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  1. By chance, is there anywhere (online, perhaps) that the assembly instructions for the Pirate Ship can be found?
  2. Not exactly a "miniature", but still - thought I'd show the work I was doing on this, as I was doing it. This is "step 2" of making my mounted drake head. The tongue is not attached, I just placed it in for the sake of the photo - the tongue will be attached at the end of the sculpt, after both the inside of the mouth and the tongue have been painted (separately). Still have a LOT of work to go. Note: Made from raccoon skull, white-tailed deer antler points, glass eyes, polymer clay, wood (base, future), aluminum foil (neck, future), acrylic paint (future). Any other materials are yet to be determined. I have yet to decide the species or gender. Possible candidates are: 1) Mountain Drake (fire breather) 2) Forest Drake (mostly green) 3) Plains Drake (browns, greys, golds) Please vote for your favorite?
  3. Found this (after googling him) as "D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures: Wave 9: Spectator & Gazers" by Wizkids. Just pulled him out of my "primed figures" bucket, and got started. I'm torn and totally on the fence as to what color to make his body. Pretty pleased with how his eye turned out.
  4. Next guy in the "repaint" box. I tried to make him "dirty silver" - but not put any metallic paint on him. I don't love him, but I don't hate him either.
  5. Just painted a few figures. First up is an Alligator from Wizkids. His base is just under 5cm in diameter Then some sort of larva, which I like to think of as a kind of "baby mothra" - also from wizkids. It's coloring is based (roughly) off a real-life caterpillar. Lastly, a couple of Cave Worms (Giant Leeches, #44031, Reaper).
  6. Got a new figure in the mail today. (mostly) put him together (about 17 parts). He'll take a while because I'm going to have to paint him (and the furniture) before I put the top half of the furniture on, as well as his two "back tentacles". I'll also want to paint the inside of his mouth before adding the tongue. In addition to which, while putting him together, I found that I'm missing a part, so I'm contacting the company, and will have to wait for a replacement part (assuming they'll send me one) - if not, I'll have to sculpt one from putty. He was pretty expensive (for what I'm used to spending, anyway - was about 18 euros) - so I'll certainly be cleaning him up nicely and filling in all his gaps with putty, etc. Apart from the one missing piece (which I'm sure the company will send), and the lack of instructions (which I knew about before-hand), this was very charming to put together - everything fit so smoothly, not a lot of headache involved.
  7. Did another repaint of a figure. Tried to keep him as much alike the original as possible. I did not (against my better judgement) add any putty to fill in the cracks, nor did I file off any flash. My intention was to just simply repaint the figure "as is" to see how much better I'd fare. (Edit: click on the photo for a full-sized non-fuzzy image) It's rather difficult to tell in the photos (at least, I think) - but I did fade out a fleshy pink color from his muzzle, nostrils, under his eyes, his palms, and his groin. In my version, I took a photo of his back as well - as I put (very faint) mottled striping along it to help break up the surface... His eyes I choose a weird paint - they should glow under a black light (I don't have one to try it out, though). I also noticed when I started that the paint they used for the original was a glossy paint. I decided that I would paint him like skin, which (unless sweating) is not glossy. The shine you see in the photo (at least on my attempt) is primarily due to the bright light at a close distance (see: table lamp)... Not counting the inside of his mouth, on his teeth, and at the very edge of where his lip would be - which has applied both a triple thick glaze, and "Uhu" glue. I know the intention was to paint it "as is" - but when I finished painting him, the large empty base was simply too tempting, so I put a bit of basic terrain down for him. I like to imagine him stomping across a meadow. PS. My ranger is totally going to attempt to tame him, and I shall call him "Snuggles".
  8. This tarnished guy is 6cm tall, or a little under 2.5 inches. Not too happy with the green on the eyes, but at his size, you can't see them without a glass anyway. Note: I googled "golem plastic miniature" to figure out where I got him from, and he's apparently a wizkids figure - I really want to paint a pair of the reaper iron golems, as they have way cooler details, but it'll have to wait 'till... well... money - so I just pulled this guy out of my box of "primed figures" and slapped some paint on him. Edit: Yeah, I cut off his sword. Golems don't need swords. XD
  9. So, the ox on the right has been bathed by it's owner. :D
  10. I just painted over the original (a thin layer of flat grey to even out the colors, then just painted as normal). Not a ton of detail loss, even without stripping.
