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  1. Hey all! I finished up a mini for one of my players today who likes a very muted look for her characters. This is the first time I've done any basing, tried some cloak blending, and the first time I've painted anything based on someone's specifications. Once again I am not the best photographer and am only equipped with my phones camera. Had a few struggles since the player was carrying her mini around with the base coat on and some layers dropped back down to the pewter. I did my best to cover those up while painting the mini.
  2. Just got mine in today and they look great! I really missed out by not grabbing more cobblestone tiles as well as the translucent ones. I have more doors than I'll ever need but itll be fun to paint them in all kinds of varieties. I ran a game for my dnd group today so I didnt get enough time to paint any quite yet.
  3. I should have mine in tomorrow but I probably wont get a closer look at them until Friday. Im excited for them to see some use at one of my sessions in the near future. I didn't gamble far beyond the Master Builder tier but from everyone's reviews this seems like a quality product.
  4. Excellent idea with the moss. It'd be hilarious if the players found them face down in a pile of ruble and they made their way onto their feet.
  5. . Haha, you aren't kidding about that. Just as I read this post I noticed that mold line on the staff. I've been trying to get those off my minis with extra attention after these two. Although tedious with patience I can get them off minis like this but my bones beholder is a headache in the making.
  6. As the rest have said the face and cloak are amazing! As I'm still learning I keep seeing great things from people on this forum that I can't wait to try myself.
  7. Hey, all Ive had a chance to paint a few minis recently after doing the ones in my learn to paint kit. I was very reluctant to post these pictures since they arent the best shots of the models and I havent taken them through any photo editing software. Hopefully the shots are clear enough to get some advice, critique or good vibes from. I feel like there look much better in front of me than in these photos. Im looking to buy some basing supplies soon to spruce up the stuff ive already painted and to have around in the future.
  8. Yeah with how good the tiles look Im also regretting it. I figured I didnt need to have physical representations for everything and simply coloring on my chessex would please me. Anyone have pictures of the clear tiles yet?
  9. Im excited to see more pictures show up in this thread. The tiles themselves look great! I haven't received a shipping notice yet =[
  10. Do these gloves also handle putty well? The kind I was using would have the putty stick to it.
  11. I dont think we handled them before the priming but I did make sure that I washed them a second time the day I went to prime the figures. Any soap will due right? I need to buy something to help stick the mini onto a surface so that I can avoid grabbing at it before I finish the project.
  12. Few questions, could I repeat the whole wash with soap process on a primed mini or will that ruin the primer? Just wondering is simply washing that primed mini again couldve solved my problem. Secondly, Im pretty sure I washed it properly. I used a plastic container full of warm soapy water and gave it a good scrub. Then ran it under hot water. I may have handled it from one resting area to another before priming it. As for the conditions. It was not raining when I used it but its been a very wet fall/winter season in Seattle and remember waiting for a long while to get the best weather available to me. It mightve still been damp/cold just not raining.
  13. So in the future if I wish to use a pewter ill avoid doing anything other than basic assembly if I dont plan on painting them right away. I initially thought it be nifty to get as many steps done as possible so I'd be set to paint them right away when the time came. I even had brush strokes chip little bits off during this particular painting session. I imagine I have to chemically remove the primer now right? I cant just slap a new layer on over this one and try again..
  14. I need the reaper forum detectives on the case right away! So, a while ago I bought my DND group pewter minis along with a vampire to use in our Castle Ravenloft campaign for Halloween. Ive been exclusively painting bones up until this purchase and went ahead and got rid of my mold lines, washed the mini(soap,water,toothbrush), assembled it and then primed them all with a spray primer. After the minis were primed we used them for a few sessions (5-6) and I decided that I had some time to start painting them at my leisure. I went ahead and tried the blending technique posted by Ollie and after a few hours got some great results. I thumbed the mini and not only did the coat of paint I worked hours on come off but the primer followed all the way down to the pewter! Upon further inspection I saw that even glazes were take the paint away down to the pewter in some areas. What the heck? Did having the minis in use while primed put some residue on them to make the paint not stick as well? Do I need to paint my miniatures closer to the date I prime them? Is my primer wonky?The brand is dupli-color sandable primer. Or should I simply avoid any pressurized contact until I seal off my miniature? Im eager to retrace and redo the process and get back to painting these awesome guys for my group.
