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  1. You might could try (test on his shield first maybe?), thinning out some pure black with water and apply. It will wash the black paint over it, dulling it a tad. I darkened up some green and washed it over a leather brown basecoat on another figure, Arthal Nightblade. Gave it a nice touch. really broke up the brown enough that it wasn't "bright" and gave it a decent camo look, or.. a decent green cloak with dirt on it. :)
  2. So when I picked up the LTPK, I also ordered this guy. I have an affinity to rangers, altho by old school rules, my rangers would lose their "good ranger" status and be labeled a fighter.. Anyhow; Officially I painted the skeleton archer 2nd (making Arthal #3), but the skeleton was just so... primitive, I think I spent about 10 minutes on it at the most. Arthal was a pain for me.. Especially around the quiver. Half his face was distorted (thankfully the blindside), dunno if it was a production error for a metal mini or what. I was a little disappointed, but its not terribly noticed unless
  3. This is my first paint job. I have many WIP shots, just trying to get my government internet to cooperate. ;) Thoughts?
  4. Wow, I certainly did not expect such a great welcome this quick! I look forward to learning from you all. I really enjoy this painting thing, I should have got into it 2 years ago when I first saw a buddy painting WH 40k minis. The start up seemed too much for me at the time. But no time like the present, right? I'll try to remember as many of the rules as possible, no more than 20, no less than 20, don't piss off the dragon, and the barb likes his coffee dressed pretty. Once I get home I'll see what I can do about finding a host site for my photos and throw them in the WiP sectio
  5. Looks nice! I've scrubbed this guy down several times already not being happy with what I had done. :)
  6. I'm painting this one currently (I too got the LTPK). I've restarted twice now being unhappy at how it has been coming out.
  7. Hi folks, I've been reading and learning, watching and doing, and figured it was time to mingle. :) I'm a new painter, for D&D use (atm). I have painted 3 reaper minis so far, and working on #4. I really like the feedback I've seen when people comment on someone's work, so it is my hope to get better at this too. Maybe one day I'll try doing a diorama, but that wont be for quite a while. Anyway, look forward to conversing further. Happy painting!
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