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  1. I am all in on this one, I love the quick setup time, and streamlined rules. As much as my main two gaming groups enjoy the first one, this is already replacing it. They did say there would be at least 10 heroes by the end of the campaign so I'm hoping to see some new classes such as a Salamander Corsair, Dwarf Stone Priest etc. Also, no more bendy mini's, though my leaning skeleton from the first D.S. Kickstarter has a certain charm and oddly enough is rarely taken down by the heroes on the first go.
  2. The last bit I heard on the Ophidians was Mantic is waiting until they have the models to support the army list release, probably at same time as the Halfling army and possibly more theme lists. (last bit is my guess) I do know that one of the first adventures for the Kings of War RPG takes place in Ophidia, so hopefully that will give us insight to the general feel of what exactly the Ophidians are about.
  3. No, they instead work alongside easyarmy.com. Which I heard will be updated to third edition in January.
  4. Yes, the Scenario and Objective pack has 7 of the smaller pieces from the Battlefield Objectives set. As well as 10 bluff and loot counters (20 counters in total).
  5. My group and I are really looking forward to this. We have backed most of the previous Mantic KS and have had no issues. Will be fun mixing this with DS, KoW, Vanguard and most likely the KoW RPG.
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