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  1. What new things did I learn. A lot actually, but briefly Some basic sculpting knowledge from Talespinners class that I cant wait to try more of. A different approach to Blending from Ian Markon that will help my blends look smoother Some really valuable techniques concerning skin tones from Corporea. Shading TMM from Michael Proctor But most of all, how to teach virtually. It's a different skillset than in person teaching. I increased my blending skills. My technology skills, and to some extent social skills. Would I do this again. ABSOLUTELY
  2. I may do a google hangout at some point to do something like this. Don't really know.much about twitch
  3. Apologies everyone, I don't get on these forums much anymore. I noticed several people were looking for me here. Did everyone get what they needed?
  4. Can't wait to see the finished work. Its going to be great!!
  5. If anyone has a specific question about either of my classes ask away, I will do my best to answer. I'm not on the forums every day, but I will try to catch it. TAG ME though. So I will see it. Highlander, glad you will be joining me for at least one of them. The 2 orcs will be used to show the weathering in 2 different ways. You can prepaint 1 of them, either one, first with no weathering so you can follow along when I show how to add weathering to an already painted mini. Dont worry too much about the how to paint it details. The techniques should work on whatever style you produce. Would recommend true metallics on it and vary that between silver and bronze. Etc. Hope that helps. Maybe like one of these. The specific orc does not matter. Just looking for good shields armor and weapons
  6. So, first let me say that the title "Lord Dave" was not originally one that I chose, even though later I would use it for most forums, user names and even a D&D character. Way back in the time of neighbor convience stores (note: a store is a place where you used to be able to go buy things without logging in, face to face even) I helped out a few nights a week with odd jobs. Sometimes stocking shelves, sometimes preparing the deli for the next day, sometimes cleaning in general, whatever the owner needed done. There were anywhere between 2 and 6 of us there on any given day. All of us were teenagers therefore we welcomed the chance to make a few honest bucks, usually paid in cash after we were done. Looking back, it was probably that store owner giving us a way to stay out of trouble. He was a great guy and cared a lot about our neighborhood. At the time, we had a habit of calling someone Captain of the guards any time they did something dumb. Not sure when or how, but eventually that morphed into several titles. Sergeant at arms was for minor stupidity, like saying something that made no sense to anyone else. Captain of the guard was more a general term for whatever idiocies were done. There were others, depending on whatever the store owner could think of in the moment of infraction. Then there was the rarely used "Captain of the Royal Guard" reserved for the most major dumb moments. Like knocking over a stack of bottled cokes in crates. (Happened a few times) Well, one night, we were working fairly late. The owner wanted us to clean the place very good. The last thing we had to do was mop. I was tasked to make the mop water. I filled the big rolling bucket halfway with hot mop water. We normally put a little bleach in the water, but I had no clue how much so half a gallon should do I thought. But the smell was fairly strong, so to cover that, I grabbed this bottle of some bright yellow liquid. I dumped about half of that into the bucket. Just then, one of my buddies came in with a few mops and said "let's get done" We began to mop the floors of the store, but within minutes, our noses were burning, eyes watering and the mop bucket was slightly smoking. The store owner, realizing exactly what happened, grabbed the bucket and ran out with it, ordering us to run out as well. After we were safely in breathable air he looked at me, half mad, half laughing it off. "Way to go, Lord Dave, never mix bleach and ammonia, that's toxic, you damn near killed us!!" he yelled (instantly promoting me right passed Captain of the Royal Guard to the highest level of stupid ever granted before or since - actual Lordship) He sent us all home and I assumed after airing out the store he re-mopped. Later it became a moment of "remember that time..." or "it's not as bad as..." From then on, my buddies and that store owner would call me Lord Dave with any stupid thing I did, regardless of the severity. But hey, I have never mixed bleach and ammonia again.
  7. based on your reply, you will fit right in. Welcome to the tribe.
  8. This is a quick note to first time attendees of Reapercon. There's a few things you should know. First, those of us who have been to several Reapercons welcome you. Don't feel like you need an invitation to come hang out and chat or paint with us. Just walk up and say, Hey, is this spot open? Im so and so... Most folks there are very similar to you and there is a good feeling of acceptance there, but you may need to open that door first as many are just as shy as you may be. Next, bring stuff you have finished for feedback and some in-progress stuff. there are lots of folks who will be at the same place on their painting journey as you, some will be even newer than you, and some will be a little further down the road. but the vast majority, nearly all in fact, will love to share tips and encouragement with you and vice versa, they will want to know how you did this or that. Before the con, take advantage of the many social outlets, like the forums or Facebook, there are lots of posts about what to bring, what classes you may like, styles of instructors etc. Use the experiences of others to make your first year awesome. Oh and Be prepared to leave with a lot more than you came with, except vendors, hopefully yall leave with no inventory and a backpack full of sales records. Lastly, Reapercon is sacred to us, chances are it will be to you too. Its a very caring and welcoming crowd, very family like without all the drama. Its also trust filled environment, people share more readily there than anywhere else I have been, but if something is laying about unguarded, leave it be, or better still, keep an eye on it for whoever had to run to class or go root through the melt table. take advantage of the access to instructors on the artist rows, we love to talk. Take classes, but dont overwhelm yourself. Go do some of Ludos Hijinx, Sophie Says etc. basically, Reapercon is a truly wonderful experience, Help us keep it that way. and again come say hello to us, most of us don't bite, (well maybe that Canadian goblin guy if you happen to smell like peanut butter cups.) I feel like I speak for most of us when I say, We are glad youre coming to see why we all love this convention so much and can't wait to start building stories with you.
