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  1. I finally broke down today after four weeks of holding out. I purchased DDS2 at my FLGS.
  2. This is one of my favorite minis. Honestly I'm a bit intimidated by mine and haven't put the brush to it yet. Mine has a different base too.
  3. Wow! That is much better than I thought that mini would look as the translucent blue bones are SO dark!
  4. Good to know about the caps. I haven't had that happen yet but my set is old enough to have ALL the discontinued colors in it.
  5. In my experience steel brushes are fine on pewter minis. If you are working on a lead mini I would suggest only using brass and carefully at that.
  6. There is now a button on the KS page for exactly this.
  7. I should note that I actually prefer gray primer. My current to do list has about 200 lead miniatures at the top. Gray primer can not be seen on lead so I have started using white.
  8. Not sure if this is what you are asking but I prime all my minis white. Makes them brighter which is good for me as I generally tend to use darker colors.
  9. Try this www.etsy.com/shop/AmbersSecretCove . The store belongs to Jolly Blackburn's wife.
  10. Makes me wonder if it is from Rawcliffe, the company that did all the recasts in pewter. IIRC they ground the bottom of all their casts.
  11. $543- I might raise it slightly later on. This was my first Bones KS and I didn't expect it to get anywhere near that high. Next time I'll know better.
  12. Someone on the Facebook "Old School Miniatures" group may be able to identify it. I've never seen it before, is it metal?
  13. It would probably be easier to just elevate the base on one side of the big worm and set it on another base.
  14. One of the guys at Reaper(possibly Ron or Bryan) said the dragonette model will not be made in bones as the tail is too thin.
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