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  1. haha. yes it is too early to sign up. Yes, the Dragons class seems general, but only in how I described here, 2019 it was more focused on details, eyes, teeth, horns, scales. 2018 I focused more on rethinking how to paint dragons. it was more to build a story in the paint scheme. like why use certain colors or designs. 2017 it was more tailored towards wings and getting a translucent look to the membranes. so in truth, my "dragons" class is never really general. Guess maybe I should have specified that better. all 3 years it did sell out. but after all that, I agree so far with these comments, its most likely the one to be axed. lol sidenote: I had at least 30 people tell me they wanted in that class last year. It sold out in less than 15 minutes! and the 16 that took it all really loved it. I may discuss offering this class 2 times in 2020. Idk yet, but its been discussed.
  2. I appreciate the comments. Thank you for taking time to provide that. thats basically where I was leaning in my opinion but we will see where the forumites trend towards.
  3. So Reapercon 2019 was great as far as my classes went. I taught 6 courses, all were sold out, most were 2 people beyond capacity (which was fine because I was ready for that possibility) But I feel like 6 was just 1 too many to organize, prep, practice and deliver. All of my classes seemed to be very much enjoyed by those who attended and I got some awesome feedback from some folks. so.. which one to not do... that's a hard question as I enjoyed all of them. first, the must keeps. Water Effects. that class probably could have sold out 2 or 3 times. so many want to take that so its in. Realistic Gore. Overwhelming high praise from a lot of folks, so thats in. plus its it's ridiculously fun for me. Weathering and aging. This is an easy one for me to teach, always sells out and gets great reviews. Kind of have to keep due to demand. Up for debate. Dragons. I have taught multiple variants of this class. Its not bad, and folks seem to like it but Im not sure if the demand is still high. Tabletop painting. Sells out but slowly. Its one of my strengths though. fast painting at a high tabletop level. Kids classes. I do these mainly to ensure that the kids programming continues to grow. The little artists amaze me every time. Its a lot of fun and full of surprises by talented young artists. may need to keep on principle. other subjects I have taught but not sure if folks still would be interested. woodland bases, lava bases, ice and snow bases. batch painting. Blending toolbox. (kind of a whole host of various techniques to blend) obviously, Reaper would need to approve any of these, just thinking ahead so that my submission requests will be ready when its time. Id love your thoughts
  4. She is stunning. Also thank you for work in progress shots. those are very helpful. Its nice to see your process.
  5. There are so many awesome things in this kickstarter obviously, but I'm really happy to see the Dragon bust. I have wanted that for teaching dragon details class since 2017. I will be maxing that order.
  6. Im glad you enjoyed the class. I really like teaching that class. I have taught it 3 years straight at Reapercon and it always sells out. I am working on a few minor changes to the class, but assuming the demand is there, I will teach basically the same class next year.
  7. yep, and several of us had debated that subject just before Reapercon. I will definitely pass on the lesson learned to instructors not typically on the forums when we start talking about next years stuff
  8. Yes!! I was working on handouts but simply did not get them completed in time. Next year for sure I will have them. I felt bad about it the whole con. lol. I hadn't considered how long I would need to prep, practice and deliver 6 classes early enough (not to mention scrambling to finish my MSP entries). It all came together at the end minus handouts. But I totally agree, handouts would be helpful. So next year I will bring some extras.
  9. I wouldn't mind that save for the fact that all of my other classes were also well liked. Id have to drop something else to do this one twice. I will leave that up to Reaper. If 2 water classes is the demand, then so be it. I also really want to do the realistic horror class again. that was very fun to teach. Time will tell. hope you get in the water effects class next year.
  10. Thank you for the feedback. Im glad you enjoyed the class. I do remember your upside down base, that would still work for what we were doing. depends on your own preferences. Yep, I was so worried about people transporting the uncured bases to someplace safe. From what I heard all of them made it back safely and were solid the next day. I really enjoyed teaching that one and will be submitting the class for approval again in 2020. I am going to make a few minor adjustments to the class and adding one small variant to how to do the foamy wave looks. won't change enough for a retake, so come see me on the artist row next year and I will give you the quick scoop on that one new thing. lol. see you next year! I have also figured out a better way to transport the uncured potentially messy bases for next year. I am going to use cups with lids. lol
  11. It wasn't a huge issue in any of my classes. Luckily, in my first class, I had brought a few extra paints with me and as it was water basing, we didnt need a lot. By the second class, my room had paints in it that I needed for the class. I did like the little parchment squares. those were very handy
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I hope you feel better soon.
  13. Thanks! Feel free to ask me any questions about the stuff we covered in my weathering class. Well you can ask about blending or shiny things too, but my answer to those won't be as good as Kuro's or Oneboot's. lol.
