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  1. Heh I don't know why, but I am loving that the "brains" bandit has a codpiece. Also appreciating all the NPCs in Dreadmere, lots of unique sculpts and goodies!
  2. One thing to keep in mind is this KS is more like 1 than 2 or 3. I am sure we will get the end spike as well when it is time. While our average pledge is still much lower I am hoping that will come up as people's orders get closer to the $200 range. Ultimately we need *about* 18k backers at $200 a pop to beat bones 1. Should be interesting though.
  3. Looking at the tree, the space between the rope and chain on the left and right. It looks like you could hang a victim on each side. Lots of versatility!
  4. Really like the cave dwellers, and they are for the core set! Also still on track for picking up 2 expansions!
  5. Yeah I have not seen mine since it shipped. I think they sacrificed him to make more minis, but they definitely overpaid for him so they can do as they wish. Too much metal on Sir Forscale for me to paint it well.
  6. Generally my miniatures are for fights in game, so I prefer more action posed miniatures to casually posed miniatures. The exception being NPCs, but for those types of minis I am usually pretty flexible as my players don't do as expected about half the time anyway. "Oh nice paint job on that NPC. Lets kill it" dang PCs
  7. Hoping that tree is part of the next expansion. Can't wait to see what the theme is if that is the case.
  8. Well I am happy now that my snakesses are unlocked. Here is hoping for another expansion release for the weekend! There should be two more expansions with my name on them! (pure speculation)
  9. I am liking those female fighters. I think I will do a weapon swap on Dannin so she has dual daggers.
  10. Man I would have been happy had Reaper just released their current Nagendra sculpts in bones. I'm feeling a bit spoiled with these new ones. I know what I will be obsessing over until this KS fulfills.
  11. I know! Now I have to figure out how to afford getting the forsaken temple at preorder. The nagendra will fit nicely though! I get that reptiles don't have clear cut genders, but I for one do like the female sorceress sculpt.
  12. Woohoo! Thanks Reaper! Picking up a few sets of Nagendra for sure. I like how you have been including ranged and spellcasters in sets.
  13. I was thinking it looked like part of a ship. But a cockatrice would work too
  14. Gauth, the wyvern, and the griffon look like they could use a companion on their back.
  15. That Dragon Turtle will fit into a sea based campaign nicely. Definitely going to grab some pirates in my next Reaper order.
  16. I really love this sculpt and the orcs from Shieldwolf in general. Aaand I still have PLENTY to paint up. The cloak was much more challenging than I initially expected, but I am happy with how it turned out. The effect on the base isn't quite as awesome as I imagined but it didn't turn out too badly. Again, not sure what caused the little white dots.
  17. This is the barbarian from the first Star Hat Miniatures KS. I painted him up as a Goliath, so I made the mini's hair part of the cloak. Not sure what caused the little white dots in editing.
  18. Ooh I hope it is closer to the estimate for the last hour than the last 24!
  19. So basically Gauth will look good no matter what color I paint it. REALLY like that blue one though, I might have to try and steal that paint scheme as well.
  20. In B3 it was the original 30, then each "set". They don't include the bonus 24 when they split it out. Of course I have no idea if they will use the same method to split them out this time.
  21. Hmm that reminds me, now that my B3 shipment is in I need to do some weapon swaps on my skellys and get them painted. Also I need to paint the skellys from B3 *Adds to impossibly long painting queue*
  22. While I won't be getting it there are a few minis in the Chronoscope Exp that COULD be used in a fallout themed game. Third row far right could be a super mutant, and some of the robots could pass for Customized Assaultrons if you are doing a game with Fallout 4 mechanics. Someday I will finish my fantasy collection...someday. However if there does happen to be a group of not-Fallout minis show up, I WILL be buying those! Budget be damned
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