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  1. Tolex Cat

    77590 - Father Dagon (Bones 3)

    It looks great so far. I love the green highlights around the face that work down the body a bit. Very cool.
  2. Tolex Cat


    I love the details on the wings. Well I love the whole thing but I really like the wings. Seeing all of these challenges is making me consider going for it. Just need to make a plan for the time off. It would guarantee that Ma'al gets finished and doesn't continue to live in a box.
  3. Tolex Cat

    Bones 3 Frost Giant Queen WIP

    Thanks everyone for the remarks! Life got in the way of painting a bit but slowly working on her again and got pics up finally. Just have to get into some of her accessories now and her staff, though seeing some of the colors coming in Bones 4 has given me some ideas of colors to mix up. I like the blue hair but I think I need to work on its highlighting a bit more. I went back in and glazed over the gray skirt more to soften it more. I have to go back and fix her eyes. She's a little cross-eyed. But I think the rest of her face looks pretty decent. I gave her an eyebrow for the one that is visible since it seemed odd not to have one. So more work to do but she seems to be coming along well enough.
  4. So I decided to start the Frost Giant Queen. Skin is tough for me so I thought working on a larger model might help get used to shading a bit. I wanted to keep her skin close to humanoid but still most frost like. So its varying shades of spectral white with more white or amethyst purple for shading. It's better than I've been doing but still needs work. This is also the first time that I haven't put a model altogether first. Usually, I put everything together than paint. Given that I'd just be holding her head the whole time, I figured I'd leave it off. It certainly did make it easier to work on the shoulders. The cloak is a little more whimsical blue than I wanted when I was mixing colors but I do like it with the contrast of the fur cape. I think I'll do some darker stippling along the bottom for travel stains and wear. I think the fur turned out pretty well so I'm happy with that. What I'm stumped on is the feature color of her actual clothes. I want to make her hair an indigo color base so I'm debating a color scheme that goes with that and the cloak. I was debating varying forms of pale silver but not sure if that's too much gray with the hide. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. For now, I think I'll take a break, eat dinner and look at her after a bit.
  5. Tolex Cat

    Bones 3 savage avatars: Rhino

    I just want to say this looks great! Now I wish I'd gotten the Savage Avatars. I was kind of meh on them when I was ordering but I love seeing the rhino painted up!
  6. Tolex Cat

    Bones 3 330 Stoneskull Expansion Naga

    Thanks everyone. I really like doing scale work. It's fun to take a pattern that I see in nature and tweak it a little to give it more of a fantasy style. The orange and red section is still nagging at me. So I think I may try stippling a little bit of decay along the edges of the red and orange section of the head dress to give it more depth.
  7. There was so much in the Bones 3 that it was hard to pick what to start with but I was so excited to start. I'd fallen off painting but the big box of bonesium gold pulled me back in. Since one of my gaming group has a snake Eidolon that can talk, she liked the Naga with the face. While I wanted the scale work to be realistic, I tweaked the colors to be more fantasy. I wanted the headdress to look like a separate piece so thus the contrasting colors and the metal finish. It didn't turn out too bad and the player is thrilled with it. I'm just not totally satisfied about the flat clean look of the red/orange of the head piece. I know I could punch it up a bit but not sure how. But even without tweaking it, it still turned out pretty well.
  8. Tolex Cat

    77381: Dragons Don't Share 2

    I didn't even know that existed until you mentioned it and I went looking. Now I have all sorts of ideas for things to make him more interesting... all sorts of ideas...
  9. Tolex Cat

    77381: Dragons Don't Share 2

    First off, thank you everyone for the wonderful words. I'm glad you like him. He turned out nicely. I do have some wip pics which I debated adding to the wip section though he's done now so probably not. Thank you. Eyes are still a challenge for me. I've watched some tutorials (Jessica Rich has a great one. She really gets into the way that light passes through the eye and changes the richness of the color) and fortunately his eyes are a little bigger which helps. I looked up pictures of dragon eyes so I could get an idea of the way their pupils and irises are shaped. You were new to painting with this mini? Congratulations! Hehe.. yeah. I think i counted 14 finished minis this morning total. Some are way better than others. It's only the third one I've entered and my first win in that category so that's nice. I don't have one and trust me, no one wants to see me draw. However, I do like to be crafty and make things so painting minis is the perfect combination. I don't really have to free hand but can still express myself through the paints. Watching the tutorials has really helped me understand the importance of brushes and brush control. I just took my time with this one and really worked to make him perfect and tried not to freak out when I did mess up. Just added a little base coat over it or embraced the mistake to try a new angle on things. Between studying the way that copper changes as it oxidizes, playing with color palettes to make up the right shades and actually painting, he took me a full month to complete.
  10. Tolex Cat

    77381: Dragons Don't Share 2

    Thank you, I like to find purpose in color choices and a have a good backstory. Yes I did. Best Painted New Bloods category.
  11. Tolex Cat

    77381: Dragons Don't Share 2

    I've only been painting minis since January but I learn a little more with each mini. I got this mini from my local gaming shop.How it hadn't been snapped up already, I'll never know. I had a paint scheme in mind even before I got home. I loved the damage in the wings and knew I wanted to make them really pop out. So I thought what better way to do that then by going with a copper dragon showing it's age in both the copper shades and with the teal patina. It took some playing around with a combination of browns and rosy skin tones to get the different shades of the brown copper and a combination of the ocean and moss paints to get the green patinas. (Oh if only I had known that Reaper was going to be coming out with copper colors in this Kickstarter! But I can't wait to play with them next year. ) I entered it in a Large Monsters contest at my local gaming shop so it's only the dragon without the rest of ruins and minis. I decided to keep the underside cleaner and brighter than the top of it since that would be more protected. So the chest is a light copper with few marks and scratches. I started with matter colors to get the right shades of copper then lightly brushed on a metallic copper to the scales and wings to give it a nice sheen. I did paint the horns and claws solid copper metallic. When I think of dragons being hunted, I thought of what would be treasured and displayed. The head and claws come to mind so I wanted to make them really stand out as a real treasure. The kind of thing that a kingdom would have on display for generations in a mighty hall even when it was nothing but the bones, copper horns and talons. I'm also including a picture of the base minus the dragon so you can see it. I'm really happy with the stone work on it. I added some grass and vines to it to give it more depth and interest. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with it and I really enjoyed painting it. It's the biggest mini I've worked on so far. I'm debating adding some stippling on the wings to age them a bit more but we'll see. For now I'll just enjoy it.