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  1. I loved this mini from the very beginning. While I can see some mold lines I missed, among other skill improvements still needed, I love the way he turned out. Had a little fun taking some photos in the yard and he even had a friend join him in one of the shots, lol. He is probably my current favorite mini that I've done. Shell pattern is patterened after the star tortoise.
  2. So this sat on my shelf of shame after starting and hating the earth tones I was trying to go for. I covered it in a sepia wash out of frustration and put it on the shelf to finish later that week. Since then, it's just stared at me for way too long. (I started it almost right after receiving it in Bones 3.) So I just decided to finish it, even if I wasn't in love with the colors. Now I actually really love it. I didnt have a Sir Forescale so here is Andowyn Thrushmoor for size. Colors used Ruddy Brown, Golden Brown, Woodland Brown, Stained Ivory, Creamy Ivory, Carnage Red, Clotte
  3. I'm painting this up for the BBEG this weekend. Last night I tried the layering technique for black by using multiple thin layers of complementary colors. Someone posted the artist and demo on the Reaper fan page a couple of weeks back when someone asked about painting black. If anyone knows the artist or link, please let me know since I can't find it. I highly recommend it. While these pics don't show the various tones of colors, it looks like rich black with some depth vs going flat like some black paints do. I love the effect. However, I will say it doesn't work as well on something more cu
  4. I had this same thought. It makes me think that may be what's missing to really my stone paint jobs pop. Some different stone hues.
  5. My DM asked if I had a unicorn mini for our session this weekend. I didn't have one but I did have this mini. I actually thought it was a reimagined Peryton initially so I went with a fantastical color palette. Something bright and happy before it reveals itself evil, lol. The most dangerous creatures can be the most colorful. It was nagging me that it didn't fit the Peryton characteristics so I looked into a little further and realized it was a nature spirit instead. I would have used a more natural color palette if I had realized that in advance but I kind of dig it anyway. Trying my hand at
  6. Thank you both! Bone colors are really neat. I love that they can vary so much depending on a variety of factors.
  7. She's gorgeous and looks like she could kick your tail too! I love the color combos.
  8. For a recent D&D session, the DM said he needed skellies so I knocked these out in about 90 mins. I did go back after the session and fixed a little highlighting but all in all I was pretty happy with how they turned out for a quick paint up. Since bones absorb colors from the minerals around them, I wanted to go less bleached and more unhallowed, greasy, dirty look. So I stuck to the darker bone colors and used the sepia wash. I must have a thing for owlbears since I enjoy painting them and really loved the skeleton.
  9. Deep One Priest painted by me and the Warrior painted by my husband who's just getting into painting. So I had lost the mojo to paint for a while but watching this last KS got me inspired to get back to it. Also, the hubby is running a new D & D group so I've been asking him what he needs for sessions and just doing some speed painting on things. It's been a nice way to get back into it without overthinking it. That being said, this is the first one that I really spent some time on in a long time and I dig the way it turned out. It's kind of sappy but my husband
  10. It looks great so far. I love the green highlights around the face that work down the body a bit. Very cool.
  11. I love the details on the wings. Well I love the whole thing but I really like the wings. Seeing all of these challenges is making me consider going for it. Just need to make a plan for the time off. It would guarantee that Ma'al gets finished and doesn't continue to live in a box.
  12. Thanks everyone for the remarks! Life got in the way of painting a bit but slowly working on her again and got pics up finally. Just have to get into some of her accessories now and her staff, though seeing some of the colors coming in Bones 4 has given me some ideas of colors to mix up. I like the blue hair but I think I need to work on its highlighting a bit more. I went back in and glazed over the gray skirt more to soften it more. I have to go back and fix her eyes. She's a little cross-eyed. But I think the rest of her face looks pretty decent. I gave her an eyebrow for the one that is vi
  13. So I decided to start the Frost Giant Queen. Skin is tough for me so I thought working on a larger model might help get used to shading a bit. I wanted to keep her skin close to humanoid but still most frost like. So its varying shades of spectral white with more white or amethyst purple for shading. It's better than I've been doing but still needs work. This is also the first time that I haven't put a model altogether first. Usually, I put everything together than paint. Given that I'd just be holding her head the whole time, I figured I'd leave it off. It certainly did make it easier to wor
  14. I just want to say this looks great! Now I wish I'd gotten the Savage Avatars. I was kind of meh on them when I was ordering but I love seeing the rhino painted up!
  15. Thanks everyone. I really like doing scale work. It's fun to take a pattern that I see in nature and tweak it a little to give it more of a fantasy style. The orange and red section is still nagging at me. So I think I may try stippling a little bit of decay along the edges of the red and orange section of the head dress to give it more depth.
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