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  1. Ah, guess I didn't look hard enough. Thanks.
  2. Are these books actually available? Cat seem to find any store links.
  3. What is the most up-to-date version of the reaper adventure game engine? Was it ever expanded for more modern battles to use with the chronoscope range?
  4. I don't suppose anything ever came of this, did it? Always searching for miniature rule alternatives.
  5. Sweet! I'd love to see it, as my only real alternative at the moment is savage showdown.
  6. Which of the rulesets would make the best starting point? Cav seems to be all about massive 6mm scale vehicular battle (and makes me a bit sad that I ditched all my epic 40k stuff awhile ago) while Warlord itself is fantasy-based. The cowboys sets seems to be limited to a single page. Thoughts?
  7. So I picked up some Reaper Minis at my FLGS and rather liked the look of the ones in the Warlord section of the rack. Doing some research, it looks like a fairly fast-playing alternative to 40k. But I'm more of a sci-fi guy. Is there a science fiction flavor of the Warlord rules aside of CAV (which looks to be big epic-scale mech battles)? Barring that, are there Warlord stats for any of the Chronoscope minis? Or a generator to make one's own?
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