  9. My wife and I ate lunch from the truck a couple of the days. it was pretty good as I recall.
  10. It may have been mentioned by someone else already, but in thinking about my classes I plan to submit. Im going to shoot for different days and time slots this year. It occurred to me for example, whatever dragon class I teach is generally on Friday morning... what if there's someone who only comes on Saturday that has wanted to take that class with me and its always on the wrong day... Water basing has to be earlier in the con for cure times. but I may do that on Friday .. etc. just switching it up a bit this year to maximize people's opportunities.
  11. You all do an excellent job with everything and regularly exceed expectations. Sending positive vibes and a heartfelt thank you for all the effort.
  12. That makes sense. I feel the same about Origins and Gencon... at 10 to 15k people, with staying 30 to 45 minutes away... those are just simply way to big for my tastes. Other folks love it. I am going to make it a point to come introduce myself this year. yep, my wife and talked about that last night. VIP will definitely sell out fast as well as class tickets. As she's not an instructor, we will need to be all over that. As for general badges, thats less of a concern, but yeah a possibility.
  13. You make valid points and I hope things work out better for you than it looks right now. last year, classes booked out very fast but later some spots opened as folks had chnages to their plans. perhaps you will get lucky on a room as well. keep checking. I have a different outlook about the previous venue, I had a great time, but it was a different kind of great time. I was in the overflow hotel the last year of the Lewisville venue with a lot of others and we still had a blast every night hanging out in that hotel. I am also an instructor and I can certainly relate to some of the points you are making here, and I fully respect your opinion, but Im simply trying to say, this kind of situation happens at all large conventions. You are correct in saying classes will also sell very fast. I truly hope you get the ones your wanting. I don't believe we have officially met, but I believe that your classes are well received by those that take them. I hope that you don't let this situation ruin the fun for you and the enjoyment of your class attendees.
  14. I did get lucky enough to grab a room early while the block was still open, while I was at work. Normally I wait a few days or weeks to book. Im glad I got the room, but I also realize that this may not be the case in future years. The simple truth is, Reapercon is awesome, and has turned the corner from being a small convention into a large convention. I agree with Buglips, 3k is very likely. with those kind of numbers, its the same as any large convention, no hotel is going to house everyone. Last time I went to Origins for example, I was about 30 minutes away. that con has 10k or better every year and sells out multiple hotel's blocks. Adepticon and Gencon are the same way. I can certainly understand the shock of selling out this fast and the frustration of some folks who really wanted to stay at that hotel, but lets not forget why that frustration is there. Its because Reapercon IS so amazing. Lets keep it that way, not just for the benefit of the veterans, but to welcome our new folks. Also don't forget that prior to the Embassy venue, the con was not at the hotel anyway and we all had to bus in every day. In my opinion this shouldn't be viewed as some failure by Reaper, but rejoiced as a job well done on growing what is in my opinion the best convention of the year.
  15. all of those sound amazing!! the sculpting details and conversions classes would really help me. The others would be fun as well.
  16. Thank you for that!!! I love getting this kind of feedback. I can't say how important this is for an instructor to hear. We all put so much into these classes, its nice hearing good things. I am thrilled your husband enjoyed my class. As it stands, I don't yet know what classes I will be doing, but I can say that I will always put my best effort towards all of my classes. I have been working on the write ups for many of them already as soon Reaper will ask for ideas. I really love the dragon classes Ive done and it's a little different every year so its not off of the list yet. It will also depend on what Reaper needs me to do. I enjoy helping to make this con great and if teaching this class or that class makes it better for the big picture, then thats what will be done. I hope to see you and your husband in my classes but if not stop by my spot on the artist row and chat a while. I agree with your kids class and blending statements fully. thank you again.
  17. I think you would only need one. There was a YouTube video the Ron made where he signed up for classes as though he was a dad who wanted a few classes and then added classes for his son as well. That was 2019, they could change it by 2020. some classes do fill up very fast, I had one of mine fill up in less than 15 minutes from launch. a few others within a day, one of mine didn't fill up until a few days before the con. What you should do if a class you want fills up, is keep checking it, sometimes people back out.
  18. Thank you so much for your kind words. Its really nice to hear. I do love to teach all of these, so my intention is to see what classes people would be like.. Nooooo dont cut that one!. But yes, 6 is kind of demanding, while I feel 5 would be nice. Also thank you for taking the time for such a detailed response
  19. I have taught this at a few other conventions and it really depends on the class. Thats kind of why I haven't ever attempted it at Reapercon. I like to show as many different approaches as possible, but its easy to go down the rabbit hole on one and leave someone feeling like we covered the things they already knew and didnt get to the techniques they were looking for. That said. Im good at time management and keeping folks on task. This one would take a lot of prep work for Reapercon. Handouts would be key. Probably wont attempt it there. ever. just gauging interest here. The biggest challenge at Reapercon is the wide range of talent level among attendees of any given class. It ranges from "Ive never painted a mini ever" to "hey look at my last 3 gold sophie trophies" whereas at my local con the classes are generally intermediate level painters
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