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  1. Degare

    Shaman of the Poisoned Pool

    He's done! :D Note: Why do all my photos have so much yellow..? Do I need to use a different light when taking pictures or something? (his helmet and the sand are actually a light creamy "bone" color)
  2. Degare

    Trolls and Basilisk

    Cave Troll (reaper #77004) After I painted him, and looked him up on the reaper site to find his sku #, I find out that I painted him pretty much like every other troll there. XD Green with purpley spots. Oh well. Still looks okay. :3 This photo does not do him justice, as you can't see the pinks on his belly, or the wet-looking "slime" on his lip, etc. Basilisk (reaper #77371) Though it's technically a basilisk, I like to think of it as a "copper (and tarnished) half-dragon".... and half... dog? I'm not sure. Just as with the troll, the photo does it horrible justice. :/ Maybe one day I'll figure out how to use that camera I keep borrowing. >.>;
  3. Degare

    2900: beastman fox

    Fantastic! :D
  4. Degare

    Mildly useful skin tone reference

    Mildly useful? No sir. Extremely useful. (thank you)
  5. Degare


    There was a question earlier as to which paints I was using, which leads me to a little embarrassment; I'm using a mixture of paints from "americana" to "apple barrel" - I took a pink, a white, and a tan, and mixed them around between themselves, and water (some are much thicker than others) as needed to try to create my own flesh-tones, lacking any sort of "actual paint" for the job... However - seeing the suggestions here, I do believe my first step should be (before I continue trying to paint him), buying the nice reaper paints mentioned in these posts... Though unfortunately that may have to wait 'till next month, as a single skin-tone (3 paints) worth or reaper paint costs $9.87 (which is the same that I would normally pay for 19-25 paint colors)... However - I believe this will be totally worth it. ^.^ I'll update this next month after the suggested paints are purchased, and I re-work his flesh using the advice. Thank you everyone for your suggestions!
  6. Degare

    03505: Brandle Birchstaff, Arch Mage

    This is fantastic!
  7. Degare

    77008: Garrick the Bold

    I love the tabard and shield design you chose there. :3
  8. Note: All of these are from Reaper Bones #77176 (familiar pack) I haven't done the bases for these yet, those will be done later. I also accidentally deleted the photo of the ferret... Sorry. First up, the Fox. Not bad... Not GOOD, but not bad either. Second, the Cat. I decided to do it as a Siamese cat, 'cause it doesn't look too "fluffy", and I hate black cats (even though both of mine happen to be black...). Though it turned out okay, I did notice afterwords the large seam along it's back (too late now), and that I failed to do a proper "fade" on it's front-right leg... The rest faded nicely though. Thirdly, the Bird. Too small to be a hawk (which I already did with the "animals pack" anyway), and too small to be a raven (which would be boring to paint anyway), I went with a Blue Jay... I'd like to remind you how small this figure actually is (about the size of my fingernail) - so I think I got a pretty darned good amount of detail on it, all things considered. :D Note 2: I didn't do the bat yet, nor the fairy dragon... I'll show off the bat, faerie dragon, and ferret later in another "batch".
  9. (reaper bones #77269) I thought I'd show off my Frog Shaman before I continued him much further. When I saw him in the box, I immediately thought I wanted to do a poison-dart style, so I set out to do it. I kinda' invented my own dart-species for him... but I think it'll work out well. Obviously, it'll look better as it comes along (when I do his teeth and eyes especially), but for now I just thought I'd show off his skin as it comes along. Next step: Eyes (probably going to be an obnoxious yellow-green). After that: Making his skin and eyes a HIGH gloss to make him look "wet". Then.... I can start to work on his clothes and accessories (and teeth). Note: I did his skin by coloring him with many obnoxious colors (faded to the best of my ability from one to the other), and then after that dried - I went over it with a thick black where needed to put in his "pattern".
  10. Degare


    (reaper bones #77207) This is the second time I've done human flesh, and the first time I think I was remotely successful with it... I hope. Keep in mind that at this point the rest of the figure hasn't been touched (it's a serious work in progress), but before I continued, I wanted some advice from the community... Does the flesh look okay? Is there anything I could or should do to improve it?
  11. Degare

    Inky, Pinky and Clyde

    I love how shiny you got their eyes to look!
  12. Degare

    02996: Carnotaurus

    Do you use an airbrush?
  13. Degare

    What I did this Weekend

    Showing off all the things I've painted recently (over the weekend, actually). As a note, none of them have finished bases - I'll do the bases later. Here's the Darksteel Knight (reaper, bones, 77148), and the Mithril Knight (reaper, bones, 77023). With the Mithril Knight, I'm not sure if he's "done" or not... I was thinking about darkening his sword's steel to make it stand out a little more (he looks almost too "washed out"), and perhaps adding some pale blue filigree to his armor... And maybe a thin coat of pearlizing stuff to his everything to really try to add to the "mithril" effect. Here's my Frost Lich (reaper, bones, 77280) and my Shadowmancer (reaper, bones, 77285). I really like how the shadowmancer turned out, and the "blue" effect on the frost lich seems to work okay - but he just doesn't seem "perfect" somehow. Maybe later I'll learn to do some better "glow" effects. Who doesn't love Mr. Bones? (reaper, bones, 77360) I love this jumping spider. I painted her after a jumping spider that I found on my back door. (reaper, bones, 77126) I want a lot more of this figure to paint, I could have a lot of fun making different colors of spider. Meet Mrs. Beatrice. She's apparently from a game called "Zombicide". I love her.
  14. Degare

    Help with Fire

    So - this is my first time "painting fire". It's not bad, but it's not good either... Advice for how to do it better next time? PS. I know that this figure is supposed to be a water creature, but I "made it work" to be a fire elemental lady who's an "ash mage" of sorts or whatever...
  15. Degare

    How fast do you paint?

    On an average, it takes me about 3 solid hours to finish a mini... but that's without finishing the base (which will take me at least another hour)... Don't know if that helps or not.