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  1. Oh boy do I ever have a shocker for my players in tomorrows session!! I made the canopy and the figurehead removable and magnetised in case they want to take the ship and make it a little less evil. Lol. (Also for game play)
  2. Check the label. Not all brands do this. In fact, most of them that do, the heat is not scortching hot and wont affect paints that have cured. But.. again... testing testing testing. Try it on a practice piece first before risking something you care about Just a guess. But this to me looks like that humidity thing I was talking about. You can try putting this in direct sunlight on a warm not so windy day, or hitting it with a UV light. Might fix it. Great piece tho Last post I swear... I LOVE THIS SCULPT by @TaleSpinner and cant wait to see how your idea turns out.
  3. Here is that water effects handout water_bases.pdf https://www.lightminiatures.com/ Thats the link to David Diamondstone's awesome stuff. He does amazing things well beyond my level.
  4. Ok, first, I havent used SW water effects but in general SW makes good products so we will give them a little benefit of the doubt here. So again in general as that is a 1 part water effect product it is generally only intended to be used in very shallow pools, less than 1/8th inch. Anything over that and weird things will happen. Cloudiness is probably due to a couple of reasons. A. The inside is not cured, basically there could be a pocket of uncured resin incapsulated in a cure coccoon of resin. Air cant get to it to finish the job. As this piece set for a few weeks then got cloudy, thats probably not the case here. May try drilling a few tiny pinvise holes in easy to hide locations (maybe even from underneath) to attempt to fix that. Humidity can wreak havoc on water effects even long after curing. If its due to maybe an ac vent blowing on it for example. Or being stored in a cool area. If its that, a few hours in direct sunlight might clear that fogginess up. Lastly, if this was poured over an existing cured area, that almost always creates problems. Some times a visible cut line can be seen, or sometimes the resin will react negatively with the original layer. 1 parters will almost always shrink over time as well, which causes even more issues when used too thick. As this was a test piece, may not be worth trying to fix. Add some algae and lilly pads on top and call it murky water. For deeper pours like this, you should try a 2 part epoxy resin. Make sure to follow manufacturers safety guidelines and make sure to mix it very thoroughly. (If its not properly mixed, it may never cure.) I use "easy cast" by casting craft. Mostly because its cheap, readily available at craft stores and it plays nicely with paints, metals and most plastics. Do not use resin over any kind of styrofoam product. Just dont... bad things. Nuff said there. Almost all water effects will also seep into flocking and stuff like that, so do the flocking last if you can. Unless you are partially submerging reeds and stuff like that. If you are doing that, avoid paper or fiberous based weeds and try to find plastic ones. Water effects are tricky, but fun. Best advise is to experiment a lot on practice pieces and take notes on what worked good in your area. Climate matters actually. UV resins are great, but tend to be pricey. I will attach a copy of my water effects handout. Its not a definitive guide but may have some useful info in there. I would also suggest you google David Diamondstone's webpage. He did a fantastic write up for really deep pours a while back. I will try to find it and link it below. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  5. I just saw this, thanks @TaleSpinner. Let me catch up.
  6. Painted these fairly quickly in prep for this saturdays game session
  7. So todays game session was a lot of fun. Here are some action shots. First up, an at sea brief encounter Later the party found a shipwreck, holding the next clue of their quest. They had a small fight to get to it though Just as they were finding the clue, the bad guys showed up (represented by the the boat on flight stands as they were on the surface) And lastly the party hitched a ride up river with a tortle crewed ship pulled by 2 giant sea turtles.
  8. Heres one more area we used last game
  9. Yes, im very proud of that one. Lol. If you look theres even a sewage drain on the side. You can. Just start basic. Make 1 or 2 reusable pieces at first. Simple things like a road running through grasslands... or a river bank. Places that you will get a lot of reuse out of. Then each month, make 1 more piece. Soon your collection will be great
  10. A few game sessions ago, my home gaming group started a new D&D campaign. This is sort of in anticipation of all the awesome Bones V stuff that will be here this late spring/early summer. I wanted to make sure that when that glorious ship hits my table, theres a group of players dying to come aboard. Here are a few shots from our game. I will post a few every couple of weeks after this so folks can follow along if they like. This is the player characters. 2 water genasi, 2 aquatic elves. And the docks where they met. Here are some of the bad guys And lastly, a few areas they have seen on their maiden voyage. The last pic is of some elevation stands I made to help with the 3d aspect of underwater fight scenes.
  11. Hopefully the inspector cat has gotten over this by now. But also hope you found some awesome things in the box for yourself. I had to depackage a few of my adds to close the box. Perhaps in between your duties in the service of the cat, you will have great things to paint. Gorgeous cat by the way.
  12. I would consider them, I do conversions occasionally anyway.
  13. Made my picks from the box. I should be able to put my additions in tonight and get it in the mail by Tuesday
  14. The box is here, I will look through it over the weekend and get it on its way home early next week. Wow its full.
  15. Thats awesome, I will PM my address Send me a PM with your address. Thanks for letting me in.
  16. Not yet... open for suggestions. Our game room is in the basement and we call it "the dungeon". This room is on the second floor so maybe "the tower" or maybe "Isengard" (hes taken the minis to Isengard)
  17. @ManvsMini I did finally watch it end to end. Not bad, not in my favorites either, but parts of it were decent enough to keep me watching it.
  18. James Wappel has a ton of excellent videos on ordinance. He did some just before Reapercon. I will try to find a link for you.
  19. @ManvsMini I may just watch it now. Lol. I have started that movie at least 6 times, but never watched it. Lol
  20. Yep, that was exactly the state I was in. Watching is a strong term, but yes, it was playing in the background.
  21. At the end of Sunday night, it was done.... love it. I think I need a name for it... haha. Hope you like my journal about this transition. Took less than a week.
  22. So. At the start of Reapercon live 2020, my hobby room was a semi organized space, that wasn't really planned out. I also had not taught online so I had to create an area to do that. This meant shuffling things around to clear up space for a PC, cameras, class supplies etc. Post Reapercon I was left with a huge mess, as more shuffling occurred to not only teach, but to take a few courses. Here are a few shots of my space on the last day of Reapercon... So... one of my sons had moved out in mid 2019... he had left his room like this. I called it his long term storage Thus began a journey to make a space that would be better suited for painting, sculpting, teaching and storing the hoard that is my backlog. First few days were just getting his stuff out and repainting the room. Then, my wife helped me with refinishing the floor Then Saturday, I started moving every thing up to the new space... Lots of stuff
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