  14. Thank you for that. I really enjoyed teaching this class and the format worked out great. I will definitely teach this one again as many people told me they wanted to take it but it was sold out fast. sidenote: I actually practiced the entire class several times at home to get the timing nailed down. It worked out perfect at Reapercon.
  15. While I can understand where you're coming from, sometimes a certificate is great. Example would be someone who has never entered a competition. obviously we should celebrate that certificate with them. That person would be proud to get it. It also could be a certificate for some new skill attempted. I entered the Open division for the first time. I am not great at sculpting and was semi expecting a certificate. I barely managed a bronze. No one (at least no one I call a friend) thought any less of you for getting a certificate. Its nice to see your work and to see you honored in anyway. Having seen your work before, Id bet you just barely missed the bronze. Take the certificate with pride, use that as a building block and motivational piece to challenge bronze or silver next year. Then you can say, I have improved in this area or that. My goal for next year's Open is a strong bronze. But should I get a certificate, I will say, "let me point in a different direction" be proud of yourself in all cases.
  16. That is a good suggestion. I am not sure if it was any of my classes, because I really try to be descriptive in my class details, but next year I will clearly call out tabletop or display level techniques in next year's write ups.
  17. Yeah, I wasn't too bent out of shape about it until I started approaching the start of my class time. I entered the line and was like 4th back from the start, just when a wave of VIPs came through. I stood there for about 30 minutes with a considerable weight, my entries included a Traukzuul, patiently mostly as I understood the VIPs go first. But when the 9 or 10 VIP went before any of the normal line went, I just couldn't risk being late for the class I had to teach seeing 4 more VIPs entering that line. I understand the situation was resolved and later I caught the entrance with an empty line, so no harm done. I wasn't salty or anything just a bit time crunched. Hope it didnt read as me feeling cranky. That said, this year's Reapercon experience for me was 99% good. the only bad was that I slightly did more than I should have. Hard to put into words as teaching is my favorite part of Reapercon. All 6 classes were great and seemed to be well received, and the kids game was epic, but I sacrificed a considerable amount of "hanging out" time with good folks that I wont see for a year. Next year, maybe one less class, or a better organization of start times. That 1% was all self inflicted, but I really enjoyed teaching all of the classes and the time I did get to hang out Also, before we head down a wromg path, kudos for the 3 folks that managed to inprocess nearly 1000 entries in like 10 hours. we must not forget how fast the line was moving. entering in all those entries must have been tough.
  18. so..... about this menacing in pink with green polka-dots... I have something in the works for Reapercon. (too be continued)
  19. this is kind of late news, but after discussing with Ron, My kids class 1 for 6 to 8 year olds was cancelled, and replaced with this: (not a kids class at all) Realistic Horror: the gory details Whether its a horde of zombies, battle hardened orcs, action posed miniatures, or building a diorama, a few gory details will bring it to life, even it is already dead. This hands on class will demonstrate and practice several techniques to add horrifically realistic blood and gore effects to miniatures. Students will learn skills to add blood splatters, blood drips, even blood action sprays. Class will also cover adding distrubingly awesome gore in the form of hanging guts, entralls and ripped skin. Burns(both acid and fire), broken limbs and severed hands are just a click away. Time to make a controlled mess to either creep out the players of your horror game, or take your zombie diorama to the next level. An awesome Reaper Miniature will be provided, but students should bring a few well worn brushes and a strong stomach. Im really excited about this class. let me know if you have questions
  20. I am glad Kuro said that and I can certainly relate to that feeling. Last year I was fortunate enough to be teaching in the classroom next to Kuro and was learning from him while I was teaching. I am very happy to be a silver medalist and as such I am probably the least best painter on the artist row. But I get over the nerves of teaching along side of many of the greatest painters in the business (Im a huge Kuro fan btw) by telling myself... 1. I am basically ok at a wide range of topics. 2. I really enjoy teaching and feel I have a gift in communicating concepts (teaching is an art in itself) 3. I can relate to the things that some students may struggle with and can help them see things from the view point of how can a non-pro do this task. (I practice my classes as if Im a student many times before the con) 4. I share the passion for Reaper Minis with most of my students and we generally have a great time and learn together. so more of a fellowship of enthusiastic painters in a way. 5. I take great honor in the fact that Reaper has trusted me with a small part of my favorite event of the year, and as such I plan to exceed their expectations. No room for nerves.
