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  1. He will be busting an elephant never forgets. He will have a small table next to him with notebooks, journals and a to do list.
  2. While the pledge manager was still open my wife kept saying, "youre going to want two of those if YOU plan to paint one too". Lol. She kind of went nuts on all the dragons, maybe I should get myself a gift card to a hobby store to lessen her impact. Lol
  3. So this is the start of what I hope to finish for Reapercon. Its going to be a diorama that shows 3 busted elephant myths with a 4th about to be busted. Still a lot to do, but I like where these are currently The last 2 are to show the conversion I did to show the busting of the myth "elephants drink with their trunks"
  4. Exactly!! This dude looks great. Many of us sometimes allow ourselves to forget, the hobby is supposed to be fun and stress relieving. Tabletop level painted minis not only provide that quick fun, but bring joy to others in a game. Good work! I have a handful of Heritage minis that are about to get the same level of painting.
  5. Thanks, Yeah, I was shocked they pulled it off with the dragon. Zombies... lol.. no no. The crew is alive, I just used the same minis as all the bad guys they had beaten earlier in the session. The process of them vetting potential crew members was some great role playing.
  6. Doesnt show in the pics very well, but the base actually has some clear resin over it to look wet and nasty
  7. So a couple of pics from tonights game. They picked up right where they left off and had to sneak into a young dragons lair to steal a couple of items without waking the young but formitable dragon.... They searched for a long while and found the items. They even managed to not wake the dragon, which was actually a difficult task. Until they were leaving! The last person out failed the last roll needed. She was quick to take a potion of gaseous form which left the young dragon quite confused. They then made their way back to town. Upon getting back to the docks, their boat
  8. I can only take half the credit. My wife makes a lot of our terrain. Most of the swamp pieces she did for example.
  9. The game went into extra innings as the players talked me into continuing... so they made it to the Lizard folk lair in the ruins and had a huge epic battle...
  10. Crappy pics (sorry about that) of tonights game session. They met "Anton Gatorheel" swamp ranger, who offered to be their guide for the low cost of a bottle of rum and some random gear. Anton lead them to an overgrown swamp ruin...where they fought lizardfolk A concealed passage led to an underground temple.... for the big fight of the evening. Against a Toad Demon! They fought hard, but ultimately decided to run from the demon... unleashing him into the swamp in the process.... to be continued...
  11. Thanks, heres a better look. Speed paints actually
  12. In the effort to slowly get my backlog under control, I have been trying to paint things as I get them, and a few more from the backlog each week. With that in mind, I have painted all of my picks from the BoGW. Here is a collage of most of them. Mostly speed paints, some kinda rough, but they are done and many have hit the game table already.
  13. Its also worth noting that this isnt Reaper trying to create scarcity or anything like that. The decision to limit tickets is based on current state of the pandemic. This is them trying to protect us. Much could change before the con. It could be that things get better and more tickets could open up, it could also be that a huge spike in Covid cases could make it worse and they have to alter the plan again. I would agree that Reaper's decision to limit the tickets based on current info is the right thing to do right now. Come on folks, its Reaper we are talking about, havent
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