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  1. ryc03

    A selection of CAVs

    Haven't post anything here for so long... I'm not really following any color scheme here, since I am not familiar with the lore of CAV at all (I'm more interested in the game). Also I wish I learnt a bit more about painting technique for glowing effect before painting the windows...
  2. ryc03

    77542 Marthrangul

    Haven't paint much mini recently, having been building resin kit of anime characters mostly, but I managed to finish Marthrangul here, done in a colour scheme that parody the Rathalos in Monster Hunter series. The base is a CD covered with plaster wall hole filler and chopped up plastic spruces added in for rigidity, the covered with black paint, cracked earth effect paint and a lot of moss grass. The biggest failure has to be the pattern on the wings. I wanted to add some random pattern onto the wings using a stencil, but it just didn't work out at all...
  3. ryc03

    77157: Griffon

    A practice piece to get my painting mood back before the BONES 3 items arrive next month. So far I have only painted 5-6 ish miniatures, and have been staying with creatures mostly (no particular reason other than thinking that they are probably easier to get a satisfying result) The head was done in light grey primer followed by white dry-brush and a light brown wash, but the white paint was too wet and the grey completely disappeared. the light brown wash only partially salvaged it. But at least it get me back into the mood to painting. Next is an anime girl resin kit. Don't ask.
  4. ryc03

    Ghoul Queen

    Thanks for the tips! I am not sure when I will paint another character with blue skins, but I think the order of paint you mention will be applicable to all other skin tone, so that will come in handy.
  5. ryc03

    Ghoul Queen

    Thanks for the compliments! The skin colour was done with Citadel paint (the only paint I can get easily here): - base coat with Macragge Blue - 1 brush-on layer to all surface with Lothern Blue - 1 coat of Guilliman Glaze to act as a blue paint wash - touch up with Lothern Blue to raised surfaces like cheeks, nose, top of shoulder etc. - dry brush of Ice Blue to the skin. - White for the eyes,then a small amount of Gulliman Glaze around the eyes as a wash to bring the eyes socket detail back up. On hindsight, I think my attempte to put highlight on with dry brush might be the reason the skin look uneven. About the sword on her back: I cheated! I took a scapel blade, slipped it in between her back and the sword and cut the sword off, so I can paint them separately before gluing them back together.
  6. ryc03

    Ghoul Queen

    I haven't post much since I last came to ask for some painting tips. But seeing the BONES 3 reward fulfilment dates looming soon, I have decided to practice a bit more on the loose minis I bought over the last year. This is the Ghoul queen I have painted in reference to a certain free to play mobile card game franchise, even though the theme don't match at all. The decorations near her are made from Milliput. Unfortunately the lighting effect from the inside of the rock didn't come out well. Another thing I need a lot more practice is smooth skin texture, especially around the face. I just can't get them looking clean. Any comment and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
  7. ryc03

    Idea for heated sword effect?

    Thanks for the advice everyone. At the end I did add some white into the crack to brighten up the look, It look much better now. I have read somewhere that Future floor polish helps blending chalky paint together for a smoother finish, so I applied that, and it does seems to work. I'm going to work on another miniature while the putty for this one dries out. I'm probably going to stick with another fire giant character, possibly the warrior.
  8. ryc03

    Idea for heated sword effect?

    Thanks for the tips everyone. I have had a go this evening, and ended up with this so far. I think I am too ambitious trying to make those tiny thin cracks the focal point of the heat. because the cracks are so thin, it 's difficult to get the paint into them, and I ended up having to thin down the yellow paint a lot, and as aresult, not showing up at all (the photograph makes them look much better than in real life. in real life, the cracks are mostly orange...). I will try adding more yellow to the cracks and see if it will improve the look
  9. Hi, This is my first post on this forum. I'm drawn here by the Bones 3 Kickstarter (and it drawn quite a bit of money from my pocket as well ), And so before they arrive in a year's time, I thought I should try out painting a few Bones series figure to practice. I ended up getting some of the fire giants, and out of which I picked the bodyguard to try first. I think I managed a reasonable result so far, but now I have come to the sword itself, and I am a bit stuck. I want to make part of the sword look heated to emphasize the "fire" element, but this sort of special effect is alien to me. I have painted a few model before, mostly Gundam plastic models, and I have painted a Tau Army before, but I rarely paint fantasy miniature, beside 2 dragon models (GW's High Elf Lord on Dragon years ago, and a metal Karamor Guardian Dragon last month), so I am wondering what is the best way to do it. Should I switch to an airbrush to do it? or can this be done by hand? I use mostly GW paint, because they are the easiest paint to acquire near where I live (UK).