watch - people at sporting events do crazy things because they believe in their teams. I enjoy reading about how some superstitions develop, too. The world can be a fascinating place.
  17. Yummy!! For us, scaling down cobbler for dessert means we're having eggs for breakfast the next day or additionally make a crust that needs an egg wash. For my cobbler, 2 servings only uses 1/4 of an egg.
  18. @Dicey I'm glad you're feeling better! This thread can move super fast sometimes. Some folks jump in occasionally just to say hi like an ongoing web chat. Others read every single comment. Personally, I'm in the middle: I love to see how everyone's doing, but I also know that I could easily spend all day doing that! So I just pop in, read the last few pages, and chat for a while.
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    Happy Birthday knarthex

    Happy birthday!!!
  20. Morihalda

    Siri Starts Digital Sculpting

    Those are awesome!! You're going to do great!
  21. I absolutely love that Christmas forest!! We have one tree about 3 feet tall. I set it on an empty box I wrapped like a present. For a while I left it up all year and rotated ornaments with the seasons. Maybe I should do that again.... I decided on wolves (was that really even a hard decision?) for my hunter's pet in WoW Classic. I literally went to the other side of the world in game to find him! I usually pick variant colored wolves, but this time I settled on black. I like to think he looks like a fluffy cross between a black wolf and a black German Shepherd. This is what I imagine he looks like right now. So small with those giant paws and ears!!
  22. I heard straight scotch! Hello, I am here. :eyes: Also I missed the end of the last thread! Ack! We were on those last 30 pages for a while with that ReaperCon timing....
  23. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    I'm taking two in October! Figure drawing and character design. :)
  24. Morihalda

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    I think it would be great to be known for all of those examples. But I think perseverance is mine, though. And I can't do that without my love's help. Despite various physical and mental stuff, I'm still here. And I'm still doing art. Perseverance! I dunno.... Next ReaperCon? I have some chibi vampires that I've been meaning to make into a spooky snowglobe for a couple years now. I think that will be my destress project. Oooh, and sculpting my griffon. Gotta finish what I start! I'm also taking an art class next month, so I'm studying really hard for that and getting stressfully excited!
  25. Morihalda

    And Now for Something Completely Different!

    I love this!!! Coco is one of my favorite movies, but there's so much that I relate to that I've only been able to watch it once. I'm so excited to see one as a mini!!