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  1. Not yet... open for suggestions. Our game room is in the basement and we call it "the dungeon". This room is on the second floor so maybe "the tower" or maybe "Isengard" (hes taken the minis to Isengard)
  2. @ManvsMini I did finally watch it end to end. Not bad, not in my favorites either, but parts of it were decent enough to keep me watching it.
  3. James Wappel has a ton of excellent videos on ordinance. He did some just before Reapercon. I will try to find a link for you.
  4. @ManvsMini I may just watch it now. Lol. I have started that movie at least 6 times, but never watched it. Lol
  5. Yep, that was exactly the state I was in. Watching is a strong term, but yes, it was playing in the background.
  6. At the end of Sunday night, it was done.... love it. I think I need a name for it... haha. Hope you like my journal about this transition. Took less than a week.
  7. So. At the start of Reapercon live 2020, my hobby room was a semi organized space, that wasn't really planned out. I also had not taught online so I had to create an area to do that. This meant shuffling things around to clear up space for a PC, cameras, class supplies etc. Post Reapercon I was left with a huge mess, as more shuffling occurred to not only teach, but to take a few courses. Here are a few shots of my space on the last day of Reapercon... So... one of my sons had moved out in mid 2019... he had left his room like this. I called it his long term storage Thus began a journey to make a space that would be better suited for painting, sculpting, teaching and storing the hoard that is my backlog. First few days were just getting his stuff out and repainting the room. Then, my wife helped me with refinishing the floor Then Saturday, I started moving every thing up to the new space... Lots of stuff
  8. What new things did I learn. A lot actually, but briefly Some basic sculpting knowledge from Talespinners class that I cant wait to try more of. A different approach to Blending from Ian Markon that will help my blends look smoother Some really valuable techniques concerning skin tones from Corporea. Shading TMM from Michael Proctor But most of all, how to teach virtually. It's a different skillset than in person teaching. I increased my blending skills. My technology skills, and to some extent social skills. Would I do this again. ABSOLUTELY
  9. I may do a google hangout at some point to do something like this. Don't really know.much about twitch
  10. Apologies everyone, I don't get on these forums much anymore. I noticed several people were looking for me here. Did everyone get what they needed?
  11. Can't wait to see the finished work. Its going to be great!!
  12. If anyone has a specific question about either of my classes ask away, I will do my best to answer. I'm not on the forums every day, but I will try to catch it. TAG ME though. So I will see it. Highlander, glad you will be joining me for at least one of them. The 2 orcs will be used to show the weathering in 2 different ways. You can prepaint 1 of them, either one, first with no weathering so you can follow along when I show how to add weathering to an already painted mini. Dont worry too much about the how to paint it details. The techniques should work on whatever style you produce. Would recommend true metallics on it and vary that between silver and bronze. Etc. Hope that helps. Maybe like one of these. The specific orc does not matter. Just looking for good shields armor and weapons
  13. THAT is a whole other set of stories
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