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  1. I bid 3.2 Mil Bob(end of KS amount). You know people will want to see Bryan get pied!
  2. Hmm I may have to visit this thread of information
  3. Yup Fire Beard scourge of the 7 seas, sounds like a fun campaign to me. (he lit his beard on fire once in battle)
  4. Think we will see more pirates to go with that pirate wizard(11)?
  5. 19.4 Nooooo! Need update 1507.8?...um that can't be right
  6. Yup there are definitely still holes in my monster list (5eMM) Mind Flayers and Yuan-Ti are at the top of my needs and looking online these are probably some of the most expensive minis to try and find(even prepainted!). So I can't imagine people wouldn't flock to Reaper for these minis in bones if they are 1/3 of the price(and that is an understatement). I realize Reaper does have so mind flayer esk minis in bones already, but not enough variety. I would think they would want to fill in these holes as well rather than offering more of a monster type that is already well represented. Of course they probably just ordered too many of those goblins with B3 or something and needed to find a way to offload them .
  7. I am thinking that maybe they will be between areas
  8. Heh I meant element not elemental...but that does give me an interesting idea *laughs menacingly*
  9. ...and T'Raukzul IDK Gauth just seems like a good pose for a battle I guess. Like he is going to spew whatever elemental goes with the color I paint him. But I guess the point to take away is I still walked away with 5 dragons in B3 without getting any of the ones I mentioned. I am sure there are some awesome dragons still to come.
  10. hmm IMO I like Gauth better than Diablolus or Viridius from B3
  11. I have been looking at it quite a bit. To me it looks like the chain is designed to run alongside and under the hand. Just a reminder that this is not an official response. If Reaper would like to respond on this that would be cool though, I have seen it come up a few times. That and the separate bases make me think they are not actually attached.
  12. Yeah since I already know I will be getting the core, I will probably paint the goblins up differently than my others and use them as forest goblins. You know since the KS for forest goblins fell through. I guess I currently only have one of each of these goblin sculpts, glad I didn't get multiples in B3.
  13. Not that I don't like the demons but I will say that Reaper's collection is kind of lacking in the devil(5eMM) department. Maybe we will see some of those as well.
  14. Is 11 a...Pirate Wizard?! Well played Reaper, well played.
  15. So here is what I am loving so far (thanks Reaper!) 16. Half dragon?- will make a nice villain 17. Pig w/ cart = yes plz Townsfolk- I can still use more of Knights- Love me some knight sculpts. Maybe someday I will learn to paint them properly. Armored Goblins = yes plz x3 Wraiths *drool* Hill giants- My collection is rounding out nicely. My ogres won't seem so gigantic anymore Narglauth- I doubt I will ever use it...and yet High Rollers- Modrons Fire Giant- This will fit in nicely with my B3 Fire Giants... in fact VERY well with the jailer from B3 Can't wait to see what else they have to show us!
  16. As I counted there are 10 less than Bones 3, but I think that dragon is a fair trade for 10 mid sized minis. lol quoted the wrong post
  17. I am in the same boat right now. However I am sure that I will be spending at least $100 (yeah right, just $100) so I am in for $100 and will probably figure out the rest in PM.
  18. Yeah my avatar is the one they already have available
  19. ok, I do like that armored goblin set. They can join my ranks for sure.
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