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  1. Is there a show off link? Amazing job, I want to do a similar palette with StormWing from Bones 3 next year.
  2. You could easily go with green since that is how you started. Another idea is that this knight is a dragon hunter and makes his gear from trophies of the dragons he has slain. In that case it could be more colorful. I would also do the ridges on his back and legs as dragon bone. This is a very interesting mini. I hope you post more progress soon. Great work so far!
  3. Nooo! I was enjoying this so much. Any updates?
  4. Great Job! If you still aren't happy with the hair I think a cool white would look good with the water base and her greyish skin tone.
  5. Wow, I thought I had a lot of paint. Good luck on your project!
  6. Hey Reaper, Can you please add a button to notify when in stock? This would be similar to the notify button in the preview gallery just for minis that have already been released. Thank you!
  7. Fallout(ish) Minis Brother Hood of Steel Enclave NCR Troops/ Rangers(especially rangers) Deathclaws Radcorpions Super Mutants/Centaurs Nightstalkers etc There is already a Fallout PnP and I would love to run a campaign but I am a stickler for visual aids. The collectors edition of Fallout 4 sold out within a week which I think proves how die hard us Fallout fans are. If Reaper added it to their next KS it would be about the right time since they should have all their DLC out by then and us Fallout junkies will be waiting for the next Fallout game. It could also help draw in new customers that normally might not buy minis but would want these just to collect. It sounds like Reaper has worked with Bethesda in the past as well (DOOM minis?).
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