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  1. I am super excited that each of the evil dragon colors will be covered. Would like to see the mid version(adult?*) of each of those dragons as well. All of the dragons are looking amazing to me, now to wait until they are official . I think I will do my normal KS thing and jump back in at the last 48, I would agree that there just isn't the same level of excitement/obsession I have had for past Bones KSs. Perhaps I will see you in the show off thread , lord knows I still have plenty of minis to paint.
  2. Yeah... I do not support Twitch. Maybe they should update through KS? Can you hear the passive aggressive tone in text?
  3. I think Goroloth will reveal at 1,375M. Pretty typical to only have 1 reveal at a time after the first day. I wouldn't be surprised if they reveal another expansion by EoD to boost the weekend numbers though.
  4. For Bones 4 USA I paid about $15 shipping for the core set and two expansions.
  5. I feel like reaper had a really old metal dragon that would fit the Asian theme. I want to say it was a "gold" dragon, but I didn't see it in the store when I just looked.
  6. My list hasn't change much. Looking forward to the alleged Greek Mythos Expansion. I would also jump at another terrain based expansion like the graveyard one from prior years. Catfolk x2 Catoblepas Thing in the Well Narthalyssx Valfuryx Dragonfolk x2 Dragon Bust x6 Aganzarax Paints 1 Encounter: Bridge Troll's Toll War Mammoth
  7. Starting to think the Lost Valley Expansion in B4 must have done very well or something. It is just odd to me personally as I have never wanted/needed dinohumanoids and am not aware of any systems/games that are specific to these types of minis.
  8. I think a lot has changed for the mini market since Bones 1. I also think a lot of the progress we have seen in this market is due to Reaper. It was only after they started making things bigger and better that the other miniature companies saw there was money in it. Now it seems like there are many more miniature companies as well as people buying minis. In short Reaper is definitely focusing on new blood this time around, but I am not sure that is a bad thing. I just hope they don't forget to entice the people who have been collecting for a while and also continue to push the bar by making unique minis that are not being offered else ware. Also if they put elfing dinos in the Greek Mythology expansion
  9. Wow, great job! So that is how one paints white :D
  10. Have you called your bank? If multiple attempts were made they could have KS blocked maybe?
  11. I like the wall spell effects. The vines especially, very useful.
  12. Lol, dire cabbage. Those could be fun, "you enter a mysteriously abandoned village that looks like it was once a thriving farm". I would use them as mimic cabbages though ~maniacal laugh~
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