  15. Wow I ordered at around 1am Friday and already got my package with the xmas dragon and everything looks great upon quick inspection. With my order I also got a bottle of tropical blue paint from the new line.
  16. Some people were getting a cinnamon red as well according to the 12 days thread.
  17. Darn, a friend of mine needed two minis on my order an I ended up at a total of 65$. I didn't realize this when placing it at one in the morning! Should've just done two order for another dragon. The Wizards in the shipping department already filled my order though.
  18. 77149: Damien, Hellborn Wizard 02880: Lion Man 89023: Balazar, Iconic Summoner 77351: Cultists and Circle (3) 77224: Rogan, Half Orc Rogue 77151: Darkrasp, Evil Priest 77086: Townsfolk: Strumpet 77043: Eye Beast 14648: Kragmarr Pummeler 60073: The Stag Lord 77329: Silver Dragon 09722: Liners and my cute xmas dragon!
  19. I can't seem to decide on which day I should place my order. Im a relatively new mini buyer but I somehow have the Christmas animals from a preview years purchase. Picking a day is the second hardest decision involved in making my order. Im also trying to get a rakshasa mini with plans to make it my first conversion since none of the tiger men quite fit my vision of a rakshasa dressed like he loves the finer things in life.
  20. Wow all of them look great! I love dwarves and that bard is a must have. Then we have the older looking knight with tons of character. I'm not sure I've ever purchased anything during 12 days. What is that?
  21. The pin vise I bought didn't support the drills in deep enough. Most videos I've seen they recommend putting the drill bit as far in as possible and mine just doesn't do that. It's just asking to be broken! I primed all the metal ones for the DND group yesterday but I'm only able to paint a few of them myself since they want to learn to paint their own minis.
  22. Thanks everyone l, I'll take all this into account for Thursday's arts and crafts night with my DND group.
  23. Hey there, funny seeing some familiar mini's that I myself have painted not long ago. Good job on them! 1. Some of the fine detail on the minis is very hard to make out. What's the best way to bring those out for paintint. I thought about a black or brown wash before painting to highlight the details. Does that mess anything up? The fine detail could either be blocked by paints not being thinned enough or not getting a good enough wash or maybe multiple glazes over the right parts. The wash wont mess up anything just make sure you have a good ratio of water. 2. Primer. How is Reaper's brush on primer? I have a pewter mini I'd like to paint, and I may have some delivered (I live in backwoods, not near a game store unfortunatey, so I order a ot of stuff onine.) Failing that, I do have hardware stores/Walmarts nearby. Do they have decent primers for minis. There are a few primers noted on reapers "The Craft" article that I believe someone already linked. I have yet to paint a pewter but plan to this week. I bought the duplicolor sandable primer suggested in that article for my first attempt. 3. What are liners? Are they like washes? I've been making my own washes and they've been ok, but they've been ony with basic water. It beads up a bit and I have to use a dry brush to remove it, so I might be interested in that. It seems that for whatever magical reason reapers liners almost work like primer on bones miniatures. 4. Painting pupils/eyes. On one mini I managed to get a nice blue circle, but the paint seemed so...thin? Even undiluted out the bottle I had to make the dot a coupe times to get even a light blue. Then, the pupil wouldn't show up when I tried to make it, like it just wouldn't take. Also I tried to make fine dark lines to outline the eyes and I just couldn't get the definitions I wanted? I started painting my eyes first and working the details around them then moving onto the rest of the mini and I noticed a large improvement! 5. Bent Minis: What's hte best way to bend something like a sword back in place? I tried running it under scalding water for several seconds. but ti wasn't boiling hot. Then I bent it to the position I wanted and ran it in cold water, but it didn;t stick. What the best way to do so? Sink water wont do the trick. I think boiling them will work but I dont have an exact amount of time that I use. Dunk in cold water when its reshaped.
  24. Yeah, the mini really fits his wizards character. Everyone will be painting their minis at my house next week since we dont have time to run a session because of birthdays. Hoping to collect as much advice as I can for him as this will be a different animal from the bones/pewters everyone else will be painting.
  25. This is basically what I feared from thumbing the mini and looking at its quality it didnt feel like it would take the paint very well. Im not sure if my player will be able to achieve results like yours since this will be his first mini. Haha, I can just imagine it eating up my paint and discouraging him from finishing the job.
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