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  1. Hello, I have been charged with painting an evil ancient alien fish monster for our D&D group. I want it to be really special. Painted in pale blotchy blues and purples. But what I really want is a slime. Canonically the creature is covered in a layer of slimy mucous. I want a color not unlike Dungeon Slime but I want it translucent and glossy. Is there a way to make a thick, wet-looking film over the outside of the creature without totally invalidating the colors underneath? How do do I achieve this? Maybe a dungeon slime wash heavy over dynamic areas then a gloss finish?
  2. Thanks! In hindsight, I felt like since they’re just scenery it would have made sense to tone it down some. I just really liked what was happening when I was doing them. It harkens back to charcoal and pastel stuff I used to do.
  3. Here’s some of the stuff I’m working on. The tombstones are basically done, sans bases. Not really sure what to do with them. The statues, pillars and candle thing are in various stages of the process. Any c&c or ideas always appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Thanks! Oh yeah, lots to go. I’m still trying to hammer out how I want to tackle the crypt. That’s probably getting saved for last...
  5. Finally starting to make headway on KS3! Having kids, mirite?
  6. Would it be possible to have a scenario whereupon there was a list of minis required for a given published module? For example a list for maybe an older out of print module like Temple of Elemental Evil that lists the reaper product numbers of all the reaper minis one might get to run that particular module? I feel like it would have to be older modules lest it appear as competition to licensed gale force 9 products. Even still it should be presented in this example as "A Temple of a Particular Brand of Evil" lest it infringe upon intellectual property. But it would be nice to just have a list somewhere or even better a kind of package slightly discounted or otherwise.
  7. Well let's hope it's not too awesome. My wife and I are expecting our first level 0 peasant on August 30th. I don't want to be hearing these "Listen to what your father did right before you were born" things years from now.
  8. I received a large box today for which I was not fully prepared. Ordered a new work table, dullcote, 2 new s7 size 0's, and some of that sweet sweet nuln oil and agranax today. I am super excited right now, for the first time, that my leg is broken and I'm largely immobile and not expected to do anything for another 7 weeks.
  9. I got an OttLite. Caddy lamp thing. Nice light with storage space.
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