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  1. I just spotted another last night on e-bay that did not have the cobra. Looked like it was not altered but very hard to tell for sure. I know of one other Grenadier figure that was altered slightly from one miniature line to another. Perhaps this is the case here?
  2. I like how you painted this. Incidentally it is a miscast. A full cast has a sash that falls to the ground on one end becoming a cobra.
  3. I've used the brush-on primer on bones and it gave a nice smooth durable surface. The only problem I had was hairline cracks on the surface of the first mini I tried it with. I think this was due to me not waiting long enough for it to cure properly.
  4. Rattlesnake Leather is indeed a Reapercon promo paint. The number is 09667.
  5. The first two are Grenadier from the set 5002:Monsters. The second one appears to have markings similar to Heritage Miniatures. The very last one has Grenadier markings.
  6. arclance is absolutely correct. I worked with a kid that nearly had his hand cut off by the edge of that material.
  7. knarthex, Thank you! You just reminded me I have cut strips of that same type of material. It was used for stamping semiconductor lead frames and also as a leader in reel to reel plating.
  8. Looks like it hit the exterior of the heated mold.
  9. That is what I am going to try. Just need to find the right diameter. If you can find a link online to something could you send me a PM with it? I can't find anything quickly online but I do remember that I picked mine up at a Petsmart store. The outer diameter is 5 mm or 3/16ths.
  10. I use hard plastic tubing for aquariums. You can buy it in three foot lengths and cut to preference.
  11. I have used and own Reaper master series, W&N and Da Vinci brushes. I prefer Da Vinci over W&N and W&N over Reaper.
  12. IIRC they were all discontinued in a two to three year span. Six of those colors have been re-released with new SKU's
  13. Eighteen triads have been discontinued since sometime after 2008 which was when I bought the full set of MSP paints.
  14. Looks like a similar machine with only one disc for holding the tubes is up on e-bay for about five hundred dollars. Great score araziel!
  15. Love the sculpts! I always thought when scale was talked about that the measurement was to the eyes not the top of the head. Then again it could just be another variation between companies.
  16. The two small goblins are goblins from set 5002: Monsters. The one on the top left looks like it is a Heritage model but I would need to research it to be positive. The other four are from set 5001: Dungeon Explorers.
  17. I really like this piece. Too late to chime in but I would have voted for leaves as opposed to grass.
  18. Actually you can remove lead rot by cutting it out. I have done this with about two dozen figures now. Some of them have been sitting for four years now and they are still stable. Is it a royal pain in the elf to re-sculpt them? You bet it is. I suppose if you could insure a clean surface such as with the marine archaeology in the article then yeah I don't have an issue with the bags.
  19. Yeah, I know a little bit about it. I have a collection of 400-500 vintage lead figures. The reason I don't like bags is because when lead rot is first present on the surface of a mini it just looks like a slight discoloration. But to each their own. I will note that it is interesting that that particular piece of information is the complete opposite of another article on conservation.
  20. It is not made of lead, it's pewter alloy. Putting lead minis in an enclosed bag is also not the best idea for minimizing the start of lead rot. Enclosed spaces without air flow can contribute to it. If you inspect them ever eight months or so they should be okay.
  21. Received mine today. Also a two pack with 77089 Halbarand, Cleric and Mother with Children.
  22. I don't normally like flock on a piece but this is simply amazing looking!
  23. I have one of these but I still don't think I'm up to painting it yet. I bought it from the Hobby Bunker in Malden(?) when it came out. Forgot I had it until a couple of years ago.
  24. It's funny, I used to have GW paints in the same exact drawer storage unit. Still have the unit, got rid of the paints.
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