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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys! If anyone is interested on my "to paint" table is a series of other sand-based creatures (mummies, giant scorpions, REALLY GIANT scorpions etc.) so I might look at putting them all together when done. Any areas for improvement? I know I'm far from the best painter on these forums and if anyone has advice I'm happy to hear it!
  2. Thanks :) the dish in front was originally supposed to look like rubies (I wanted to add some red as a contrast to the yellows and golds) but it sort of became innards. The base itself should ideally look like a sun themed dais, I'm pretty happy how it turned out with the different golds. All the different golds on the model had different base colours as well to give variety
  3. When I first saw this model in Bones 1 I knew I had to do a custom piece. So, several months later, here it is. Now a closeup: And finally a top-down view of the base: Hope you guys like it, it's been one of the most fun projects I've ever done and I'm really happy with the colour scheme and how the base looks. Any comments and criticism welcome as always :)
  4. This is incredible wish I was even half as good as this! Keep up the amazing work :)
  5. I really like this, though the mould lines are bugging me. The darker purple contrasts nicely with the bone white. It's a good job you should be proud
  6. Thanks guys really appreciate it :) there are so many incredible painters on this site it's great to be a part of it all
  7. This is great I really like the blending on the scales. Is that the base it came with? (plus a bit of snow)
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys, this was an absolute blast to paint. How does the settup look to you guys? The background and lighting are something I've always struggled with but I think these look better than normal. At some point soon I'll be moving onto another smaller project but I'm tempted to do some more members of OotS after that.
  9. Some of you may have seen the WIP thread I did for this but in case you haven't or just want to check it out again here it is. I've done a few slight details since then but also I've got better quality pictures with better lighting, so here's Hinjo mounted on Argent: And here's Hinjo on foot: I don't claim to be an amazing painter but I had a lot of fun doing this project so I wanted to share it with you guys! As always any feedback is greatly
  10. Thanks for the feedback. One of the challenges of this project has been trying to figure out what Hinjo would be wearing, as due to the nature of it being a stick-figure comic a lot of "detail" (arms, legs etc.) is missing. I left the breastplate white as that's one of the only things we can tell about Hinjo but looking back at it you're right, it could do with a little more. I'll give it a proper think in the morning and see what I can come up with.
  11. Thanks man, glad you liked it. I might get some photos with a better backdrop and lighting and upload them to the Show Off section because I'm pretty proud of this. Any constructive criticism you guys would offer for this btw? Always looking to improve ^^
  12. And we're done! Everything is assembled and the few final details that needed doing have been finished. I just wish I didn't suck at painting faces! Firstly, here's Hinjo on foot: And here's Hinjo mounted on Argent: This has been a great fun project to do, and thanks for sticking along for the ride! Til next time.
  13. A few more highlights and shading, most notably on the armour and cloaks. It's hard to tell from these photos but the cloaks are the same colour as the lightest armour. A flesh wash was applied to the face and a dark blue wash to the armour. I'll have photos of these fully assembled soon where hopefully it's easier to see the detail.
  14. Update time: Hinjo is nearing completion. The lighting isn't the best and there are still a few more layers of highlights to come but this is close to what the models will look like. Both the cloaks will be painted one shade lighter and I'm thinking maybe another point of light somewhere. They just seem a little dark. Also, I suck at paining faces. If people want I can show the intermediate photos that I took to get to this stage.
  15. Glad you're liking it, it's been fun actually completing a project for once! I'm still fairly new to painting and modelling so if anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them.
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