  21. 1. Basing – Realistic water effects Thurs 10:00am We have been painting minis for years and now you are at a point where your minis look great, well except for the big black disc they are standing on. This class will demonstrate several methods of creating watery bases. Making convincing water bases takes time. But much of that time is drying time between steps. The class will teach each step of the process and allow students to have hands on practice of the techniques. When a step requires longer drying time, the base will be set aside and premade bases (fully cured) will be handed out to use for the next steps. This will mean each student will leave with several bases in various stages of completion. Class will cover water and ice bases as well as how to add mosses, reeds, shells, sand, snow, et c. to accent the water features. All materials will be provided. 2. The dragon’s in the details; horns, teeth, claws, eyes, scales. Thursday 5:00pm Its game day, the players set their minis out near the battlemap and anxiously await tonight’s adventure. As the DM of this veteran group you have a horde of minis behind your screen waiting to weave a grand tale of glory. Little do these players know there is a great dragon lying in wait nearby. The shock of the huge dragon appearing on the battlefield will be a memory etched into their minds for a lifetime, better make sure its ready. This class will do just that. Designed for intermediate to advanced level painters, this class will cover the detail work of the grand beast. Horns, Teeth and claws need to be menacing. Eyes need to sparkle hiding the most sinister of thoughts. And the scales show that this dragon is no stranger to combat. Using various techniques to paint the details, you will learn how to bring your dragon from “hey that’s cool, let’s kill it”, to “Holy cow, that is amazing….Run!!!” A small dragon will be provided to each participant, but feel free to bring your own larger beasts if you prefer as well as your own brushes. 3. Beyond the tabletop – Friday 3pm (sidenote: tabletop painting is probably my specialty) We all have hordes of miniatures from the bones kickstarters, swag bags, the melt table and any other source we can find to feed our addiction. Some of them we will save for some grand masterpiece, but what about the rest of the pile? Painting fast and effective is a different skillset than the skills needed for competition work. This class is designed for all who want to learn techniques to quickly paint miniatures for the tabletop game. Each participant will receive a miniature that we will paint together in such a way that it is not only completed in the class time, but will impress the other folks around the game table. Not every miniature needs to be painted to a competition level, but even tabletop mini should at least be at a level that makes the artist proud of his or her work. This is the class for those of us that want some awesome minis for our weekly game night, in bulk. Students are expected to bring several brushes to the class. The miniature, paints and other materials will be provided. 6. This isnt my first battle - adding aging effects to painted minis - Sunday 10. This class will teach students how to add rust effects, verdigris, and tarnish to metals; Age leather and cloth; Make wood look worn and other effects to add realism to the figure. No self-respecting orc wears shiny plate mail. No great northern barbarian cleans his boots…. Its time to show off the wear and tear on your gear as though it’s some sort of badge of honor. Students will be provided with a pre-painted miniature that will look like he just stepped out of “Ye Old Adventurers Supply Shoppe”, then together, we will add weathering on the gear, armor and weapons. Followed by blood and mud splatters to finish off the look. Saturday I am collaborating with Tish W. to run a kids program. Kids class 1 – younger kids, 6- 8 Sat 10 basically a paint and take for little ones. Don’t want the younger kids to feel left out during this time slot, especially in the case of siblings. The class will be very basic as far as instruction, with just some guidance along the way. The focus will be more on having a good time, rather than learning specific skills. Kids Class two – painting monsters. Sat 1pm. The class will teach kids ages 9 to 12 the basics of miniature painting as we work together to paint a horde of monsters. Kids will continue to learn basic color theory, shading, highlighting and adding details. Some of the miniatures from this class will be used as monsters for the kids DnD game. Kids will be asked to bring the mini with them to the game session. Kids D&D game – Sat. afternoon 3 to 5(tbd) This will be a short, simplified version of the DnD rules. It will be designed to provide a good experience for the kids age 9-12 that hopefully participated in the classes. The goal is to provide a rounded view of what miniatures are used for while providing some good fun for these kids. I will design the game, provide materials needed to play and run the game. Treasure found in the game will be represented by candy (parental approval will be requested) In each kid class, the kids will get minis to bring to the game. One for their PC, and one of the monsters. When the party enters a room with several orcs in there, I will ask the kids to put their orcs in the room, and then their characters will need to deal with them. Should be a fun experience for the kids, and may start them into a clean, lifelong hobby
  22. Sophie says take OneBoot's classes.
  23. I will teach a tabletop level painting class that you may want to look into as well. Its designed for fast but decent miniatures. we will each finish a mini in the class together.
  24. I have improved the techniques for the water basing class. Here is my 2.0 version of the sample. " Basing – Realistic water effects Thurs We have been painting minis for years and now you are at a point where your minis look great, well except for the big black disc they are standing on. This class will demonstrate several methods of creating watery bases. Making convincing water bases takes time. But much of that time is drying time between steps. The class will teach each step of the process and allow students to have hands on practice of the techniques. When a step requires longer drying time, the base will be set aside and premade bases (fully cured) will be handed out to use for the next steps. This will mean each student will leave with several bases in various stages of completion. Class will cover water and ice bases as well as how to add mosses, reeds, shells, sand, snow, et c. to accent the water features."
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