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  1. Thanks, to advice from these forums Ive been painting many of my miniatures which in turn has gotten my DND group interested in painting theirs. Ive picked up pewter and bones models for all but one player who I know bought himself a Hero Forge low detail model back when we first started playing. Im not the most experience painter myself but looking at the model which is very light and fragile feeling as well as smooth im not sure what to do about painting it. Personal opinions aside about the quality of these things I just want to know if anyone has any advice or has painting one of these before. Edit: I should clarify that im looking for ideas to bring the model to life a little more as well as anyone with experience or results with one of these minis.
  2. Knocked out some mummies to work on my speed last night( I don't think everything was dry when I took this picture) Next up I'm painting my first pewter minis of my pcs in the current campaign I'm running. We are doing castle ravenloft for Halloween so I also have a necropolis vampire to paint as well. I have some sand paper and an xacto ready but I can't seem to find any copper wire to use for pinning the pieces online.
  3. These are adorable, great colors! Are these sold out already? Might've missed me chance to get some.
  4. Besides what came in my kit, im very intimidated when it comes to picking up more paints from the reaper store. Are the triads just listed right next to eachother? I have something like 30 paints in my collection some of which are duplicates and I'll be getting the stuff on this months promotion provided they still have supplies. Also as far as sealer goes I saw some recommendations in the basics of painting on "The Craft". Should I use something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Krylon-6-Ounce-Crystal-Acrylic-Coating/dp/B001K65K26/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1445645029&sr=1-2-catcorr&keywords=Krylon+Spray+Varnish
  5. Im so enamored with the static grass they carry as well as various rocks. Im trying not to impulse buy everything at all once while im still learning the basics but I will get some scenics eventually. I also need to buy some storage solutions and better lighting. As far as whats next on the painting: I'll probably finish the rest of my skeleton archers to see how I handle batch painting and they ill go for the death dog(or blink dog?) I have. I just bought some pewter minis for a campaign im running but im hesitant to start painting those since ive never done one and they are for my PCs. Will my reaper brand paints work just fine? Yes, I recall a good number of people clamoring for large bottles of brown liner during the bones 3 kickstarter. I dont have any in my possession but i'll make a future order for it.
  6. I check this thread out as well as the one about blending. I've got some helpful materials coming to help make my painting setup a little more comfortable. Right now im just working at a coffee table with some wax paper and my reaper paints. Are there any resources you recommend for basic painting knowledge? In specific techniques to correct a heavier than intended wash or just hitting the mini with too much paint? For dry brushing some highlights do people typically just follow their light source or just kind of fill the highlighted areas based on imagination? Edit: Thanks for all the replies and for making me feel welcome!
  7. Hey, thanks for the feedback. So with bones in particular its really hard to lay a first coat down if any water in involved. Heck on the knight I could barely get a coat down without water(I scrubbed the mini and dried it before landing any paint on it). Will some primer help me with that? I feel like my base coat is where most of my time is spent on for all the various parts of the mini and sometimes the paint just doesnt stay or coat evenly. Ive been using filtered water.
  8. Hey so a few months ago I bought the reaper learn to paint kit and painted these in the following order Skeleton, Orc and then Knight. The first two are a bit older and the knight I just finished up. Ive decided to just leave these alone and use them as a metric going forward to gauge my improvement. Since using nail polish remover to "fix" the orcs head and eyes with a quick redo I've only ended up making it worse so i'll consider these practice. Ive also ordered some primer, a number 1 size brush(I only have what came with the LTP kit right now) and something to help thin my paints which I desperately need. I look forward to trying another mini with eyes now that ive watched some videos and gotten some new brushes. Im prepared to take any advice and criticism on my first three miniature painting attempts and yes, I will thin my paints more! Since I havent primed any of these I wanted to voice a concern about following the instructions in the LTP kit about painting all these different colored base coasts on bare bones. I find myself doing this at a snails pace and getting paint where I dont want it to be. This turns into my putting extra layers on the material and losing details. How can I speed up on my painting to avoid piling on paint as heavily as I have on these minis?
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