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  1. I know for a fact that two of the action art boxes have unlisted parts not shown. If I had the ability I would update them.
  2. The original includes Marneus, his chair, the weapon rack, the cloak and helmet stand, and a marine guard. I think I still have one around here somewhere.....maybe.
  3. Yep, shipping was a killer. I waited until there were several items I wanted to offset it.
  4. Try Stuart Semple's Black 2.0 from Culture Hustle. I found it to be an acceptable alternative. Just be aware you can NOT clear coat it afterwards.
  5. Also the same here. And also the same reason I get the bag over individual figures.
  6. Received my swag bag today. Just want to give everyone else a warning. The Pathfinder hardcover smelled slightly musty when I went to inspect the contents of the bag. Upon closer examination the last couple of pages are damp and have mold. Everything else in the bag is dry and mold free so I assume Reaper must have received the book stock in this condition. Luckily I could care less about PF. Just wanted to give others a heads-up.
  7. I use Armory clear coat to seal my Bones figures and they always come out fine. A friend of mine tried to do the same on a humid day and it came out tacky. I suggested he try to spray it again when the humidity went down. He claimed it worked but I have never personally seen said figure.
  8. One of my favorite figures. Such an amazing paint job!
  9. I've seen people have to have pieces of the blade removed from their fingers/hand when the blade breaks on the downstroke.
  10. I always wanted one of these. Cool paint!
  11. Oddly enough I can't find the exact one this morning. Unfortunately I'm on a time crunch and can't spend much on it at the moment. They are available though. I've broken a few myself over the years. @Gadgetman! just sent you a PM.
  12. A search for "oil lamp chimney" brought up a replacement for that exact type in the first try.
  13. I have this same figure in resin. Haven't touched mine yet. I really like your color choices.
  14. Vallejo, the gloss is the worst of the three. Last time I used it I still had some minor residue after cleaning three times with The Masters.
  15. Unfortunately in my experience warm water and The Masters doesn't cut it for me with the brand of varnish I use.
  16. Nope. I use Winsor & Newton brush cleaner and restorer to remove sealant.
  17. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the possibility of using Reaper Master Series 09280 Nightmare Black which is an almost black dark blue.
  18. I've only had cracking paint on two bones miniatures. Never on metal. Both times I started painting the miniatures only a few hours after priming with Reaper brush-on primer. Since I started waiting twenty-four hours I have not had it reoccur.
  19. Vallejo Metal Medium works outstanding with the Vallejo transparent paints.
  20. I had the same problem with a few bones models I primed with Reaper brush-on primer. I soon learned to let it dry for 24 hours before painting and have not had it happen again.
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