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  1. I just wanted to take my love for a Quetzalcoatl sculpted in bones off the kickstarter and onto the forum. Hey, do you love big birds? Dragons? Oriental style dragons? Snake gods your snakemen and women can worship? Do you want a bigger behir? Painting feathers, scales and wings is simply the best, right? Art Inspiration:
  2. I like playing the kickstarter comments game sometimes since it drums up interest in the campaign and I can help answer redundant questions. I should be spending more time here though.
  3. I was backer number 250 but my phone needed my credit card info again so i ended up in the 400's by the time I was done.
  4. I think this looks great. I love the stripe and colors and I think the details on the head are excellent. When dry fitting this piece I had difficultly imagining how to approach painting the bits because of how they fit and how tiny some of them are. if you were to do it again what would you do?
  5. This is fantastic and really set off my imagination when looking at my unpainted model. I absolutely love the wings and the contrasting scales. Im thinking about painting my clear version of him as a shadow dragon but my regular one will follow a similar scheme to yours.
  6. Wow, I haven't checked the progress in a while and there are only 2000 orders left?? Reaper folks are killing it with the shipping!
  7. I love love love this model and the fantastic skin tones you put together. You picked out some good color choices and the hammer looks cool!
  8. thanks, looking back at my other posts this one shows signs of improvement. progress!
  9. Wow, congrats on finishing this subjectively beautiful terror. The slime effects especially on its maw are fantastic! How many treasures and adventurers got themselves swallowed by goremaw?
  10. Looks great! Loving that you chose to do him in red and the eyes look awesome.
  11. Looking fantastic so far and I envy your bravery for doing this model! I'd think blending some scales into one another later on like this picture below would be cool and maybe help ease the red/black heads into this tropical beauty. Heck maybe even looking at native face painting could give this guy a neat twist.
  12. Loving the colors your chose and the way they flow through this model. The face is my favorite part and almost looks like I could crack it for crab meat lol.
  13. This looks awesome especially considering how quick you finished it. Im excited to test out that paint set on something soon. The verdigris looks killer on your model.
  14. One of the minis im most excited to paint from bones 3 and you did a fantastic job! I like the armor and spine the most.
  15. I haven't posted in quite some time but I just finished this guy today. Sorry about my poor photography skills! Bonus: A bones 3 petrified goblin!
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