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  1. I've had hairs before that were about a millimeter. Turned out they were from the paper I was using on my wet palette starting to break down.
  2. If they are metal you can use actual paint stripper to remove automobile primer.Plastic minis may not survive though some of the newer less harsh paint strippers might work. Make sure to wear rubber gloves and test if it melts any brush you use first though. I was trying to avoid harsher chemicals as I live in a small apartment and have a small child. I eventually removed most of the primer but it took ten times longer than normal. The mini was lead from the late 70's and I actually work with chemicals at my job.
  3. Just a side note. As of one to two years ago Pine-sol no longer works for stripping minis. The formula was changed removing the pine oil, the actual ingredient that allowed it to strip paint. Walmart here in the U.S. has their own brand that does have pine oil in sufficient amount to still work as a paint stripper. I learned about the issue with Pine-sol after purchasing three new bottles.
  4. I've also had great difficulty getting primer off of some eBay purchases. I've come to the conclusion based off the age of the minis that it is almost always automobile primer. I actually knew a few people bitd that used to do exactly that as there was no miniature primers.
  5. Turns out I'm wrong about the identity of the figure. It is an Ogre from an earlier series called Wizzards and Warriors.
  6. You know I've seen that figure before and never noticed that. IIRC that is a yeti. Thanks!
  7. It is a Grenadier piece. Technically it is not a head, it is a spell effect. It goes with a wizard from the AD&D line: 2001 Wizards.
  8. I can confirm that all of the fantasy figures are Grenadier from the AD&D line also known as the Gold line. Looks like the following boxed sets: 8001 Action Art: Explorers, 2001 Wizards, 2005 Fighting Men and 2013 Adventuring Party. The wizard on the right in the first picture should have two plug in spell effects. One looks like a grasping hand and the other looks like a gorilla/lion head. In the eleventh picture the figure on the right with the quilted armor should have a separate crossbow.
  9. K2h2m3

    Geode Base

    Honestly I only played around with it to see what it was like. I let it set for about twelve hours and iirc it was slightly pliable still. I then checked to see if I could remove it so I have no idea if it sets harder. When I say pliable I mean if I pressed hard on it I could leave a mark.
  10. K2h2m3

    Geode Base

    Vallejo makes a product called Still Water for modeling ponds, puddles etc. Perhaps a thin coat of this might do the trick?
  11. The group name is" OLD SCHOOL MINIATURES ". Hopefully someone there will recognize them.
  12. If you are really interested in finding out more about these minis I can suggest a Facebook group that only deals in old-school miniatures. A lot of the original sculptors are on there also. That is probably going to be your best bet.
  13. K2h2m3

    Geode Base

    That base is awesome!
  14. Great job on an old mini. Love the tights, so eighties! I've painted about a dozen miniatures from this Grenadier line and they are not easy to paint. They almost require a painting style of their own to look good. Miniature production has come a long way since the late seventies.
  15. Keep in mind the light source you are using. When I first started with a wet palette I had the same issue with drying at the edges. It was caused by the desk lamp I was using that threw out enough heat to dry the palette gradually. When I switched lamps the issue went away.
  16. That one looks pretty cool. I haven't seen it before. Looks like the top might be airtight too.
  17. I also use a Sta-wet palette. I picked mine up online at Dick Blick as I could not find one locally. I've never had an issue with paint soaking into the sponge. Did you guys pre-soak the paper like you are supposed to?
  18. When I started using a wet palette I was using a sponge much like yours. It was just a home made set up to see if it was something I wanted to pursue. I had a lot of issues with the sponge. Mine was made of foam for packing minis. Yours looks to be similar. I ended up switching to the exact one MissMelons shows and my problems went away for the most part. Just my two cents.
  19. While I can't stand GW anymore Praetorians were one of my absolute favorites. Awesome skills thanks for sharing.
  20. I picked up 09676 Frontier Blue from Noble Knight but it was hideously expensive. I think I might have a paint problem.
  21. Only time I ever got nervous like that was inserting the blasting cap into a claymore mine. Was the only thing I absolutely hated in the Army.
  22. Thanks scorpio616! I had no idea about any of that. I like the sculpts just haven't bought many except for second hand as they are really pricey. That info will definitely make me rethink about any further purchases.
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