  11. Some necromancers. The rogue and the maiden... A repaint of a lizard-man. A paladin? (I was trying a new painting style). I don't want to show more, 'cause... Yeah, craft paints is pretty much all I use, so... that would be a LOT of images.
  12. Just a small update, he's now finished. My first time with "non-metallic metals", my first time with trying to make a "glow" effect with the sword (by casting off the armor, etc). Not bad... Not quite how I wanted it to turn out, but not bad either. Next time I try, I'll use a reference photo.
  13. EDIT: New figures from repaints posted later in the thread. This is a figure I painted the last couple of days... The "official painting" is how he came out of the box. The two photos on the right are of him after I got finished "fixing" him. I tried to keep him as close as I could to the original color theme, but I had to deviate a bit because I wanted the red on his tattoo, crest, and shield to "pop" a bit more - the bracelets (I felt) needed to be dulled down a bit, as I found them almost too distracting from.... well... his chest. He's a figure from one of those "d&d blind boxes" of figures. I was debating re-painting the other figures from the box as well.
  14. Um... I don't know how else to say this other than bluntly... I only own craft paints... I've only ever used them. When I buy more expensive "proper" paints (vallejo, citadel, etc) for mini-painting, I just get disappointed. Sooo.... Can I even enter in this contest? I feel like I'd be "cheating"... I do use specialties though - like effects (such as citadel's "blood for the blood god" - which always looks like wet blood) - but other than weird effects, yeah... It's all craft paints for me. If you intend to buy craft paints, I'd suggest Americana, it's the best company for it - it usually stays a good water/pigment ratio, and doesn't turn to cement after a few months. I also like that they are (almost always) non-watery, so I don't have to make a million coats.
  15. That's really cool - reminds me of one of those shiny beetles. :3
  16. They look great so far! What printer did you buy? What program did you use to do the 3D modeling? (or did you just buy the "sculpts"?) How easy is it to print? How long did it take (roughly) to print the beholder?
  17. I tested out trying to paint metal without using any metallic paints... The rest of the figure isn't started yet (not counting primed), but I thought I'd show his armor as it is. I'm not sure how I feel about it. The back of the armor looks okay, but the front looks horrible... Next time, I'll be sure to use a photo as reference (like the chrome on a Harley or something)... And maybe a reference photo of somebody who does non-metallic metals well... Or, at least better than myself... Which is probably everybody. XD I don't know what this figure is, or where it's from, I just know he is pewter... or lead... and made in ... I think he was stamped with "83" or "94", I don't remember which year. Just found him in my box of "stuff I have to paint" that's been sitting around for... forever. As I've already botched him (but not so badly I'm going to start over) - I'm going to try the same method in gold with his shield, and I'm also going to attempt to see if I can't get his sword to "glow"... He's going to just have to be my "testing" figure.
  18. I love the small details you have with the skin tones, the pinks and all that... it's... I'm going to have to try my hand at that some time.
  19. I love how you paint black, you wouldn't happen to have a tutorial or something of the sort, would you?
  20. I can't decide if I'm going to name them "Orca" or "Domino". I just finished with their base-coat. No shading or highlights as of yet. I decided with blue/grey as the mouth because of the blue-tongued skink. You can't see it in the picture below, but the center-head has two different colored eyes (one blue, one green).
  21. XD An official reaper miniature was removed for nudity. (edited the above topic to contain a link and "warning" as is .. proper?)
  22. I found a bunch of "plastic dinosaurs" (and mammals, etc) - and decided to repaint them. One of them is an Arsinoitherium. I figured it should be "grey", so... I learned a little how to paint in just grey-scale? All in all, I think I did pretty good accenting the textures of his skin.
  23. Painted her up a while ago, felt the need to post her now... Not that you can tell well on my photo (don't have a camera anymore, have to use my phone now)... But I made her arms and legs fade into a charcoal blue/black. Below is a link to the image, which apparently contains nudity...? I mean, she doesn't have nipples or anything, and is kinda' designed like a barbie doll, but.. Nudity? You have been "warned"..? Tree Spirit
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