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  1. Ok. so this is what I have come up with. The class will demo step by step how to get to this end result. I will discuss other ways to get similar effects using different materials that I have played with and show completed pieces using other methods. attendees will get hands on practice each step along the way. I have figured out how to teach it and skip drying times as shown on cooking shows. "after that dries, it will look like this", hand out a premade dried base to each student that they will use to do the next step
  2. Yay!!! cant wait to see you all again
  3. yes, I have thought of that, but I prefer that students be able to do hands on stuff. with the 24 hour dry time materials, students would leave the class with several gooey bases that could get messy outside the classroom. I could see some being stuck to carpets. definitely dont want that. I will bring some for a demo portion... ie. this is how you would use woodland scenics water effects and this is how it looks the next day... but then show them an alternative that has a much faster dry time. (goal for some to be able to add the effects to their MSP Open entries.)
  4. during my basing class, which was a broad intro to type class, several attendees challenged me to come up with class that covered water effects. The trouble is drying time on a lot of the standard materials. But I have been experimenting with some other techniques that could be completed during a class. I feel confident that I will be able to teach such a specific class at next years Rcon. what is the level of interest for a 2 hour water effect base class?
  5. It was. Its also opened to a chapter called "on monstrous pictures of whales"
  6. this is exciting. you are going to kill this!!
  7. anytime you want. just let me know. haha. we can start our pugs wonder where that box is...
  8. Well, Im at least ahead of where I was last year with 51 weeks to go. I have unpacked my suitcase and put my paints back in the rack. that counts as starting to get ready for next year in my book.
  9. Im fairly sure he didnt exist. I believe that is a side effect from using extra fruity hand sanitizer.
  10. what they said^ couldnt agreed more. Its a great place, lets make sure we are welcome to come back
  11. made it through security relatively easy. They did have a few questions about T'raukzul in my carry on. but turns out they were gamers edit... It looked amazing on the xray tho
  12. Im bringing the big fella with me to Reapercon. Mostly as a prop in my dragon class, but if you want to see him, come over and chat
  13. If someone is willing and able to bring a spool of black thread with them, you will have my eternal gratitude´╗┐ I got you. I will throw some black thread in my luggage right now.
  14. I have submitted 3 dnd 5e games!! One Thursday late, one Friday Late, and one for kids Saturday morning. All three should be great fun! hope to see some returning players as well as a few new faces.
  15. Did anyone figure out how to submit games? I get as far as the policy statement but see no way to submit the write up.
  16. No, they will be homebrew games of my own design.
  17. ok... I was searching for this message and the fact that a search for "Axe murderer" in the forums yields 131 results is a topic for another day. I really just wanted to say, We still havent met! and we live in the same area. Guess I will see you at Reapercon?? (if we dont miss each other again) And also my axe is still unused versus humans.
  18. well, should he choose my game to play in, I will be honored.
  19. Hello again everyone, Its been a while since I posted in the forums. I wanted to guage interest in me running a couple of 5e D&D at some point during the CON. Last year, I ran 1 game, Im fairly sure that the 6 that played in that game all had a good time, but would love to hear if they would want to play another.. similarly a few folks asked me to run games this year, still interested? I will submit them in a few days probably. Also check out my class schedule. my classes were so much fun last time, especially the dragon class, I hope to see full class rooms again! more the merrier. see you all soon.
  20. some of you probably saw this on the facebook site, but if not...
  21. LordDave

    Lost & Found

    I misplaced several dozen bottles of Reaper paints, a Kaladrax, two handfuls of melt table stuff, a couple of swag bags, and a bottle of bourbon. If someone could return those to me I would really appreciate it. jk. hope you all find your stuff.
  22. I only had like 1050 Reaperbucks, which I just gave to a guy that I had hung around with most of the day. Hope he got something nice. I think I had plenty from the Con and had already had a great weekend, so I wasnt too concerned with my little bit of Reaperbucks. I left before the end of the auction with a smile, thinking I may have made another persons day
  23. wow, "best display of dms craft..." thank you. that is a great compliment!!
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