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  1. Wow this is really well done. You can't even tell its multiple pieces put together - or at least I can't. Excellent job!
  2. Thanks guys! Really appreciate he feedback. I'm deciding on what's minis to do next. I gotta hit up eBay and order a handful more. I'll also have to grab some new paints soon, some staple colors that is - any suggestions for either/or?
  3. EDIT: I APOLOGIZE FOR NOT PUTTING THE PIX IN SPOILER TAGS...NOT SURE HOW TO. Good evening everyone! These are the first miniatures I have ever painted. I picked up the Bones Learn to Paint Kit a month ago or so and painted two of the 3 minis that came with it (the skeleton came broken) and then decided to pick up 3 more off of ebay and have painted 5 total to date. I was looking for a hobby and I stumbled across this site and read everything about minis and what not and decided to give it a try. I added the model #'s in the topic for the ones I remembered. The first mini I started
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