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  1. Hey Unit04! I've been looking through your Space Cadets posts because Im about to start pianting my own! May i ask, did you base coat, and if you did, what with? I have a couple figures primed with Army painter spray matte white.. but im curious to see what others are doing, especially because ive been having a little trouble with coverage (never worked with primers before) Also.. have you decided on a green for the aliens yet? I was thinking Moth Green might be too bright.. but maybe if i darkened it a little.. then theres pale and even olive... Im not sure which direction to go XD Heres the Primed tester models im going to work with:
  2. Which directions? I also think these are really good for a first effort. For doing four minis in four hours, first effort out of the gate, these are really good. I have been painting on and off for about six months and I am not able to get results this good in anything close to that time. The Reaper Bones - Learn To Paint Kit comes with directions on how to paint the 3 minis in the kit. They go over base coats, washes, and dry brushing. It was really helpful to have so i could focus on one step at a time. The next two models are a lot more complicated than the skele and mummy.. but as soon as i get a evening free, I'm going to give it a shot!
  3. Thank you all for the kind words! I really just followed the directions.. though I had been reading tutorials, how to's, and tips for a few weeks before I started. Thank you everyone who has ever posted even just an anecdote about painting, I tried to follow as many tips as possible! I wasnt going to upload this because the models are not in focus most of the time.. but I set up a time lapse camera while I was painting.. great views of my fingers! My favorite part is when I work on the mini almost completely out of frame. https://youtu.be/NyXpY1eiSk4 Not sure if it will be very interesting to anyone.. but i think i'll keep doing this just to see how I progress. Again, thank you everyone for the welcome and kindness! Work has been a bit crazy, so im not sure when I'll get to paint again, but I'll be sure to post when I do! -K
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm extremely new to this. I've never tried my hand at painting as a hobby.. let alone miniature painting. But after Bones 3 funded, and my realization that I had several other mini games coming from KS at some point, I started gathering everything I needed to learn how to paint. I bought some stuff i didn't need, and some other stuff that I might need someday. After all the fiddling I wound up with a Reaper Bones: Learn to Paint Kit as a starting point. I had also bought a few bones (20ish random models) through an ebay sale to futz with. Tonight I started painting. I started at 8 and ended around midnight. I tried to follow the directions as close as possible... I made a lot of mistakes... I know they aren't even close to what you guys here can do, but i can't believe how these turned out as my first try! I started with the 77018: Skeletal Archer, and in my grab-bag of bones found a 77144: Mummy which i thought might share a similar palette (eh... kinda) I'm still working on a soft box setup so the lighting and focus are a bit off, but here's the result! The next two models in the kit look significantly harder than the Skele (77042: Orc Marauder, 77150: Ragnaros) but hopefully I can do them justice! If you have any comments or tips i'd really like to hear them! -K
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