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  1. Very well done, The paint genuinely looks like copper
  2. in the RA salvatore novels where the Character Drizzit is in the underdark, there are lizard like creatures that the dark elfs use as mounts. Does anyone know of a miniature that would be a good representation of these creatures?
  3. I think he turned out ok. my advice for painting chainmail or metal in general is as follows base black, 2nd coat in Pearl (its a paint that has the metallic quality's but it is very transparent, if you the mini is not turning out bright enough add a little white to the pearl) wash black highlight in extremely watered down pearl ( very tricky the paint is super thin, but you have to try and keep it on the high points) overall this gives a good metal look
  4. yea if this is as good of quality that i can produce if i'm taking my time to paint something your skills are outstanding. I love the color choice for the cape, and runes on the sword
  5. Thanks for the complements, I have recently started painting on highlights rather than dry-brushing for smaller minis. So i still have some work to do there.
  6. This is my first Reaper Mini that I have painted to post on the forums. I have recently found the forums here, and am very interested in doing the paint exchanges, but I did want to throw something up so the organizers and other members knew that I can throw some paint on a mini and not have it look like total jank. I am interested to hear what everyone thinks. This was also my first Bones mini that I have done, and did as suggested and not primed it. First coat was a bit tricky but after that everything went pretty typical.
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