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  1. I bought two more warg figures to go with him, but I was thinking he would be leader of the pack. Maybe do one in browns and the other....no clue, but definitely without the greying highlights so he looks younger.
  2. Here is my veteran Warg (aka Old Man Howl). Mini number three! I feel like I'm zooming along despite going back on them for touch ups as you guys suggest different techniques. I played with contrast on this one, trying to use the paint to show where the muscles would be on my grizzled old warg. As always, any suggestions would be fabulous!
  3. I made it through my daughter's ballet (Cinderella! She was a flower :) ) And now I can get back to some painting! Here is where I'm at on my warrior. I've been doing some more dry brushing but haven't gone back with thinned paint/washed again yet.
  4. Very pretty! However, I'm afraid they would be "unapproved projectiles" until the kiddos are older. I would have to hide them, and only bring them out on D&D sessions when the daughter girl doesn't play her rogue.
  5. *waves* Newbie here too! H-town was my old stomping grounds. (Grew up in Angleton and went to UH.) I'm going to guess you will find a LOT of folks into mini painting there! We were back in January to see my mom and *coughs* leave kids with her and abscond to PAX South. I can't think of a better way to enjoy those afternoon t-storms than breaking out the paint!
  6. Second! (My other guy is the orc on the show off page.) I'm a little worried about making him too...sparkly with the armor. I wanted him to look you know, evil. I'll play with another round of dry brushing maybe.
  7. Okay, so I finally got kiddos to bed and put another layer of highlights on. I used a mix of the dragon blue and polished silver and am wondering...too blue? I still feel like it's missing something. Anyone have suggestions on where to go from here?
  8. I got a little heavy handed in the picture shrinking. ;) Bigger pics will follow as I work on him.
  9. Lookie! I actually got some work done on my second miniature! This guy was the other mini in the kit. (Mine only came with two, but Reaper totally fixed it and now I have skeletons!) I didn't want him bright and shiny, so I played with mixing some blue-grey colors. So far, I've gotten through the base coat, a wash, and one round of dry brushing on the armor.
  10. Pledge now, help the balance grow so we ALL get moar minis!!! I got cut off. But maybe I can convince Mr. Geek Guy here at home to join me in the painting...then he will see... MOAR MINIS! (Okay, so he's already spoiling me, but can one every have too many miniatures?? )
  11. Ooo. Thanks! That means it will be easy to say (with both Christmas and birthday on the way): Dear people who love me, don't you think I need more tentacles in my life?
  12. I'm sure it's already been discussed, but for the newbie like me who blew this month's gaming budget on some minis and a pledge (plus a little more), how long can I add money after the Kickstarter is over? Because yeah. This is fun. :)
  13. Fabulous skin tones and muscle definition!!
  14. I like him! I recently started playing a bard and wish there were more musical instruments to do mods with! (Or maybe a quill for an utterly bad poet, that she sometimes is. ;) )
  15. Wow! I love it! Any favorite tutorials for that magma you did? Nothing in mind for it yet, but I LOVE the way it turned out.
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