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  1. It's probably automotive primer which is a royal pita to remove. I've tried multiple stripping agents on it with little to no success.
  2. I ended up using rigid fishtank tubing. It's not always easy to find either.
  3. Frosting is usually due to moisture in the air. I live in New England and used to look for humidity no higher than forty percent if I was final coating. This is the number one reason I purchased an airbrush.
  4. Possibly, hard to tell without a zoomed in picture.
  5. Early citadel fantasy miniatures are somewhat rare on this side of the Atlantic. Ral Partha imports had some citadel miniatures licensed under this name but not very many.
  6. The elven chariot is still offered by Iron Wind Metals for $29.95.
  7. I have a habit of pulling my patriots needle back when not in use to protect it from damage. The other day I went to use it a totally forgot I had pulled the needle back. Took me a minute or two to realize why I was getting paint with the air when I only pushed the trigger down.
  8. I buy all my DaVinci brushes from Blick Art.
  9. I've only ordered from them once but it was a good experience, Blick art.
  10. While I have no way of knowing for sure, I think what you are seeing is a chemical reaction with the baking soda.
  11. Okay so after seeing Arc 724's post I went to the Daylight sight to look. Two of my lamps they no longer make and they use 18watt daylight tubes. The replacement for my desk lamp seems to be the Techni artist and drawing lamp. I scored mine for half price at a store closing and I'd be unhappy if I had to replace it. The second one is a portable version that I bought for my wife at half price on evilbay. The third is the smart travel lamp on their site that i bought for about seventy dollars on Amazon for my traveling paint kit. The smart travel lamp is good but nowhere near as bright as the others.
  12. I have three different Daylight company lamps. Two are portable and one of those is LED and chargeable. High intensity clean light, long-lasting and durable. You could opt for the less expensive route and get an Ottlite.(sp?)
  13. Thank you for posting these. Angela Imrie has been my favorite painter for a long time and I would not have seen these photos otherwise.
  14. I sent my email out on July 25th. I wouldn't be worried at all normally but it is half of one mast for Sophie's Revenge that I am missing.
  15. Has anyone received replacements for missing or damaged items yet? I'm wondering if I need to send another email out.
  16. Trampier did not do the cover for the DMG. That was David Sutherland III.
  17. In my opinion you are not going to find an equivalent in the MSP line for Nuln oil. I must have at least 400 plus distinct MSP colors and I'm not aware of anything that would even be close.
  18. In all honesty not a fan of the static grass on the dragon, but it is executed with a flowing precision. The real masterpiece is the base and how you made the two flow seamlessly. Bravo!
  19. I think it might be intentional as it is a strange place to get an imperfection or mold damage. I don't think the set was unpopular but it was the last blister pack to be produced for the Grenadier AD&D line before the license ran out. There is also a standing stone with skulls at the base that was released in the blister.
  20. My copy of this miniature has the same hole on the back of her hand. Great paint job on an old piece of lead!
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