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    77040 - Satheras, Male Warlock

    The gem was done by just using a green glaze in multiple layers on the bones material until I got the green I liked, and then using a dark green for the edge highlight. Simple, but I think it worked well.
  2. Bremic

    77040 - Satheras, Male Warlock

    Finished my 2nd Bones yesterday. Really happy with him. Most of my mini painting ever has been following the Sorastro guides for Imperial Assault, and I have learned a lot from following those.
  3. Bremic

    10019: Diabolus the Devil Dragon

    This looks amazing. I love the work you have done on both the dragon and the base. I had never considered doing a base like this, but it's amazing.
  4. Bremic

    77004 - Cave Troll (Bones)

    I took the skin highlights pretty high, almost to pure white in some places. It was then toned down a little by the green glaze; as well as the photo not being the best quality (it's just my phone against a sheet of paper). Looking at it, I should have highlighted a little more before the glaze - but I am still learning. As I think I said above, this is one of my first mini's without following a guide. Thanks for the advice, it really helps - both with technique and motivation.
  5. Bremic

    77004 - Cave Troll (Bones)

    So I have now been Mini Painting for about 8 months, mostly following Sorastro's guides for Imperial Assault. This weekend I decided to do my first detail paint of a Bones figure (after spending way too much on Bones 3) and try some of the techniques I have learned without following a guide. I think it went well. I hope you all agree.
  6. I am fairly new to mini painting, with only about a dozen or so miniatures under my belt. So far I have spent a lot of time on each of them. However I wanted to try out speed painting - which to me is spending less than an hour on a figure. Bones was perfect for this, and as a friend had asked me to do a quick job on Cassiatta for him I thought I would give it a go. I am pretty happy with how it came out. No where near my best work, but my fastest by a long way.
  7. Bremic

    First time painter

    Which directions? I also think these are really good for a first effort. For doing four minis in four hours, first effort out of the gate, these are really good. I have been painting on and off for about six months and I am not able to get results this good in anything close to that time.