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  1. Hey Egg, Future floor polish was discontinued a few years ago. I used it to seal my Hirst Arts projects and have yet to find a suitable replacement.
  2. While I don't remember the part number Flambeau makes the exact same case that Reaper used for the large sets.
  3. Seems too thick to be a contrast paint to me. Also too thick to be a true wash. However, it looks a lot like the clear paints to me.
  4. The small white unknown flowers are growing in the back of my apartment building in southeastern Massachusetts. Not sure what they are as I have never seen them here before. I have reason to believe they are domesticated flora. A tenant emptied a potted flower last year and this was growing in the same exact place plus a few others.
  5. It's probably automotive primer which is a royal pita to remove. I've tried multiple stripping agents on it with little to no success.
  6. I ended up using rigid fishtank tubing. It's not always easy to find either.
  7. Frosting is usually due to moisture in the air. I live in New England and used to look for humidity no higher than forty percent if I was final coating. This is the number one reason I purchased an airbrush.
  8. Possibly, hard to tell without a zoomed in picture.
  9. Early citadel fantasy miniatures are somewhat rare on this side of the Atlantic. Ral Partha imports had some citadel miniatures licensed under this name but not very many.
  10. The elven chariot is still offered by Iron Wind Metals for $29.95.
  11. I have a habit of pulling my patriots needle back when not in use to protect it from damage. The other day I went to use it a totally forgot I had pulled the needle back. Took me a minute or two to realize why I was getting paint with the air when I only pushed the trigger down.
  12. I buy all my DaVinci brushes from Blick Art.
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